The Ultimate Guide to Stamina Management in FF 7 Ever Crisis

The Ultimate Guide to Stamina Management in FF 7 Ever Crisis
Last updated:
September 22, 2023

Welcome to the definitive guide on how to manage stamina in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.

Square Enix recently made a huge announcement regarding the release of up to 160 stamina tonics, and players are wondering how to make the most of it.

Whether you're a free-to-play player or a low-spender, this guide aims to provide valuable insights on where to spend your stamina for maximum benefit.

The Ultimate Guide to Stamina Management in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

The Big Announcement: 160 Stamina Tonics

Crisis Core Stamina Tonic Announcement Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

In celebration of the 16th anniversary of Crisis Core Final Fantasy 7, Square Enix is giving away 10 stamina tonics per day for 16 days.

That’s a total of 160 stamina tonics!

For players, this means a lot more opportunities for farming, especially for weapon upgrade materials.

Free-to-Play vs Paid Accounts

It's worth mentioning that the advice provided here is based on the experience of a completely free-to-play account.

If you're wondering how some players reach high power levels or get large amounts of gems, remember that smart stamina management is a key factor.

Where to Prioritize Your Stamina

1. Co-op Battles: The Goldmine

Co-op Battles Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

The top priority is to engage in co-op missions.

One of the primary goals is to achieve the weekly metal limit of 2000 co-op medals.

Completing co-op missions also helps you farm necessary resources and synthesis materials.

Event Bonus: Double the Benefits

If there is an ongoing event with a co-op feature and a shop like Beach Fun Festival event, make sure you participate.

While you're farming for co-op mdeals, you also get bonus items from the event, making it a win-win situation.

2. Daily and Premium Quests

Daily Quests Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

After co-op, the next priority is to complete the daily mercenary and premium quests.

You get only three premium quests per day, so make sure to clear them.

These quests offer better drop rates for harder-to-find items and should be part of your daily routine.

3. Material Farming: Specific to Your Needs

Once you've taken care of co-op and daily quests, focus on farming materials that you specifically need.

Whether it's for weapon upgrades or unlocking growth streams, always farm with a purpose.

What NOT to Farm: Experience

Avoid farming character experience.

Everything you do in the game, even exploring with a Chocobo, gives you experience.

Experience in Chocobo Expeditions Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Since you will naturally reach higher levels by just playing, spending stamina on experience is a waste.

Speaking of Chocobos, they provide a small but consistent source of character experience. This comes in handy for gradually leveling up your characters without spending any stamina.

Advanced Tips

Resetting Quests for Cactuar Spawns

If you want to maximize your farming, you can reset quests until a Cactuar spawns, giving you extra drops.

This trick can be done in both solo and co-op quests, though it may require a bit of patience.


Managing your stamina effectively in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is crucial for long-term success.

The priority should be on co-op missions, followed by daily and premium quests.

Avoid the trap of farming experience and focus on what each of your characters specifically needs.

Remember, the best way to use your stamina is to spend it where it will have the most significant impact on your game progress.