How to Conquer Shiva Very Hard in FF7EC: A F2P Guide
Last updated:
February 27, 2024

Struggling with Shiva on Very Hard mode in FF7: Ever Crisis? You're not alone.

This guide will walk you through team setups, alternative options, and tactics to bring down this powerful summon.

Let's dive right in!

How to Conquer Shiva in FF7: Ever Crisis on Very Hard Mode with a F2P Account

Shiva Summon Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Understanding Shiva: Key Weaknesses

Magic Attack Vulnerability: Shiva is particularly weak against magic attacks.

Shiva Can Be Debuffed: You should bring MATK and MDEF down in order to deal as much damage as possible while not getting annihilated by her Heavenly Strike and Diamond Dust abilities.

Inflicts Fog: Be prepared to dispel the fog debuff as it will make it harder to cast your abilities.

Building Your Team

Shiva Very Hard Team Setup Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Tifa: The Debuffer

Role: Her main job is to debuff Shiva and provide fast DPS.

Materia Abilities to Bring: Esuna Fog (Clears the fog debuff, speeding up your spells), O Sigil Materia (To interrupt her Double Cast phase), Fire Materia (Fira better than Fira Blow due to her high physical resistance).

Alternative: Red XIII can also help debuffing Shiva if you got him leveled up.

Sephiroth: The Magic DPS

Role: Main DPS if you don't have Zack's new weapon Black Whiskers.

Abilities to Bring: Hellfire to deal high damage output and Fira.

Alternative: Zack can replace Sephiroth as he's also strong in magic attacks.

Aerith: The Healer and Buffer

Role: Provides heals and buffs.

Special Abilities: Healing Wind Limit Break (Key emergency heal), Defaith (To reduce Shiva’s magic attack).

Alternative: Matt is another solid choice due to his barrier abilities.

Strategies and Tactics

Preparing for Heavenly Strike

Tactics: Use Tifa's Uppershot and Aerith's Defaith to reduce Shiva’s magic attack.

Survival: Make sure to have Aerith's Healing Wind ready for post-strike recovery.

Navigating Ice Age and Chill Mode

Shiva Very Hard Ice Age Mode Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Reducing Ice Age: Spam fire skills to push Shiva into Chill Mode while keeping your team alive. Make sure to use Hellfire during this phase to lower Shiva's gauge faster.

Chill Mode: Unleash maximum damage to capitalize on Shiva’s weakened state.

Final Phase: Diamond Dust Attack

Preparation: Keep Defaith and Uppershot ready to reduce Shiva's magic attack, as she'll buff herself.

Survival: Ensure everyone is topped off with Healing Wind before the attack.

Getting the Diamond Dust Achievement

Important: For the achievement, complete Very Hard 1, not Very Hard 2.

Conclusion: You Got This!

With the right team setup and strategies, Shiva on Very Hard mode becomes quite manageable.

Whether you're using Sephiroth, Zack, Tifa, or other viable alternatives, remember that the key is to adapt and make the most out of what you have.

Now go and conquer that ice queen!