Ultimate Guide to Farming Stellar Jades in Honkai: Star Rail

Ultimate Guide to Farming Stellar Jades in Honkai: Star Rail
Last updated:
March 27, 2024

Navigating the gacha system in Honkai: Star Rail can be challenging, especially when your reserves of Stellar Jades start to go down.

Whether you've lost a 50/50, secured your favorite character, or are planning for future pulls, understanding how to efficiently farm Stellar Jades is crucial.

Here's a comprehensive guide to maximizing your Stellar Jade income, making sure you're always prepared for the next OP banner.

Let's dive in!

Our Guide to Farming Stellar Jades in Honkai: Star Rail

Herta's Simulated Universe

in game simulated universe in honkai star rail

Every week, the simulated Universe resets, presenting a chance to earn more Stellar Jades.

Discoveries Give Stellar Jades

As you navigate through the simulated Universe, you'll encounter various "discoveries."

These can range from curios, which are unique objects found within the simulation, to blessings, which grant temporary boosts or advantages.

New occurrences, or events within the Universe, also contribute to the diversity of the gameplay experience.

Each discovery not only enriches your journey but also adds Stellar Jades to your inventory, bolstering your resources for upcoming banners.

The Importance of Engaging Weekly

Participation in Herta's simulated Universe isn't just recommended; it's a strategy for success.

The point rewards, which reset biweekly, include Stellar Jades, among other valuable resources.

Engaging with the Universe regularly ensures that you don't miss out on these rewards, making it a critical part of your weekly Honkai: Star Rail routine.

Strategy and Reward

Navigating the simulated Universe requires more than just brute force; it demands strategy.

The layout and challenges vary, pushing players to adapt their team compositions and tactics.

This dynamic environment keeps the gameplay fresh and engaging, providing a satisfying balance between effort and reward.

The Forgotten Hall

in game forgotten hall or memory of chaos in honkai star rail

The Forgotten Hall isn't just about brute strength; it tests your strategic planning and adaptability.

Players are required to field eight fully equipped characters, making it imperative to have a balanced and synergized team.

This diversity ensures you can tackle a wide array of challenges that the Hall throws at you, from elemental resistances to specific debuff requirements.

High Difficulty, High Reward

Undoubtedly, The Forgotten Hall is tough, possibly the toughest challenge you'll encounter.

It's designed to push your team to its limits, but it's also the most rewarding.

Completing various levels within the Hall grants players a significant amount of Stellar Jades, expediting your progress toward your next big pull.

The difficulty scales, but so do the rewards, making every victory sweeter.

Preparation is Key

Success in The Forgotten Hall isn't just about having strong characters; it's about having the right characters for the job.

This might mean leveling and gearing characters you wouldn't typically prioritize, solely to overcome specific Hall challenges.

The necessity of a diverse roster encourages players to explore different team compositions and strategies, broadening their gameplay experience.

Periodic Resets Offer Continuous Opportunities

The Forgotten Hall periodically resets, offering players new challenges and a fresh start at acquiring those rewards.

This reset not only allows players to refine their strategies and come back stronger but also ensures a consistent flow of resources like Stellar Jades over time.

Pure Fiction

in game pure fiction in honkai star rail

Pure Fiction is designed as an arena where players can experiment with different team compositions against an endless swarm of enemies.

It’s not just about survival; it's about understanding the synergies between characters and maximizing their potential.

This mode encourages players to think creatively and test out combinations that they may not use in the game's main storyline or other modes.

Team Composition and Strategy

The necessity for eight well-built characters is even more pronounced here than in The Forgotten Hall.

Players need to craft two balanced teams capable of handling varied threats.

This requirement pushes players to deepen their roster, leveling, and gearing characters to ensure a wide range of elemental and combat strategies are available.

Pure Fiction is an excellent proving ground for testing the effectiveness of different team setups in a controlled environment.

Challenge and Rewards

Pure Fiction is structured around overcoming waves of enemies with increasing difficulty.

Each victory not only serves as a testament to your strategic planning and team management but also rewards you with Stellar Jades and other valuable resources.

These rewards are pivotal for players looking to expand their character pool or secure essential upgrades.

Event Timing and Resets

Similar to The Forgotten Hall, Pure Fiction operates on a cycle, with events resetting after a certain period.

This design ensures that players have continuous opportunities to engage with fresh challenges and secure more rewards.

The periodic nature of Pure Fiction makes it an essential activity for players seeking to maximize their gains over time.

Embers Exchange

in game embers exchange in honkai star rail

The Embers Exchange refreshes monthly, presenting a new opportunity to acquire coveted items such as Stellar Jades, which are crucial for character pulls.

Players can exchange Embers for both Gold Star Rail Passes and Standard Star Rail Passes.

This dual option allows for a broader strategy in resource allocation depending on immediate needs and long-term goals.

Maximizing Embers Exchange

Assess your current roster and upcoming banners.

If a highly anticipated character is coming, stockpiling Stellar Jades might be more beneficial than immediate resource gains from other items.

Plan your Ember expenditures around the refresh schedule.

If the end of the month is near, it might be wise to hold off on spending to see what the next month's exchange offers.

Consider your current game progression and which type of pass offers more value to your roster.

Newer players might find more immediate value in standard passes, while more established players could prioritize gold passes for rarer pulls.

World Vendors

in game world vendor in honkai star rail

Each World Vendor offers a unique inventory that includes a variety of items crucial for character development and gameplay enhancement.

This inventory typically encompasses materials for leveling up characters, upgrading Light Cones, and crafting recipes that provide temporary buffs in battles.

Additionally, these vendors often offer Stellar Jades, which are essential for acquiring more characters through the gacha system.

World Currency Utilization

The game awards players with specific world currencies through side missions, exploration, and completing various challenges.

These currencies are exclusive to their respective worlds and can be exchanged at World Vendors for the items mentioned.

Efficiently spending this currency can significantly boost your progression, especially if you target resources that are scarce or hard to farm.

Strategic Spending

It’s crucial to prioritize your spending based on your current needs and long-term strategy.

For new or struggling players, focusing on materials that can level up characters and improve Light Cones might offer the most immediate benefit.

However, for more established players, investing in Stellar Jades could provide a greater long-term value, potentially unlocking powerful new characters or essential duplicates for existing ones.

Unlocking Permanent Events

Completing transactions with World Vendors can sometimes unlock permanent events, offering additional challenges and rewards.

These events further enrich the gameplay experience, providing more opportunities for earning resources, including Stellar Jades.

Exploration and Interaction

World Vendors encourage exploration and interaction with the game's environment.

To maximize the benefits from these vendors, players are incentivized to thoroughly explore each world, engage in side missions, and participate in events to gather the necessary currency.

This exploration not only leads to immediate rewards but also enriches the overall gaming experience through discovery and engagement with the story and world lore.

Complete Missions

in game missions in honkai star rail

Side Missions

Side missions often provide backstory and depth to the game's world and characters, offering players a richer gaming experience.

Beyond the narrative, these missions are vital for acquiring various rewards like experience points, materials for upgrading, and occasionally, Stellar Jades.

Players should prioritize completing side missions as they progress through the main story to ensure they're maximizing their resource acquisition and preparing their roster for the challenges ahead.

Companion Missions

Companion missions delve deeper into the stories of your characters, strengthening your connection with them.

These missions can unlock new abilities for your characters or provide critical resources for their enhancement.

Companion missions can sometimes offer Stellar Jades or unique items that are hard to find elsewhere.

Regularly checking and completing these missions can significantly boost your team's effectiveness in battle.

Trailblaze Missions

Trailblaze missions guide players through the game's various features and mechanics, often rewarding them for exploring new content or mastering certain gameplay elements.

Completing these missions can lead to a steady supply of resources, including Stellar Jades.

They're designed to ensure players are well-versed in the game's systems, making them essential for both new players and veterans looking to optimize their playthrough.

Character Trials

in game character trial in honkai star rail

Character trials are special missions where players can use a specific character, typically new or featured in an ongoing banner, in a controlled environment.

These trials are designed to showcase the character's abilities, strengths, and potential team compositions.

By completing these trials, players gain a better understanding of how the character operates in combat situations.

Rewards and Benefits

Completing character trials gives rewards such as Stellar Jades, materials for character and equipment enhancement, and sometimes, lore items that deepen the character's backstory.

Stellar Jades are particularly valuable as they contribute towards more summons on banners, increasing your chances of acquiring new characters.

Achievements and Exploration

in game achievements in honkai star rail

Achievements in Honkai: Star Rail act as milestones, marking your progress and accomplishments.

They range from simple tasks like completing certain story chapters to more challenging feats such as defeating bosses under specific conditions.

Maximizing Achievements

  • Regular Checks: Regularly review the achievements list to identify and target achievable goals. Some achievements might align with your current in-game activities.
  • Strategic Play: Tailor your play to target multiple achievements simultaneously when possible. For example, if there are achievements for using a particular character and defeating a certain number of enemies, combine these tasks.
  • Community Tips: Stay engaged with the community. Other players might share efficient strategies for completing specific achievements.

Exploring the Honkai: Star Rail Universe

Exploration is key in Honkai: Star Rail, not just for the sheer joy of discovering new areas but also for uncovering valuable resources, chests, and Stellar Jades.

  • Thoroughness: Explore every corner of the map. Hidden paths and interactive elements often lead to valuable rewards.
  • Interactive Elements: Pay attention to environmental puzzles and interactive objects. Solving these often yields rewards and unlocks new areas.
  • Regular Revisits: Revisit areas after story progressions or updates. New paths and items often become accessible as the game evolves.
  • Utilize Characters: Some characters have abilities that can reveal hidden items or interact with the environment in unique ways. Keep a diverse team ready for exploration.

Engage in Events

in game events in honkai star rail

Events frequently provide items that are hard to obtain through regular gameplay, including rare materials and Stellar Jades, essential for character summons.

Many events offer resources for leveling up your characters and their abilities, which can significantly boost your team's strength.

Events can offer unique stories, adding depth to the game's world and characters.

Participating in events can connect you with the wider Honkai: Star Rail community, offering strategies, tips, and shared experiences.

Daily Check-Ins and Redemption Codes

in game redemption code in honkai star rail

Daily Check-Ins

Daily check-ins are exactly what they sound like—log in daily, check the designated area, usually HoyoLAB or within the game itself, and claim your rewards.

It's a minimal effort process with guaranteed returns.

Often, the rewards from daily check-ins escalate with consecutive logins, culminating in more valuable items towards the end of the check-in cycle.

Thus, maintaining a daily login streak can be especially beneficial.

Rewards range from character and light cone XP materials to Stellar Jades and even exclusive items or avatars during special events.

These can significantly boost your progress and enrich your gaming experience.

Redemption Codes

Mihoyo periodically releases redemption codes through official Honkai: Star Rail social media channels, live streams, or partner content creators.

These codes can be redeemed for free resources and are often tied to celebrations, updates, or community events.

Access the redemption feature within the game (usually found in the settings or account menu) or on the official game website, enter the code, and claim your rewards.

It's a simple process with instant benefits.

Codes have an expiration date, so it's crucial to stay updated on Honkai: Star Rail communities, follow official channels, and redeem codes as soon as you discover them to ensure you don't miss out.

The game's community is a great resource for finding redemption codes.

Join forums, Discord servers, or social media groups dedicated to Honkai: Star Rail where fellow Trailblazers share the latest codes and tips.

Final Thoughts on Jade Farming

Farming Stellar Jades in Honkai: Star Rail doesn't have to be a challenging task.

By diversifying your approach—optimizing the simulated Universe, tackling the Forgotten Hall, participating in events, and staying engaged with the community for codes—you can ensure a steady influx of Stellar Jades.

Remember, the key to gacha success lies not just in luck but in strategic preparation and participation.

Keep exploring, keep fighting, and most importantly, keep farming those Stellar Jades to secure your favorite character.