The Ultimate Guide to Gear, Stats, and Abilities in FF7 Ever Crisis

The Ultimate Guide to Gear, Stats, and Abilities in FF7 Ever Crisis
Last updated:
September 15, 2023

Are you struggling to understand the game's gear system?

Confused about Main, Secondary, and Sub-Weapon slots?

Ever find yourself struggling to beat content in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis?

You're not alone! With the right gear and character build, you can easily overcome challenges that seem way out of your league.

This guide will walk you through how to maximize your character's potential by using the right equipment, Materia, and sub slots.

So, let's get started!

The Ultimate Guide to Gear, Stats, and Abilities in FF7 Ever Crisis

Understanding C Abilities and R Abilities

C Abilities: Defined by Your Weapon

Cloud's Hardedge C Ability Armor Break Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

The C Ability is the special skill that comes with each weapon.

For example, Cloud's Hardedge grants you the "Armor Break" ability, while the Mythril Saber offers "Blade Burst".

These abilities are fully usable regardless of whether the weapon is in the main or sub slot.

R Abilities: The Hidden Powerhouses

R Ability Level Summary Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

R Abilities are the points that come with your weapons and can drastically influence your stats.

For example, a Boost Physical Attack at level 3 can increase your physical attack by 60 and add an additional 15% boost.

So, you'll want to stack these points by choosing the right main and sub weapons as well as additional gear.

Armor: The Unsung Hero of Your Character Build

Cloud's Murasame Battle Grab Gear Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Different armors can boost your R Abilities.

For example, Cloud's Murasame Battle Grab armor can add additional points to Boost PATK.

This synergizes well with weapons that also boost physical attack, making your character more powerful.

So, don't ignore the armor; it plays a crucial role in building a strong character.

Understanding Main Equipment Slots

Cloud's Murasame Main Weapon Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Here's what it does for you:

  • 100% Stats: The first thing you should know is that the weapon placed in the main slot gets 100% of its stats. This means if you have a powerful weapon, you should always place it in the main slot to maximize its benefits.
  • Combat and R Abilities: You get both the combat ability (C ability) and the R ability.

For example, if you equip a lvl 90 Murasame sword on Cloud, you'll get stats like 239 PATK, 176 MATK, and 149 HEAL.

Plus, you'll get the Thunderstrike C ability and Boost PATK + Boost Lightning Pot R abilities.

Secondary Equipment Slots: More Than Just a Backup

Cloud's Buster Sword Ability Weapon Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

The secondary equipment slot offers:

  • 50% Stats: You'll only get 50% of the weapon stats.
  • Combat and R Abilities: You get both the combat ability (C ability) and the R ability.

So if you're thinking about putting your best weapon here, think again. The stats drop significantly.

Let's say you equip the Buster Sword as a secondary weapon. You'll get 50% of its stats added to your character's existing stats. Plus, you'll also get its Braver ability and Boost HP + Boost ATK R abilities.

Navigating Sub-Equipment Slots: The Secret Sauce to Customization

Once you hit player level 15, you unlock a third sub weapon slot.

Cloud's Sub Weapons Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

This gives you more opportunities to stack R Abilities and boost your stats.

What do they offer?

  • 50% Stats: Same as the secondary slot.
  • No Combat Abilities: You don't get any C abilities here.
  • R Abilities: You get half of the points shown for R abilities.

The cool part?

You can equip any character's weapon type in these slots, providing a unique level of customization.

How to Choose the Right Sub Weapons

Weapon Filter by R Ability Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Filter your weapons by the R Abilities you want to focus on.

For example, if you're building Cloud as a physical attacker, filter to only see weapons that boost PATK (or even ATK if you lack extra PATK weapons).

Add these to your sub slots to increase your overall PATK R points.

Materia Slots and Abilities

You unlock additional materia slots as you level up your weapons.

Here's the kicker: the bonuses from these slots apply to the abilities you put in them, not directly to your character.

Cloud's Murasame Materia Boost Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

For example, if you have a slot that offers "Physical Ability Damage +20%," that bonus applies to a physical ability materia like Thunder Blow, not directly to your character.

You will know the Materia is compatible with the boost if the box glows (as shown in the image below).

The Importance of Sigil Boosting

Cloud's Murasame Materia Sigil Boost Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Some weapons have a third slot that boosts the effectiveness of a particular sigil.

This can be a game-changer during boss fights, making it easier to break the boss's defense.

Pro Tips: What the Game Won't Tell You

  1. AI Doesn't Always Know the Best Setup: Don't blindly follow the game's "Best Equipment" recommendations. It might not optimize for what you need in a particular fight.
  2. Four-Star Upgrades Matter: If you upgrade a four-star weapon, its level will automatically transfer if you later unlock the 5-star version.
  3. Know Your Enemy: Tailor your gear and abilities based on the enemy you're facing. This helps in beating content that's technically above your power level.
Motor Ball Boss Details Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Final Thoughts

Building the right gear set in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is more than just equipping the highest-level items you have.

Understanding how main and sub weapons work, focusing on R Abilities, and properly using Materia can make or break your gameplay experience.

I hope this guide has cleared up any confusion you had. Keep leveling up, and enjoy FF7 Ever Crisis!