Power Levels in NIKKE: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
April 10, 2024

In the immersive world of NIKKE, understanding and optimizing your squad's power is crucial for advancing through the story and overcoming the game's challenges.

A recent buzz within the community has brought to light the significant impact of power levels on gameplay, particularly how being underpowered affects your units' performance.

This guide dives into the strategies and insights discovered by players, offering a detailed roadmap to strengthen your squad and efficiently progress through the game.

Power Levels in NIKKE: A Comprehensive Guide

The Impact of Power Levels on Damage Output

in game squad power level in NIKKE

The Scaling Mechanism Explained

The game uses a scaling mechanism that adjusts the damage output of your units based on their collective power level compared to the stage's recommended power level.

  • Underpowered Squads: When your squad's total power significantly falls below the recommended level, each unit's damage output decreases. This reduction in damage means battles become longer and more challenging, requiring players to either enhance their squad's power or adopt more strategic battle approaches.
  • Optimal Power Leveling: Finding the sweet spot where your squad's power slightly exceeds or matches the recommended level can result in optimal damage output, making engagements more manageable and efficient.

Testing and Observations

Changing your squad's composition and overall power can lead to noticeable changes in damage dealt.

For instance, swapping units and gear to experiment with different power levels showed a direct correlation between the squad's power and the damage numbers on screen.

Players have reported instances where the same unit, under varying power level scenarios, would deal dramatically different amounts of damage - highlighting the game's internal scaling calculations.

Key Strategies for Boosting Squad Power

in game unit level up in NIKKE

Prioritizing Unit Leveling and Enhancement

Regularly leveling up your units is foundational.

Use every available resource, such as experience capsules and participation in experience-rich missions, to keep your team's levels in line with or above the recommended levels for content.

Focus on limit breaking your strongest and most used SSR units.

Obtaining duplicates for limit breaking significantly enhances a unit's stats, making them more potent in combat.

Prioritize units that offer the most utility or damage output for your team.

Optimize Star Levels

Using units with higher star levels, thanks to duplicates, can provide a crucial power boost.

Even if a unit is not your top choice, its enhanced star level might offer the necessary power uplift to mitigate stat reductions.

SRs vs. SSRs: While SSR units generally outperform SRs, the small power difference between a two-star SR and a base SSR can sometimes make the SR a better choice for overall team power, especially if it fits better with your team composition.

Optimizing Equipment and Skills

Choosing the right gear for each unit based on their role (DPS, support, tank) and strengths is crucial.

Equip gear that complements a unit's skills and enhances their inherent abilities.

Invest in upgrading your gear.

Enhancements increase gear stats, directly boosting your squad's power.

Don't overlook the importance of gear refinement for further stat boosts.

Leveling up your units' skills can provide significant boosts in power.

Focus on the skills that are most beneficial for each unit's role, such as damage-increasing skills for DPS units and healing or buffing skills for support units.

Using Cubes and the Simulation Room

Participate in Ark sectors to collect cubes, which offer substantial power boosts when equipped.

Target sectors that yield cubes complementary to your team's needs.

The simulation room not only offers skill-ups but also serves as a valuable resource for increasing your units' power levels.

Engage in the highest difficulty levels manageable for better rewards.

Advanced Tips for Power Enhancement

in game team setup power level in NIKKE

Targeted Enhancement Based on Unit Roles

Understanding the unique role each unit plays in your squad is crucial.

Adjusting your enhancement strategy to accentuate each unit's strengths can significantly impact your squad's overall effectiveness.

  • DPS Units: Prioritize attack power, critical rate, and critical damage enhancements. Using gear and cubes that amplify damage output ensures your DPS units can eliminate threats quickly.
  • Support Units: For support units, focus on enhancing skills that buff, heal, or provide utility. Enhancements should aim to increase the potency of these abilities or reduce cooldown times, allowing for more frequent use.
  • Tanks: Enhancing a tank's survivability through increased HP and defense stats ensures they can withstand enemy onslaughts, protecting more vulnerable squad members.

Optimizing Outpost Upgrades for Squad Enhancement

The Outpost offers various upgrades that can indirectly increase your squad's power:

  • Recycle Room and Stat Boosts: Upgrade the Recycle Room to gain access to passive stat boosts for your units. Focus on upgrades that benefit your squad's predominant unit types.
  • Research Prioritization: Allocate research resources towards upgrades that offer the greatest return on investment for your squad's needs. This may include specific unit type enhancements or general power boosts.

Advanced Affinity Management

Deepening your affinity with units not only unlocks their full potential but can also reveal hidden power boosts:

  • Strategic Gift-Giving: Adjust your gift-giving to each unit's preferences to efficiently increase affinity levels. High-affinity units often perform better due to unlocked stat bonuses and abilities.
  • Affinity and Team Dynamics: Consider the impact of affinity on team dynamics. High-affinity interactions between certain units can unlock additional dialogue and, in some cases, slight performance enhancements during missions.

Final Thoughts on Power Levels

As you progress through NIKKE, understanding the variations of squad power and implementing the strategies outlined here will be instrumental in overcoming the game's hurdles.

Remember, a well-balanced approach to leveling, gearing, and skill enhancement, combined with strategic resource management and affinity building, will pave the way for success.

Stay informed, adapt your strategies as needed, and your squad will become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.