Is Naga Worth the Hype? A Comprehensive Review
Last updated:
January 15, 2024

The Dazzling Cupid event is live in Nikke: Goddess of Victory, and one of the main attractions is Naga, now available in a banner.

While her other half, Tia, will be introduced next week, the real question remains: how good is Naga on her own?

We've put her to the test, and here's what you need to know.

Is Naga Worth the Hype in Nikke: Goddess of Victory? A Comprehensive Review

Naga Pick Up Recruitment Banner Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Naga's Skill Set: Buffs Galore

What She Offers

Naga is a supporter character who focuses on buffing her allies.

Her abilities activate special conditions when she receives a shield.

For example, at skill level four, all team members get a 61% damage increase when attacking cores.

The Catch: Shield Requirements

The crux of her abilities lies in the need for a shield to activate.

This becomes a challenge because most characters who can provide shields are also in the Burst 2 slot, just like Naga.

The Burst 2 Dilemma: Why Poli, Centi and Others Don’t Work

Poli: A Bad Match

Poli Skill Info Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Poli, a popular choice for providing shields, doesn't synergize well with Naga.

Since both are Burst 2 characters, activating Poli's shield prevents Naga from using her burst skill.

This is a big setback for Naga's utility.

Other Burst 2 Candidates: Same Story

The same issue arises with other Burst 2 characters like Centi, Aria and Folkwang.

Since their shield-providing abilities are tied to their burst skills, Naga can't fully use her own burst skills.

Alternative Shield Generators: Slim Pickings

Burst 1: The Ether Option

Ether Character Overview Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Ether, an SR unit, is the only other viable option right now.

Her Burst 1 skill creates a shield, but it's far from optimal due to its 40-second cooldown and Ether's overall subpar stats.

Passive Shield Providers: A Rare Breed

The best case scenario would be to find a character whose passive ability generates a shield, but these are scarce and mostly Burst 2 characters.

So it seems like the developers designed it this way to compel players to pull for both Naga and the forthcoming Tia.

Field Test: Naga's Real-World Impact

Here's an example on how Naga makes the S.I. Train Boss easy:

Final Verdict: Wait for Tia or Skip?

Naga Character Info Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Solo Naga: A Mixed Bag

As a solo unit, Naga doesn't seem to offer much.

Naga alone is a decent burst II, on par with Guilty.

She's not terrible, but there are better options available.

The Tia Factor

If you’re considering pulling for Naga, it might be wise to wait until Tia is also available.

The pair is designed to work together, and pulling just one might not be worth your gems.

Conclusion: Keep Your Gems… For Now

This event is a good bait before anniversary.

Naga and Tia are basically Bunnies 2.0, and they could potentially become the next meta team (for PvP and Raids).

If you're thinking about pulling for her, it's advisable to wait until Tia is released to unlock her full potential.

Stay tuned for more tests and analysis as new characters are introduced!