The Ultimate Guide to Mastering D: Killer Wife in NIKKE

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering D: Killer Wife in NIKKE
Last updated:
March 12, 2024

Welcome to the in-depth guide of one of NIKKE's newest units, known as D: Killer Wife, who has become a top-tier unit for most game modes (except PvP).

This guide goes deep into her kit, optimal build and best team comps to get the most out of D: Killer Wife.

Complete D Killer Wife Guide: Best Build and Team Composition

D: Killer Wife Skills

in game d killer wife skill details in NIKKE

Normal Attack

Uses a sniper rifle, holding 6 rounds before a 2-second reload is necessary.

Basic attacks deal 69.04% of ATK as damage.

Full charge shots deal 250% of the initial damage and attacks against the core inflict 200% damage.

Skill 1: Calm Sniping

D: Killer Wife's passive skill, Calm Sniping, significantly boosts her effectiveness and that of her sniper allies through piercing buffs.

Getting full charge three times grants herself Pierce for one round, allowing for damage that bypasses enemy defenses.

When entering full burst, this skill boosts all sniper rifle allies' pierce damage by 13.55% for 10 seconds, boosting the team's overall damage output.

Skill 2: Assault Formation

Assault Formation provides cooldown reduction and a damage boost, making D: Killer Wife a top-tier unit.

Successfully landing 8 full charge shots reduces the cooldown of Burst skills by 7 seconds for all allies.

Also, after 5 full charge attacks, all allies receive a 5.06% attack damage boost for 10 seconds.

Burst: Kill the Target

Targets the enemy nearest to the crosshair, dealing 269.28% of final ATK as additional damage.

This skill not only deals substantial damage but also inflicts the Wipe Out debuff for 10 seconds, marking the enemy and enabling allies to trigger additional effects based on the attack location.

Allies attacking marked parts boost their damage against the core by 16.26% for 10 seconds.

When the body is hit, it boosts ATK by 12.19% of D: Killer Wife's ATK for 10 seconds, offering a boost in damage that benefits all ally units.

Skill Prioritization

Assault Formation (Skill 2)

The cornerstone of D: Killer Wife's utility lies in her ability to reduce the cooldown of Burst skills for all allies.

This skill not only enhances the team's overall damage output by allowing more frequent use of Burst skills but also synergizes well with teams that rely heavily on these skills for damage and utility.

Kill the Target (Burst)

This skill shines in focusing down priority targets or exploiting weaknesses.

The separate buffs provided for hitting parts (16.26% damage increase when attacking the core) and the body (ATK increase by 12.19% of D: Killer Wife's ATK) make it versatile for many fights.

Enhancing this skill increases the damage output and the utility of the debuffs, making D: Killer Wife an overall better unit.

Calm Sniping (Skill 1)

This skill is particularly useful in teams with other sniper units, amplifying their damage through piercing buffs.

However, its utility might be slightly situational compared to the direct and consistent buffs offered by her other skills.

Harmony Cube and Overloads

in game d killer wife character stats details in NIKKE

Optimal Harmony Cube: Resilience Cube

This cube is the best in slot for D: Killer Wife, ensuring she reload as fast as possible to get as many full charges as possible.

Full Charges are key to maximize her potential, so this cube synergizes extremely well with her.

Gear and Overload Lines

Maximizing Ammo Capacity

The first goal is to reach an 8 ammo capacity, which aligns with the requirement for activating her skill that reduces Burst cooldown.

With 14 ammo, you ensure that during a Full Burst sequence, D: Killer Wife can reload and immediately have enough ammo to keep shooting.

At 15 ammo, the efficiency slightly increases as it allows for a buffer in her firing sequence, ensuring that even with a level 9 skill 2, she can maintain optimal cooldown reduction.

ATK Increase

Boosts the damage output of D: Killer Wife's normal attacks, full charge shots, and Burst skill, directly impacting her role as a primary damage dealer.

Increases the effectiveness of her critical hits and core-targeted attacks.

Building the Optimal Team

in game d killer wife squad info in NIKKE

Core Team Synergies with D: Killer Wife

Sniper Synergy

D: Killer Wife significantly boosts sniper units like Red Hood, Alice, and Maxwell, who benefit from her Pierce damage increase.

This makes her an invaluable asset in teams focusing on sniping units, particularly against enemies with a high defense.

Versatile Buffer Role

D: Killer Wife does not only shine with sniper units but also enhances teams without them.

Her cooldown reduction ability is universally beneficial, making her a versatile unit in most team compositions.

Team Examples

High DPS and Flexibility

Tia/Naga, D: Killer Wife, Scarlet: Black Shadow, and Alice.

This composition has high DPS and flexibility.

D: Killer Wife's cooldown reduction benefits both burst damage dealers and snipers, ensuring sustained damage output.

Bunnies Comp

D: Killer Wife, Alice, Noir, Modernia, Blanc

Another viable compositions, as D: Killer Wife enhances the team's overall DPS and burst frequency.

Final Thoughts on D Killer Wife: Should You Pull for Her?

in game d killer wife combat animation in NIKKE

D: Killer Wife is a must-have unit if you're looking to optimize your roster, and just getting one copy is enough.

Her unique abilities providing cooldown reduction and damage boosts are universal and fit into almost any team comp.

If you decide to skip because you're looking for better 1.5 anniversary units, make sure to wishlist her in future banners.