A Comprehensive Guide to the Sephiroth Arrival Event
Last updated:
January 10, 2024

The Critical Sephiroth Event in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is finally live for a rerun in January 11th 2024!

While not too complicated, this event has some intricacies that you should be aware of, especially concerning the ticket draw system.

Let's dive in!

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: A Comprehensive Guide to the Critical Threat Sephiroth The Arrival Event

The Event Basics: Solo Play, Co-Play, and Resources

Critical Threat Sephiroth The Arrival Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Event Structure

Just like the Summer Event, this Sephiroth Event features both solo and co-play options.

The goal is to farm resources to purchase items from a limited-time shop—only this time, it's a draw event called Victory Draw instead of a shop.

Event Duration

The event is active for 13 days and ends on October 19th.

Its rerun starts on January 11th and will be active until January 30th.

Plan your playtime and stamina accordingly.

Stamina and Tickets: What You Should Know

Stamina Management

Don't rush to spend your stamina here.

The stamina-to-item ratio in the ticket draws isn't really worth it.

Instead, focus on the daily missions, which grant about 500 stamina in total and offer both silver and bronze tickets.

The Ticket System

Tickets' prize level ranges from level 1 to 7+, both in bronze and silver.

They can be used for single draws, 10 draws, or all-at-once draws.

Be careful not to waste tickets—especially if you're at the first level, as excess tickets can be wasted on common drops.

Daily Missions and Event Stuff: Don't Miss Out

Daily Missions in Sephiroth The Arrival Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Daily Missions

Make sure to complete the daily missions every day for the whole event duration.

These give you gold, silver and bronze tickets and are a better use of your stamina compared to the co-ops or solo stages in the event.

Event Rewards

Upon consuming 500 stamina in any battle each day, you'll get plenty of tickets to advance in the event.

Keep this in mind for effective stamina management.

For the gold tickets, you'll need to get 200 each day to get the daily reward.

The Victory Draw: Navigating the Prize Pool

Victory Draw in Sephiroth The Arrival Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Limited and Jackpot Items

The draw event features limited items, jackpots, and standard rewards.

Your aim should be to grab all the limited items that matter to you and the jackpots.

Once these are collected, you can advance to the next level.

Prize Details

Not all limited items are worth your stamina.

For example, weapon upgrade mats and weapon level mats are available through other means in the game, so focus on the items that are hard to come by.

The Torn Wing and Lefko Kypseli: More Than Just Sub-Weapons

Max Level and OB10 Torn Wing Weapon Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Basic Stats and How to Acquire

The Torn Wing is Sephiroth's event weapon and Lefko Kypseli is Barret's event weapon up for grabs.

Torn Wing's stats at OB10 cap at 420 for PATK, 427 for MATK and 218 for healing, while Lefko Kypseli's stats at OB10 cap at 415 for PATK, 422 for MATK and 222 for healing

You can acquire up to 11 copies of both weapons by completing single-player stages in the event, as well as from the Victory Draw, which is enough to max both weapons to OB10 (15 stars).

Abilities and Usage

Both weapons primarily focus on defense but comes with a modest 27 point ATK boost.

It features a single target Physical Defense Buff paired with a small healing. While it's not groundbreaking, it's certainly not something to ignore.

Sub-Weapon Potential

While the Torn Wing and Lefko Kypseli won't replace your main weapon, they are both a solid choice for a sub-weapon.

Their well-rounded stats make them versatile, and their defensive focus can help in tougher battles.

Sephiroth Boss Fight: Strategy and Tips

Sephiroth Boss Fight Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Initial Impressions

Clearing the Sephiroth battle on the first try is doable with a strong setup.

However, the boss has a unique mechanic that sets him apart from other bosses in the game: elemental infusions.

Elemental Infusions: A Double-Edged Sword

During the battle, Sephiroth enters into sigil phases where he infuses himself with a particular element. Those elements can be fire/ice/lightning/water.

This makes him resistant to that element but weak against its opposite.

For example, when infused with fire, he becomes more vulnerable to ice attacks.

This phase needs to be broken with triangle and circle sigils.

Timing is Everything

During these phases, resist the urge to break him immediately.

Instead, exploit his elemental weakness to deal as much damage as possible.

Break him only at the last second to maximize your damage output.

Sephiroth's Attacks

Single Target Attacks
  • Aeolian Onslaught
  • Telluric Fury
  • Kaishin
  • Zanshin

These attacks are usually random but tend to target the party member with the highest HP.

Special Moves
  • Boundless Strength: Boosts physical attack.
  • Octoslash: Extremely high single-target physical damage.

If your character's HP isn't close to 4,000, expect them to be nuked by Octoslash.

Other Notable Attacks

  • Shadow Flare: A devastating AoE magic attack if elemental infusion is not broken.
  • Hell's Gate: An AoE attack with a stun.
  • Masamune in Waiting: A charge attack followed by a stronger Octoslash, which can be broken with circle, triangle and X sigils.

Sephiroth's Attack Patterns

Sephiroth's sequence of attacks generally follows this pattern:

  1. Four single-target attacks
  2. Boundless Strength
  3. Octoslash
  4. Elemental Infusion
  5. Four single-target attacks
  6. Elemental Infusion
  7. Boundless Strength
  8. Octoslash
  9. Four single-target attacks
  10. Hell’s Gate (AOE Stun)
  11. Masamune in Waiting
  12. Boundless Strength
  13. Octoslash

After this sequence, Sephiroth will use the following pattern until someone is defeated:

  1. Three single-target attacks
  2. Hell's Gate
  3. Masamune in Waiting
  4. Boundless Strength
  5. Octoslash

Sephiroth's Immunities

Sephiroth's Boss Immunities Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Sephiroth is immune to most status effects, and you can't apply additional debuffs during his elemental phases.

Focus on leveraging his self-applied weaknesses instead.

Survivability: Not Just a DPS Race

While it's a DPS race, survivability is crucial.

The Torn Wing can aid here, providing a small but useful defensive boost.

To sum it up, mastering the Sephiroth battle involves a balance of attack and defense. The Torn Wing can be a helpful weapon in your arsenal when dealing with him.

Understand Sephiroth's elemental phases to maximize damage, but don't overlook the importance of defense and survivability.

Closing Thoughts: The Final Verdict

In summary, the Sephiroth Event in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is a fun but straightforward affair.

Manage your stamina wisely, focus on daily missions, and be strategic with your ticket draws.

If you're new and getting carried in co-ops, the limited items can give you a quick boost, but veterans might find more value farming elsewhere.