How to Conquer Ifrit Very Hard in FF7EC: A F2P Guide
Last updated:
February 27, 2024

Struggling to defeat Ifrit on the Very Hard difficulty in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis?

Don't worry, you're not alone.

In this guide, we'll break down how you can defeat Ifrit to finally unlock Hellfire while using a F2P setup, from the best party members to effective strategies.

Let's jump in!

How to Defeat Ifrit Very Hard in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: A F2P Guide

But First, Why You Need Hellfire?

Hellfire Summon Ability Ifrit Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Unlocking Hellfire isn't just for show; the summon ability is insanely powerful.

It has a base potency of 1,625% at level 5, which doesn't even take into account an additional 40% potency with Ifrit's fully maxed summon stream!

To unlock it, you'll need to complete Ifrit in Very Hard Mode while having Ifrit's Hellfire mission selected in the summon growth menu.

Understanding Ifrit's Mechanics

Ifrit Boss Details Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Sigil Types

  • X Sigils: Crucial for breaking Ifrit's defense. Make sure to equip all your characters with this Ruin materia.
  • Diamond Sigils: Lucia, Glenn, and Barrett’s weapons can break Diamond Sigils, making Incinerate phase easier.

Strategy Highlights

  • Focus on X and Diamond Sigils: Bring weapons and materia that can break them.
  • DPS Choices: Cloud, Lucia, and Sephiroth excel in ice damage.
  • Blizzard and Ice attacks: They're a must to keep Ifrit's ignition bar low.
  • Support Heroes: Aim for characters that can lower enemy defense, such as Barrett or Tifa.

Building Your Team

Example Team Composition Ifrit Very Hard Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Ideal Team Setup

Alternative Team Setup

  • DPS: Cloud (with high physical attack stat and Blizzard Blow materia)
  • Healer: Aerith (with Mythril Rod for defense boosts)
  • Support: Barret (to debuff Ifrit with W Machine or Solid Bazooka)

Materia Recommendations

Blizzara Materia Details Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  1. Blizzard/Blizzard Blow: Must-have for DPS and Support.
  2. X-Sigil Materia: Another must-have. Either Ruin Blows or Ruin.
  3. Manaward/Barrier/Defaith: Optional for survivability.
  4. Mana Breach: A debuffing materia option if you lack debuffing weapons.
  5. Stat-boosting Materia: Equip your characters with materia that enhances their primary roles (e.g., physical attack for DPS, HP for Support).

Battle Strategy

Initial Targets

Wave 2 Enemies Ifrit Very Hard Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  1. First Stage: Take out the mobs quickly.
  2. Second Stage: Focus on the bird. Use Blizzard since it's weak against it. Bombs do AoE damage, so keep healing with Aerith. Make sure to keep your HP as full as possible before engaging Ifrit.

Ifrit's Phase-by-Phase Guide

Phase 1: Ignition
Ifrit's First Phase Ignition Charge Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  1. What to Do: Lower the Ignition Force Gauge by spamming Ice abilities like Blizzard.
  2. Survival Tip: Switch to defense mode before Ifrit’s single target charge attack. Use barrier spells on the targeted character.

Phase 2: Incinerate
Ifrit's Second Phase Incinerate Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  1. Key Moves: Break X and Diamond Sigils to reduce Hellfire level to 1 in order to receive the least amount of damage possible.
  2. Survival Tip: Use healing Limit Breaks before Hellfire if you're low on HP and can't break sigils in time, or use them immediately after to recover from the AOE damage.

Phase 3: Crimson Dive
Ifrit's Third Phase Ignition Crimson Dive Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  1. What to Do: Same as phase 1. Lower the Ignition Force Gauge by spamming Ice abilities like Blizzard.
  2. Survival Tip: Switch to defense mode before Ifrit’s AOE attack. Make sure you're at 80% HP at least just in case.

Phase 4: Rising Heat
Ifrit's Fourth Phase Ignition Hellfire Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  1. What to Do: Pure DPS phase. No need to heal, just spam Blizzard. The ignition bar won't get down even if you attack it with ice-based attacks.
  2. Optimization: Keep defense down on Ifrit and spam Limit Breaks if available.

Final Thoughts on Beating Ifrit

Beating Ifrit on Very Hard isn’t a walk in the park, but it's doable with strategic planning.

Keep your focus on lowering Ifrit's Ignition and Hellfire bars while maximizing your ice damage, and you'll unlock Hellfire in no time. This summon ability will be an invaluable asset for tackling future challenges, like Shiva Very Hard or the current Mako Reactor Dungeon Event.

Make sure to adapt your team and strategy based on the weapons and materia you have.

With persistence and the right setup, you'll bring down Ifrit in no time!