Modernia: The Ultimate AOE Powerhouse in NIKKE
Last updated:
January 15, 2024

NIKKE welcomes back Modernia, a character who has proven her worth as an essential asset in any player's arsenal.

She continues to be one of the top AOE (Area of Effect) units in the game, meriting her a spot in Tier A.

Let’s dive into what makes Modernia an indispensable character in NIKKE.

Modernia: The Ultimate AOE Powerhouse in NIKKE

Modernia's Return: A New Year's Gift

in game modernia new year event rerun in NIKKE

Rerun Banner: Modernia's rerun is a unique event, marking her as a standout character among standard pool Pilgrims.

Track Record: Having debuted last year, she’s known for her exceptional DPS, a testament to her sustained popularity and effectiveness.

Why Modernia Stands Out

in game modernia quick overview in NIKKE

AOE Mobbing Superiority

Prior to Modernia's arrival, the range of effective AOE options for handling mobs was limited.

Her debut marked a significant shift, showcasing a unit's ability to excel both in campaign scenarios and challenging content.

Her efficiency in dealing with large groups of enemies makes her a critical asset, especially in levels where mob control is important.

Versatility and Niche Fulfillment

Modernia occupies a unique niche that many other units in the game don't cover as effectively.

Her ability to handle diverse combat situations with her AOE capabilities makes her invaluable.

Whether it's in standard campaign missions or specialized challenge stages, Modernia's adaptability in various combat scenarios solidifies her as a versatile and dependable choice.

Impact on Team Dynamics

Modernia’s AOE capabilities complement a wide range of team compositions.

Her presence enables teams to handle large-scale battles more efficiently, providing support to other units by controlling and diminishing enemy groups.

In battles where crowd control and widespread damage are crucial, Modernia provides a strategic advantage, allowing for more aggressive battle tactics.

Unique Skill Set

Modernia’s skills are tailored to enhance her AOE damage potential.

From boosting her normal attack damage to stacking critical damage buffs, her skill set is designed to maximize her effectiveness in her specialized role.

Her burst mode, which extends duration and converts her weapon into a large AOE tool, exemplifies her role as an AOE powerhouse.

This mode is particularly effective in mob-heavy stages, significantly boosting her utility.

Moderna's Kit Breakdown

in game modernia weapon details in NIKKE

Skill Analysis

Skill One (Normal Attack Enhancement)

This skill adds additional damage to each shot.

Importantly, after 200 normal attacks hit, it stacks a critical damage buff up to five times, while reducing max ammo.

This passive ability subtly boosts her damage output over time.

Skill Mechanic

The skill's design ensures continuous value generation, making her progressively stronger as the battle endures.

Magazine Size Trade-Off

The decrease in magazine size is counteracted by her high rate of fire and quick reload, ensuring minimal impact on her overall performance.

Burst Mode Dynamics

Upon activation, her burst mode extends the duration from 10 to 15 seconds, allowing for longer sustained damage periods.

The key feature of her burst mode is the transformation of her weapon into a large AOE format, granting infinite ammo during its activation.

This makes her incredibly effective in dealing with groups of enemies.

While her per-shot damage is reduced in burst mode, the ability to hit multiple targets simultaneously compensates for this, especially in mob-heavy situations.

Gearing Modernia

in game modernia overload gear details in NIKKE

Overload Gear: Key Stats

Attack Enhancement

Prioritizing attack lines in Modernia’s gear significantly boosts her damage output.

Given her minigun’s rapid-fire nature, increasing attack power directly translates to a substantial overall damage increase.

Max Ammo Capacity

Equipping gear that increases max ammo capacity can effectively counterbalance the magazine size decrease from her skill one.

This ensures she can maintain a longer duration of fire before needing to reload, a critical aspect for sustained combat efficiency.

Harmony Cubes: Perfect Pairings

Level Seven Bastion Cube

This cube is particularly beneficial for Modernia.

It helps offset the ammo decrease from her skill one, enabling her to fire for extended periods.

This cube essentially minimizes the downtime caused by reloading, keeping her consistently active in combat.

Wingman Cube

As a budget option, the Wingman Cube offers a straightforward 30% magazine size increase.

While it doesn’t multiply with max ammo overload lines, it still provides a notable boost to her firing duration.

Assault Cube Usage

An interesting choice for Modernia is the Assault Cube.

It works well in conjunction with a single hit rate overload line, allowing her to satisfy the hit rate status condition for her skill two, activating the attack up buff more efficiently.

Gameplay Variations with Modernia

in game modernia gameplay in NIKKE

Burst Mode Management

One of Modernia's gameplay variations is the strategic use of her burst mode.

While it offers a large AOE and infinite ammo, the mode reduces per-shot damage.

In boss fights or scenarios with single targets, activating the burst mode may not always be beneficial.

In contrast, during mob-heavy stages or base defense levels, her burst mode excels, making it an ideal choice to quickly clear large groups of enemies.

Magazine Size and Reload Dynamics

Modernia's skill one reduces her magazine size in exchange for increased damage output.

This involves a balance between firing duration and the frequency of reloads.

Despite the reduction in magazine size, Modernia's relatively quick reload time of 2.3 seconds ensures that she can rapidly resume firing, maintaining consistent pressure on enemies.

Modernia in Team Compositions

in game modernia unit selection in NIKKE

Specialized Team Roles

Primary AOE Damage Dealer: In teams lacking AOE capabilities, Modernia can take the lead role in managing mobs and providing widespread damage.

Secondary Support DPS: In more balanced teams, she can serve as a secondary DPS, supporting primary damage dealers and filling in gaps in the team’s offensive strategy.

Adapting to Various Scenarios

Modernia is not restricted to just one type of mission.

Her adaptability makes her valuable in both campaign and challenge stages, as well as in defending bases.

Depending on the nature of the encounter, Modernia’s burst can be tailored to maximize efficiency—used extensively in mob-heavy stages while being conserved in boss fights.

Team Building Strategies

Balancing Cores and DPS

A well-rounded team for Modernia includes a balance between support cores and other DPS units.

This ensures she can consistently output damage while being supported by her teammates.

Avoiding Burst Overreliance

In boss-focused teams, including three type 3 DPS units can prevent reliance on Modernia’s burst mode, which may weaken her damage against single targets.


Modernia’s re-emergence in NIKKE is a golden opportunity for players to experience her AOE damage potential.

As a Tier A character, she brings unmatched versatility and power to any team, solidifying her status as a must-have unit for both new and veteran players.

Whether in campaign stages, base defense levels, or challenging boss fights, Modernia’s impact is undeniable, making her a top choice for players seeking to enhance their gameplay experience.