Guide to Genshin's New Chronicled Wish Banner System

Guide to Genshin's New Chronicled Wish Banner System
Last updated:
March 18, 2024

In Genshin Impact's version 4.5 update, miHoYo introduced a new event wish system named the Chronicled Wish.

This new banner system not only diversifies the wish options but also integrates both characters and weapons into a single banner.

Here's a detailed exploration of the Chronicled Wish Banner, its functionalities, and advantages for players like you.

How Does the New Chronicled Wish Banner System Work?

Understanding the Chronicled Wish Banner

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Core Mechanisms

Intertwined Fates as Currency: The banner works using Intertwined Fates, the currency for limited character and weapon banners.

Unified Character and Weapons: For the first time, you can attempt to pull for both characters and weapons from the same banner.

90-Wish Hard Pity: Like existing banners, the Chronicled Wish has a hard pity at 90 wishes, with an anticipated soft pity around 80 wishes.

The Chronicled Path: The banner's allows you to target a specific five-star weapon or character.

The Fate Point System

When pulling a 5-star character or weapon, there's a 50% chance it will be your targeted choice.

If not, you'll receive a Fate Point, moving closer to the guaranteed one on future tries.

The pity count and Fate Points are unique to the Chronicled Wish banner and do not carry over to or from other banners.

Pros and Cons of the Chronicled Wish

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Pros of the Chronicled Wish Banner


You can target a specific five-star character or weapon, significantly increasing the odds of obtaining them, reducing a bit the gacha randomness.

The banner includes standard five-star characters alongside event-exclusive ones, offering a rare opportunity for targeted wishes to characters that are typically only available from the standard banner.

Guaranteed Outcomes

The Fate Point system makes sure you can eventually obtain your desired character or weapon, even if luck isn't on your side initially.

The pity count for the Chronicled Wish banner carries over when the banner refreshes.

Cons of the Chronicled Wish Banner

Resource Challenges

The banner requires Intertwined Fates, directly competing with limited character and weapon banners for resources.

While the Fate Point system guarantees your desired character or weapon, reaching the required points for a guaranteed pull will cost you a ton of primogems/fates.


If you don't reach your target before the banner refreshes, the accumulated Fate Points reset, wasting effort and resources.

The unspecified duration and frequency of the Chronicled Wish banner's availability adds an element of uncertainty to planning, especially when specific characters or weapons might reappear.

Making the Most of the Chronicled Wish Banner

Given these pros and cons, you should consider several factors before pulling on the Chronicled Wish banner:

  • Long-term Goals: Evaluate which characters or weapons would most benefit your current roster and future gameplay goals. Prioritize wishes based on strategic needs rather than impulse.
  • Resource Management: Carefully manage your Intertwined Fates, considering both current and future banner cycles. Allocate resources to the Chronicled Wish banner only when it features highly desired units or weapons.

Should You Pull on the Chronicled Wish Banner?

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Assessing Your Needs and Goals

Evaluate if the featured characters or weapons align with your immediate needs or long-term gameplay strategy.

Prioritize pulls that fill a specific role or enhance your team compositions significantly.

For collectors aiming to obtain every character, the Chronicled Wish banner may offer an advantage in targeting standard banner characters that are harder to predictably get elsewhere.

Resource Management

Consider your current stockpile of Intertwined Fates and Primogems.

Given the banner's requirement for Intertwined Fates, it's essential to weigh this banner's potential value against upcoming limited character and weapon banners.

The Chronicled Wish banner, with its separate pity system and the potential for fate points to reset, requires a substantial resource commitment to guarantee your desired outcome.

Assess whether this investment aligns with your primogem acquisition rate and saving habits.

Frequency and Featured Characters/Weapons

Without clear indications of how frequently the Chronicled Wish banner will appear and how long each iteration lasts, there's an element of risk not knowing if your desired characters or weapons might return.

Consider if you're comfortable with these uncertainties before committing to pulls.