Mastering Noise: The Ultimate Support in NIKKE
Last updated:
March 25, 2024

In the evolving meta of Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, where bosses smartly target the unit with the highest attack, the need for strong healers and taunters has never been more critical.

Noise has been proven to be an indispensable ally, especially in the heat of solo and Union raids.

This guide dives into how Noise, with her unique blend of taunting and healing, can become the cornerstone of your team's survival strategy.

Complete Noise Guide: Best Builds and Team Comps

Skill Overview and Leveling Insights

in game noise skill info in NIKKE

Normal Attack: Rocket Launcher

Targets a single enemy, inflicting 61.3% ATK as damage with a charge time of 1 second.

This increases to 250% damage for fully charged attacks, with core hits doubling the damage output.

While not her primary role, Noise's attacks are significant enough to contribute to overall team damage, especially against bosses.

Skill 1: Chorus

Upon being attacked 20 times, this passive skill reduces damage taken by all allies by 10.66% for 20 seconds.

This ability showcases Noise’s capability to enhance the team's durability in long battles, making her an asset in battles where sustained defense is crucial.

Skill 2: Sing Together

Noise’s versatile second skill serves two critical functions.

Firstly, it taunts all enemies for 2 seconds when Noise attacks with full charge, directing all enemy aggression towards herself.

Secondly, it boosts her own Max HP by 24.86% for 1.8 seconds, effectively healing her for the same amount due to the unique mechanism of her HP buff.

This skill underscores Noise's role as a tank, drawing enemy fire away from more vulnerable DPS units while maintaining her own survivability.

Burst: Energetic Noise

When activated, this skill heals all allies by 2.47% of Noise’s final Max HP every second for 10 seconds and increases their maximum HP by 49.5% for the same duration.

This burst ability is the cornerstone of Noise’s kit, offering a powerful team-wide heal that can be a game-changer.

The significant increase in Max HP not only serves as an immediate health boost but also ensures the team can deal with incoming damage.

Leveling Priorities

Burst: Energetic Noise

Noise's burst skill, Energetic Noise, is crucial for her role as a primary healer and protector in the team.

Leveling up this skill enhances the healing output and the Max HP boost, ensuring your team's survivability in critical moments.

Aim to maximize this skill as a priority to benefit from its full potential in keeping your team healthy.

Skill 2: Sing Together

Sing Together is integral to Noise’s tanking capability, drawing enemy attention away from more vulnerable DPS units and towards herself.

The taunt effect, combined with the temporary Max HP increase (which acts as a self-heal), is essential for managing aggro and maintaining Noise’s survivability.

While not as immediately impactful on team health as her burst, this skill is vital for controlling the flow of battle.

Investing in this skill improves her taunting effectiveness and self-sustainability, making it a worthwhile second priority.

Skill 1: Chorus

Although Chorus offers a valuable damage reduction buff for all allies, it's triggered by Noise being attacked, which, while useful, is somewhat passive and situational compared to the active benefits provided by her other skills.

Given Noise’s primary function is to absorb damage and heal, the incremental benefits of leveling up this skill are less impactful.

It should be leveled last, focusing resources first on enhancing her healing and taunting capabilities.

Optimal Harmony Cubes

in game noise harmony cube in NIKKE

Resilience Cube

Increases Reload Speed.

Noise benefits from a faster reload speed to ensure her Rocket Launcher is ready to fire, enabling more frequent taunts and sustained pressure on enemies.

Although not directly enhancing her healing, keeping Noise active and engaging enemies consistently helps maintain her role as a focal point of aggression, drawing fire away from DPS units.

Bastion Cube

Provides an Ammo Refund mechanism.

The Bastion Cube complements Noise's ability to stay in the fight longer by effectively reducing the downtime caused by reloading.

This synergy ensures that Noise can keep taunting enemies and sustaining herself through her unique Max HP buffs without the interruption of frequent reloads.

Gearing Strategy

in game noise character details in NIKKE

Primary Gearing Focus

Max HP Increase

Since Noise's healing capabilities, especially her burst skill Energetic Noise, scale with her Max HP, gear that increases her total HP is invaluable.

Higher HP not only makes her more tanky but also boosts the healing she provides to herself and her allies.

Defense Stats

Enhancing Noise’s defense minimizes the damage she takes from enemy attacks.

This is particularly crucial since she will be drawing aggro with her taunt ability.

Reducing the incoming damage allows her to sustain her role as a frontline protector for a more extended period.

Reload Speed

Improving Noise’s reload speed ensures that her Rocket Launcher is ready to fire when needed, allowing for more frequent taunting.

This is critical for maintaining enemy focus on her and off more vulnerable team members.

Secondary Gearing Focus

Healing Effectiveness

While not as direct as Max HP or defense, gear that boosts Noise’s healing effectiveness can further enhance her support capabilities, ensuring that each heal is as impactful as possible.

Cooldown Reduction (CDR)

Reducing the cooldown of Noise’s skills, especially her burst, can significantly increase her utility in battle.

More frequent access to her burst means more healing and Max HP buffs for the team, alongside her taunt to control enemy aggression.

Overload lines

Should focus on Max HP and defense increases to maximize her tanking and healing roles.

Avoid overload lines that primarily boost damage output, as this is not Noise’s main role.

Team Synergy and Composition

in game noise team setup in NIKKE

DPS + Noise + Healer/Support

Core DPS Units

High-damage characters benefit immensely from Noise's protection.

By ensuring that units like Scarlet or A2 are not targeted and taken out, Noise allows these DPS powerhouses to unleash their full potential without interruption.


While Noise provides significant healing, pairing her with a dedicated healer like Rapunzel or a versatile support like Liter ensures the team's health is consistently topped off.

This dual-layer of support ensures that the team can withstand long engagements.

Noise + Burst Damage Dealers

Burst Specialists

Characters with powerful burst skills, such as Snow White, can synergize well with Noise.

Snow White's ability to mark targets for increased damage pairs perfectly with Noise's taunting, ensuring that burst damage is maximized against taunted enemies without spreading DPS too thin across multiple targets.

Noise + CDR Supports

Cooldown Reduction (CDR) Supports

Units that offer cooldown reduction, such as Dorothy, can help mitigate the longer cooldown of Noise’s burst skill.

This ensures Noise can use her healing and taunting abilities more frequently, enhancing the team's sustainability.

Maximizing Skill Uptime

A team structured around frequent skill use benefits from Noise's ability to keep enemies focused on her, allowing allies with powerful skills to use them more often without fear of retribution.

Using Noise Effectively

in game noise combat animation in NIKKE

Mastering Noise's Taunt Mechanics

Use Noise's taunt skill (Sing Together) proactively to redirect enemy fire away from your DPS units, especially before the enemy launches a powerful attack.

This ensures that your high-damage dealers remain untouched and continue to output maximum damage.

Although Noise can function on auto, manually controlling her taunt allows for precise timing, ensuring taunt is used when most needed, especially against bosses with predictable attack patterns.

Optimizing Noise's Healing Abilities

Noise's burst skill (Energetic Noise) provides significant healing over time and a substantial Max HP buff.

Activate this skill when anticipating heavy damage or immediately after taking a big hit to quickly recover and maintain high health levels across the team.

If Noise is your primary healer, consider teaming her up with characters that can reduce skill cooldowns or pairing her with another Type 1 character to ensure her healing burst is available more frequently.

Understanding Enemy Mechanics

Focus Noise's taunt on enemies that pose the biggest threat to your DPS units.

Understanding enemy attack patterns allows you to preemptively taunt and mitigate damage effectively.

Final Thoughts on Noise

Noise, with her unparalleled taunting and healing abilities, is a solid Burst I unit in NIKKE's tier list.

Her unique role in protecting high-attack units and sustaining the team through intense battles places her in high demand for late-game content.

As the game continues to evolve, the strategic inclusion of Noise in your team composition can be the difference between victory and defeat in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE.