Snow White in NIKKE: Unleashing the One-Shot Wonder
Last updated:
February 12, 2024

Snow White emerges as a distinctive force in NIKKE, trading sustained damage for a powerful, game-changing burst.

Unlike other DPS characters who focus on consistent output, Snow White banks everything on a single, devastating attack.

This guide dives deep into what makes Snow White a unique addition to your roster, exploring her strengths, weaknesses, and optimal playstyle.

A Guide to Snow White: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Kit Overview and Leveling Priorities

in game snow white skills info details in NIKKE

Normal Attack: Assault Rifle

  • Mode: Normal
  • Ammo: 60
  • Reload Time: 1.5 seconds
  • Damage: Deals 14.71% ATK as damage to the target enemy and 200% damage when attacking the core.

The normal attack serves as a foundational component of Snow White's kit, providing steady damage output and a mechanism for triggering her skills.

Its high ammo count and quick reload time ensure she can consistently apply pressure on the battlefield.

Skill 1: Determination (Passive)

Cooldown: None

Activation: Hits 30 times with normal attacks.


  • Enemy Target: Deals 82.8% of final ATK as additional damage.
  • Self: Increases ATK by 8.28% for 5 seconds.

This skill provides a significant damage boost and ATK increase, making it beneficial for ramping up Snow White's damage output.

However, given her burst-centric playstyle, it may not always synergize perfectly with her primary damage mechanism.

Skill 2: Seven Dwarves: V & VI (Active)

Cooldown: 15 seconds


  • Enemies: Deals 144.73% of final ATK as damage within attack range.
  • Full Burst Time: Increases Critical Rate by 26.1% for 10 seconds.

This skill directly enhances Snow White's burst damage potential by providing a critical rate boost, making it a key component of her kit.

Optimizing the timing of this skill to align with her burst can significantly increase her overall damage output.

Burst: Seven Dwarves: I

Cooldown: 40 seconds


  • Changes the weapon in use, initiating a charge time of 5 seconds.
  • Damage: 499.5% of final ATK at the start of the charge, escalating to 1000% upon full charge.
  • Max Ammunition Capacity: 1 round
  • Additional Effect: Pierce, allowing the burst to damage multiple enemies in its path.

Snow White's burst is the essence of her gameplay, offering the potential for massive damage in a single shot.

Maximizing this skill is essential for those looking to capitalize on her unique one-shot capability.

Players should focus on leveling this skill first to ensure Snow White reaches her full potential as a devastating force on the battlefield.

Leveling Priorities

Burst: Seven Dwarves: I - Top Priority

Snow White's burst ability is the centerpiece of her kit, capable of dealing immense damage with a single shot.

Given its potential for high damage output, especially with the 1000% damage at full charge, maximizing this skill first is crucial.

The burst's effectiveness in combat, particularly against bosses or groups of enemies due to its piercing effect, makes it a game-changer.

Investing resources here ensures Snow White can fulfill her role as a one-shot wonder, making her an invaluable asset in taking down high-priority targets.

Skill 2: Seven Dwarves: V & VI - High Priority

This skill significantly boosts Snow White's critical rate during Full Burst Time, which directly influences the burst's damage output.

Since critical hits can drastically increase the damage dealt, especially in a one-shot capacity, leveling this skill next ensures that when Snow White fires her burst, it has the highest chance of not just hitting hard but hitting critically hard.

The boost in critical rate is essential for maximizing the effectiveness of her burst, making this skill a high priority after fully upgrading her burst ability.

Skill 1: Determination - Moderate Priority

While this passive skill offers a substantial damage boost and an ATK increase after hitting targets 30 times, it's less critical compared to the burst and Skill 2.

The reason is that Snow White's gameplay centers around her burst, and although additional ATK and damage are beneficial, they do not contribute as directly to her burst's damage as the critical rate boost from Skill 2.

However, this skill still plays a role in enhancing Snow White's overall damage output, making it worth investing in after prioritizing the burst and critical rate enhancements.

Normal Attack: Assault Rifle - Baseline Effectiveness

Snow White's normal attack lays the foundation for her combat effectiveness, providing steady damage and helping to trigger her Determination skill.

While it's not something that players can 'level up' in the traditional sense, understanding its mechanics is crucial for optimizing Snow White's performance.

Ensuring that Snow White's gear and team composition support her normal attack efficiency can indirectly enhance her burst capability by facilitating skill activation and maintaining damage output between bursts.

Harmony Cube Options

in game snow white harmony cube details in NIKKE

Adjutant Cube

Increases charge speed, which is crucial for Snow White to quickly ready her powerful burst attack.

While the boost from the Adjutant Cube may seem minimal, it can be the difference in achieving a fully charged shot a moment sooner.

This cube is particularly useful in scenarios where Snow White's charge speed is just poor of optimal, ensuring her burst can be deployed as frequently as possible.

Onslaught Cube

Offers a boost to charge damage, enhancing the effectiveness of Snow White's burst.

Given her strategy revolves around maximizing the impact of a single shot, the Onslaught Cube directly contributes to her primary objective.

This cube is a solid choice for players focusing on increasing Snow White's damage output, especially in raid content or against bosses with high health pools.

Bastion or Resilience Cube

Provides defensive capabilities, increasing her survivability in prolonged fights.

While Snow White's primary focus is on offense, ensuring she can withstand enemy attacks to deliver her burst is crucial.

These cubes might not directly enhance her DPS but can be vital in high-difficulty content where a single enemy attack could take her out before she unleashes her burst.

Wingman Cube

Boosts the effectiveness of ally buffs on Snow White, making her even more lethal when combined with the right team composition.

This cube is especially strong in teams designed to buff and protect Snow White, ensuring that every increase in attack power or charge speed translates to a significantly stronger burst attack.

Gearing for Maximum Impact

in game snow white overload gear details in NIKKE

Attack Power (ATK) Enhancement

Since Snow White's burst scales dramatically with her ATK, equipping her with gear that boosts attack power is essential.

This ensures that each burst shot capitalizes on the highest possible damage output.

Look for weapons and accessories that have high ATK stats or percentages.

Items that directly increase ATK or provide a significant boost to overall damage should be prioritized.

Critical Rate and Critical Damage

Snow White's burst hitting as a critical strike can be the difference between a good hit and a game-changing one.

Increasing her critical rate and critical damage ensures that when her burst fires, it not only hits but devastates.

Select gear that offers critical rate and critical damage bonuses.

This might include specialized accessories or set pieces known for enhancing critical strikes.

Charge Speed

The quicker Snow White can charge her burst, the more often she can use it.

Reducing the charge time means more opportunities to unleash her full potential on the enemy.

Look for gear that reduces skill cooldowns or specifically enhances charge speed.

This allows Snow White to enter her burst mode more frequently, capitalizing on critical moments in combat.

Cooldown Reduction

Lowering the cooldown on Snow White's skills, especially her burst, grants more frequent use.

This is particularly useful in prolonged battles where multiple bursts can turn the tide.

Gear that offers cooldown reduction (CDR) can be essential, allowing Snow White to deploy her burst ability more frequently throughout the encounter.


While not directly enhancing her burst, ensuring Snow White's survivability means she stays in the fight long enough to use her burst to its full effect.

A dead DPS does no damage.

Depending on the encounter, it might be wise to equip Snow White with gear that provides a slight boost to HP or defense.

This should not be the primary focus but considered for high-difficulty content where she might be targeted or at risk.

Strategic Gameplay and Team Composition

in game snow white team setup overview in NIKKE

Ideal Team Composition

Anne and Poli

Both characters specialize in providing substantial attack boosts, with Anne offering a massive attack and crit damage increase, and Poli serving as a non-limited alternative with similar, although slightly less strong, buffs.

These units excel in preparing Snow White for her critical burst, with Poli also contributing a defensive layer through her skill cooldown.


Universally valuable, Liter shines alongside Snow White by delivering a significant attack boost alongside cooldown reduction.

However, it's essential to note that Liter's buff may not fully persist through Snow White's charging phase, typically capping the effective charge at around 750% to 800%.


Known for her stuns and attack boosts, Privaty pairs excellently with Snow White in campaign scenarios, offering crowd control and additional firepower to manage both mobs and boss waves effectively.


Acts as a mini version of Snow White herself, excelling in scenarios with multiple boss parts.

Her ability to buff the team's attack makes her a valuable ally in enhancing Snow White's burst damage.


Offers a significant attack and crit boost specifically to Snow White, potentially outperforming Liter in terms of raw damage output for the burst.

However, Miranda lacks the broader team utility and cooldown reduction features, making her a more specialized choice.


For scenarios requiring absolute maximization of Snow White's burst crit rate, Neon emerges as a top pick.

While her utility may be more niche, she's instrumental in comps aimed at one-shotting specific targets or achieving high damage numbers in special interceptions.


Delivers an unparalleled attack buff every 30 seconds, making her an ideal partner for Snow White, especially in situations where burst timing can align with Yulha's buff for maximum impact.

Strategic Gameplay Tips

Timing is Everything

Snow White’s burst should be timed not just for when it’s charged but based on the battlefield's status.

Aim for moments when multiple enemies are aligned or when a boss exposes a weakness.

Synergize Buffs

Coordinate the activation of team buffs to coincide with Snow White’s burst.

This might mean delaying certain skills or positioning allies to ensure Snow White benefits from every possible advantage before firing.

Manage Cooldowns

Keep track of cooldowns for both Snow White’s abilities and those of her allies.

Effective cooldown management ensures that critical buffs and supports are available when needed most.

Positioning for Success

Snow White’s placement on the battlefield can affect her burst’s efficacy.

Position her where she can safely charge her burst while having a clear line of sight to the target(s).

Adapt to the Encounter

Different enemies might require slight adjustments in strategy, whether it's changing when you deploy Snow White’s burst or how you use your team’s buffs and supports.

Snow White's Unique Appeal

in game snow white team combat gameplay in NIKKE


Massive Burst Damage

Snow White's ability to deliver a devastating burst of damage in a single shot is unparalleled.

This makes her particularly effective against bosses or groups of enemies, where a well-timed burst can decisively impact the battle's outcome.

Strategic Flexibility

Her unique burst capability allows for creative team compositions, enabling the use of off-meta characters alongside her.

This flexibility can be a significant advantage in content where traditional DPS units may not be as effective or in situations where strategic diversity is needed.

Resource Optimization

By focusing her damage into a single powerful attack, Snow White allows for strategic resource allocation within a team.

Players can build teams around her that free up other high-demand units for different tasks or battles, optimizing the overall effectiveness of their roster.

Gameplay Variety

Snow White's playstyle introduces a level of tactical depth and variety to NIKKE.

Players need to carefully consider timing, positioning, and the use of supporting abilities to maximize her burst potential, offering a refreshing change from more straightforward DPS roles.


High Investment Requirement

To truly unlock Snow White's potential, significant investment in her skills and appropriate gear is required.

This high resource demand can make her less accessible to newer players or those with limited resources.

Situational Effectiveness

The impact of Snow White's burst is highly situational, depending on the enemy layout, the specific battle, and whether the burst hits its target as intended.

This variability can make her less reliable than characters with consistent damage output.

Vulnerability to Mistiming

The success of Snow White's burst heavily relies on precise timing.

Mistiming her burst not only wastes her potential but can also leave the team at a disadvantage, especially in fast-paced or highly dynamic combat situations.

Dependency on Support

While Snow White's damage potential is high, it often requires the backing of a well-structured team to reach its peak.

This dependency means that without the right support characters to buff her damage or reduce her skill cooldowns, her effectiveness can be significantly diminished.

Final Thoughts on Snow White

Snow White stands out as a uniquely challenging yet rewarding character in NIKKE's roster.

Her one-shot capability offers a different approach to gameplay, requiring strategic investment and team composition.

Snow White is a testament to the diversity and strategic depth of NIKKE, appealing to players looking for a high-risk, high-reward playstyle.