Dorothy Guide: Maximizing Cooldown Reduction in NIKKE

Dorothy Guide: Maximizing Cooldown Reduction in NIKKE
Last updated:
February 20, 2024

Dorothy made a huge impact in the NIKKE community with her debut.

This comprehensive guide will dive into Dorothy's unique abilities, offering insights on how to integrate her effectively into your team compositions.

Dorothy Guide: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Dorothy's Unique Skill Set

in game dorothy skill info in NIKKE

Normal Attack: Assault Rifle

With 60 rounds and a fast 1-second reload time, Dorothy can consistently apply pressure on enemies.

Her normal attack deals 13.65% of her ATK as damage, with a 200% damage boost when targeting enemy cores, emphasizing her role in focusing down vital targets.

Skill 1: Holy Fire

Upon depleting her ammo, Holy Fire activates, reducing all allies' burst skill cooldowns by 1.56 seconds, allowing for more frequent use of powerful burst skills.

During Manifestation, triggered by her burst skill, Holy Fire also increases damage to enemy parts by 50.68% for 5 seconds, making it especially effective in boss fights where targeting parts is crucial.

Skill 2: Baptism

Baptism deals 216% of Dorothy's final ATK as distributed damage to all enemies every 20 seconds.

This skill excels in scenarios with multiple mobs, evenly spreading damage and softening targets for follow-up attacks.

Burst: Paradise Lost

Upon activation, Dorothy enters Manifestation, reducing the cooldown of Baptism to 2 seconds for 10 seconds and granting her attacks Pierce, allowing her to cut through enemy ranks effortlessly.

Paradise Lost marks a designated enemy, accumulating damage dealt to them and surrounding mobs.

After 10 seconds, the stored damage explodes, distributing it among all enemies.

This mechanism is particularly effective against groups or high-HP single targets.

Leveling Priority

Skill 1: Holy Fire

This skill is crucial for reducing the cooldowns of burst skills for all allies, which can significantly impact your team's ability to deploy burst abilities more frequently.

Additionally, when activated during Manifestation, it boosts damage to enemy parts, crucial for taking down bosses or enemies with vulnerable parts.

Burst: Paradise Lost

Dorothy's burst skill, Paradise Lost, is a game-changer, allowing her to mark an enemy for significant damage accumulation and eventual distribution.

While incredibly powerful, the effectiveness of Paradise Lost can sometimes be situational, depending on the enemy composition and the stage layout.

Leveling this skill improves damage output and utility but weigh the benefits against the consistent utility provided by Skill 1.

Skill 2: Baptism

While Baptism provides a consistent source of damage across all enemies, its distributed damage nature means it’s less impactful per individual enemy compared to focused attacks.

Given that its primary function doesn't synergize as strongly with Dorothy’s role as a burst support, it’s lower in the leveling priority.

This skill can still be useful for softening up groups of enemies, making them easier to finish off with other attacks.

However, resources might be better spent on enhancing skills that directly contribute to Dorothy's unique support capabilities.

Optimal Harmony Cube

in game dorothy harmony cube details in NIKKE

Resilience Cube

Enhances reload speed, crucial for Dorothy to maintain her assault and ensure her skills, especially Holy Fire, are triggered consistently.

Faster reloading means Dorothy can fire her last bullet more often, activating her team cooldown reduction skill and potentially increasing damage to enemy parts.

The quicker Dorothy can reload, the more she can sustain her offensive pressure, making the Resilience Cube a top choice for her.

Assault Cube

The Assault Cube is particularly effective in enhancing Dorothy’s elemental damage output, making her a formidable force against specific enemy types.

The added hit rate also ensures that her attacks, critical in marking and damaging enemies, are more reliable.

Gearing and Equipment Recommendations

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Overload Gear Priorities

Attack Boost

Since Dorothy’s burst skill, Paradise Lost, significantly benefits from high attack power, prioritizing gear with attack percentage increases is essential.

More attack power translates to higher damage potential on her burst and normal attacks.

Look for gear pieces that directly increase attack stats.

The higher Dorothy's attack, the more effective her damage-dealing and support capabilities.

Elemental Damage

Given Dorothy's role in dealing distributed damage to all enemies and her ability to mark a target for accumulated damage, boosting her elemental damage can further enhance her effectiveness against enemies weak to her element.

Equip gear that provides bonuses to elemental damage, especially if it aligns with the primary weaknesses of the enemies you're facing in current content.

Critical Rate and Critical Damage

While not as prioritized as attack boosts, increasing Dorothy’s critical rate and critical damage can offer a significant boost to her overall DPS.

This is particularly true for long engagements where her continuous fire can benefit from critical hits.

Seek out gear that balances between increasing critical hit chances and amplifying critical damage.

This ensures that when Dorothy does crit, it results in a substantial increase in damage.

Additional Gear Recommendations

Reload Speed and Ammo Capacity

While critical stats like attack and elemental damage are prioritized, don't overlook the importance of reload speed and max ammo capacity.

These stats ensure Dorothy remains active in the fight, minimizing downtime due to reloading.

Avoid Max Ammo Increases If Necessary

While it seems counterintuitive, if Dorothy’s kit or your playstyle relies on triggering Holy Fire frequently, consider whether increasing max ammo capacity actually aligns with your tactical approach.

In some cases, reaching the last bullet faster to trigger cooldown reductions and damage boosts may be preferable.

Team Compositions with Dorothy

in game dorothy team setup in NIKKE

Core Considerations for Building Teams with Dorothy

Offense-Oriented Support Role

Dorothy’s significant damage output, especially through her burst ability that marks enemies for accumulated damage, positions her more as an offensive powerhouse than a traditional support.

This unique attribute needs pairing her with characters that can complement her damage potential while also offering the team necessary defensive or healing capabilities.

Need for Healers or Shielders

Given Dorothy's focus on offense, incorporating a healer or a strong shielder into the team becomes crucial to maintain sustainability in long encounters or against tough opponents.

This ensures that the team can withstand enemy attacks while Dorothy focuses on maximizing damage output.

Synergistic Teammates for Dorothy

Snow White

Snow White's burst ability, when timed with Dorothy's mark, can exploit the accumulated damage for devastating effects, potentially reaching the maximum damage cap.

This synergy is particularly effective against single targets or bosses with high HP, where Snow White's burst can capitalize on the damage prepared by Dorothy.

This combination works best when Snow White’s investments are optimized to complement Dorothy’s damage cap, ensuring that the burst from Snow White effectively uses the mark placed by Dorothy for maximum impact.

Healers and Shielders

Integrating characters like Rapunzel or any other capable healer ensures that Dorothy and the rest of the team remain in fighting condition.

Similarly, shielders or tanks like Noise can provide the necessary protection, allowing Dorothy to safely deal damage.

A well-placed healer or shielder not only extends the team's durability but also enables more aggressive playstyles, allowing Dorothy to focus on offense without compromising the team's overall survivability.

Maximizing Dorothy's Potential

in game dorothy combat animation in NIKKE

Advanced Tactics

Manual Targeting

Manually targeting the enemy with the highest HP for Dorothy's burst ensures maximum damage output.

This is particularly important in stages with mixed enemy types or when facing bosses with multiple parts.

Burst Timing

Time Dorothy's burst skill to coincide with moments when all enemies are present on the screen, avoiding the early explosion of the accumulated damage without optimal targets.

Reload Management

Manage Dorothy’s reload times to align with her skill activations.

Ensuring Dorothy reloads quickly after depleting her magazine maximizes her Holy Fire activations, providing continuous support to the team.

Final Thoughts on Dorothy

In summary, Dorothy stands as a top-tier support addition to any roster, with her specialized damage output and burst cooldown reduction capabilities.

However, effectively using her in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE requires strategic planning, from selecting the right timing and targets for her abilities to crafting a team that can take advantage of her CDR skill.