A Comprehensive Guide to Elegg in NIKKE
Last updated:
February 28, 2024

Elegg stands out in NIKKE for her unique kit design and being the first SSR Missilis who uses a machine gun.

As a Burst Two character with lightning-type support, she introduces a new dynamic to the gameplay, especially in enhancing projectile damage and distributed damage.

This guide explores Elegg's build, including her skills, overload lines, cubes, and the overall worth of pulling for her.

A Comprehensive Guide to Elegg: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Elegg's Role and Abilities

in game elegg skill info details in NIKKE

Skill 1: Short Circuit

Elegg's Short Circuit passive is a game-changer in battles involving enemy projectiles.

This ability significantly increases damage dealt to enemy projectiles by 59.66%, making Elegg exceptionally useful in boss fights or stages where dodging or destroying projectiles is crucial for survival.

Also, after landing 100 normal attacks, she unleashes distributed damage that affects the target and two surrounding enemies if the target is in BOOM Install, amplifying her utility in crowded fights.

Skill 2: Fast Charge

Fast Charge improves Elegg's strategic value by directly influencing the team's burst gauge.

After landing 60 normal attacks, all allies receive an ATK boost of 13.09% for 5 seconds if the target is in BOOM Install.

Additionally, at the battle's start, this skill fills the Burst Gauge by 100% for all allies, a powerful mechanic that can immediately change the fight's dynamics in your favor.

This one-time burst gauge fill can be key, offering an early advantage to start strong.

Burst: BOOM Install

Elegg's burst skill, BOOM Install, not only boosts distributed damage dealt by all allies by 39.74% for 10 seconds, enhancing the team's overall damage output but also targets the nearest enemy to the crosshair, dealing significant damage and reducing their defense by 35.64% for 10 seconds.

This dual-function burst skill serves both as an offensive and defensive mechanism, allowing for more efficient takedowns of high-priority targets while simultaneously improving the team's damage against grouped enemies.

Skill Prioritization

Burst BOOM Install: Prioritize upgrading this skill first to maximize its damage-boosting and enemy-debuffing effects, enhancing the team's overall damage output and weakening key targets more effectively.

Skill 2 Fast Charge: Upgrade next to improve the ATK boost's effectiveness and maintain the invaluable burst gauge fill at the battle's start, supporting both offensive strategies and early burst skill usage.

Skill 1 Short Circuit: Consider upgrading this skill last, as its benefits, while substantial against projectile-heavy enemies, are more situational compared to the consistent advantages offered by BOOM Install and Fast Charge.

Optimal Harmony Cubes

in game elegg bastion harmony cube details in NIKKE

Bastion Cube

If Elegg benefits from any Max Ammo Overload lines on her gear, the Bastion Cube becomes a top choice.

This cube allows her to fire more rounds before needing to reload, which is particularly beneficial given her role in quickly activating her burst skill for team support.

More rounds mean more opportunities to apply her passive skills and burst without interruption, making her an uninterrupted source of support and damage.

Resilience Cube

If you don't have the ideal Overload lines or are focusing on ensuring Elegg can sustain her attacks and abilities without delay, the Resilience Cube is an excellent choice.

This cube increases reload speed, which is essential for maintaining a steady flow of attacks and ensuring that her passive skills are consistently applied.

Given Elegg's reliance on normal attacks to trigger her significant buffs and debuffs, minimizing downtime is key to maximizing her potential.

Gearing for Maximum Efficacy

in game elegg character stats details in NIKKE

Max Ammo Capacity

Increasing Max Ammo Capacity is highly beneficial for Elegg, allowing her to sustain her attacks longer before needing to reload.

This is particularly important because her skills, especially her ability to fill the Burst Gauge by 100% and enhance distributed damage, rely on her being actively involved in combat.

A higher ammo capacity ensures that Elegg can maintain her offensive pressure, maximizing the uptime of her buffs and debuffs.

Attack (ATK)

Boosting Elegg's ATK stat through Overload Lines directly increases the effectiveness of her distributed damage output and her individual attack damage.

Since her Burst skill, BOOM Install, significantly enhances distributed damage dealt by all allies, having a higher ATK stat amplifies the base value from which this distributed damage is calculated, making her contributions to the team's overall damage more significant.

Charge Speed

While not as critical as Max Ammo Capacity or ATK for Elegg, Charge Speed can still provide value in specific scenarios.

If her playstyle in your team composition revolves around quickly deploying her burst skills to react to battlefield conditions or to capitalize on enemy vulnerabilities, improving charge speed can reduce the downtime between her powerful burst activations, enhancing her role as a rapid-response support unit.

Elemental Damage Bonus

Given Elegg's Electric Code alignment, enhancing Elemental Damage Bonus can be useful when facing enemies weak to electric attacks.

This Overload Line amplifies the damage Elegg and her teammates deal to such targets, further leveraging her burst skill's defense reduction effect against the most vulnerable enemies.

It's a more situational benefit, dependent on the enemies encountered in specific missions or events.

Team Synergy and Composition

in game elegg team setup in NIKKE

Core Team Synergy

Distributed Damage Amplification

Elegg's Burst skill, BOOM Install, significantly boosts distributed damage dealt by all allies.

Pairing her with characters who specialize in distributed damage attacks can exponentially increase the team's overall damage output.

Units like Scarlet Black Shadow, Dorothy, and 2B, known for their distributed damage capabilities, become even more lethal with Elegg's buffs.

Burst Gauge Efficiency

Elegg's unique ability to fill the Burst Gauge by 100% at the start of battle or when a target appears can drastically change the team's dynamic, allowing for early use of powerful Burst skills.

This is especially beneficial in battles where an early advantage or immediate application of Burst skills can be game-changing.

Maximizing Elegg's Potential

in game elegg combat animation in NIKKE

Early Burst Activation

Using Elegg's passive skill that fills the Burst Gauge by 100% at the beginning of the battle.

This allows for an immediate activation of powerful Burst skills, giving your team a significant advantage from the get-go.

Strategically decide whether to use Elegg's Burst skill BOOM Install immediately for a distributed damage boost or save it for a critical moment depending on the battle scenario.

Adapting to Battle Scenarios

Elegg's effectiveness varies depending on the enemy type and scenario.

In battles against single, powerful bosses, her ability to fill the Burst Gauge instantly and buff distributed damage shines.

In contrast, stages with multiple enemies or projectiles benefit from her projectile damage increase and defense debuffs.

Final Thoughts on Elegg: Should You Pull for Her?

Elegg can be a nice addition, especially if you're looking to exploit distributed damage.

While her current utility may be limited by the game's existing character pool and meta, her potential in future compositions cannot be overlooked.

As the game evolves, Elegg could rise in potential, much like other characters have with the introduction of complementary units.

For now, she remains a character with specific uses, best considered for future strategic depth rather than immediate game-changing impact.