How to Conquer Ramuh Very Hard in FF7EC: A F2P Guide
Last updated:
November 22, 2023

Ramuh, known as the Old Man of Thunder, presents one of the most power-intensive summon fights in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.

This guide goes into strategies for overcoming this challenge without relying on highly overboosted weapons.

Let's dive in!

Mastering the Ramuh Very Hard Fight in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Ramuh Boss Details Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Team Composition and Strategy

Ideal Team Setup: The recommended team for tackling Ramuh includes Zack/Cloud/Sephiroth as DPS, Aerith/Matt as Healer, and Tifa/Barret/Red XIII as debuffer. DPS could also bring physical defense debuffs with Cutlass or Hardedge weapons, while the debuffer contributes with magic attack debuffs, essential for mitigating Ramuh's powerful nukes.

Healer's Role: As a healer, Aerith/Matt/Tifa's primary function is to sustain the team’s health throughout the battle. Their water-based attacks also contribute to the team's offensive capabilities.

Importance of Magic Attack Down: Given Ramuh’s deadly magic attacks, including a character that can apply magic attack debuffs is crucial for survival.

Key Abilities and Equipment

Ramuh Very Hard Example Team Composition Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Fairy Tale, Primer Number or Lifeguard Warps for AOE Heal: A vital piece of equipment for group healing.

Magic Attack Down: Tifa's Tiger Fangs, Barret's Solid Bazooka or Red XIII’s Junk Collar are key for reducing Ramuh’s magic attack potency.

Water-Based Attacks: Opting for water abilities like Water Blow or Water enhances the team's damage output against Ramuh. If possible, include a water-focused weapon like Cloud's Maritime Sword.

DEF Down Weapons: Zack's Cutlass, Cloud's Hardedge or Tifa/Barret's Limit Breaks are great options for applying defense down.

Summon and Materia Recommendations

AOE Summons: Hellfire and Diamond Dust are useful during Ramuh’s add phase to quickly deal with multiple enemies.

Triangle Sigils: Important for breaking through Ramuh’s phases effectively.

Sub Equipment and Stats: Optimizing each character’s equipment and stats can significantly impact the fight's outcome. Aim for high HP, MDEF and Lightning Resistance if possible without compromising too much DPS.

Ramuh Battle Phases and Tactics

Understanding the Add Waves

The battle against Ramuh is divided into several waves, each requiring a unique approach and strategy.

Wave 1 - Double Electro Rangda:

  1. Key Challenge: Managing their Thunder Dance skills.
  2. Strategy: Burst down one Rangda quickly or apply magic attack down to absorb the first Thunder Dance hit. The goal is to eliminate one Rangda quickly to minimize incoming damage.

Wave 2 - Moth Slasher and Thunder Bombs:

  1. Tactics: Focus on one Thunder bomb first, as the Moss Slasher is immune to physical and magic defense debuffs.
  2. Approach: Handle the Moth Slasher's High Voltage attack cautiously. It charges slowly, so prioritize the bombs while ensuring the auto-targeting doesn’t shift to the Moth Slasher prematurely.
  3. Final Tips: Manage your HP while dealing with the last Thunder Bomb to be fully prepared for Ramuh's boss fight.

Ramuh Boss Phases

Ramuh Co-Op Boss Fight Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Ramuh’s battle is segmented into different phases, each with its mechanics and challenges.

Phase 1 - Intro to Lightning Bar:

  1. Primary Mechanic: The Lightning Bar indicates Ramuh's increasing power.
  2. Objective: Deliver high DPS to prevent the bar from filling, as its completion can trigger devastating attacks.
  3. Tactics: Use defense debuffs and manage character switching effectively to maximize damage output.

Phase 2 - Stormcharge and Sigils + Judgement Bolt:

  1. Mechanic: Ramuh goes into his sigil phase, which must be broken to avoid heavy damage.
  2. Strategy: Characters with Diamond Sigils are beneficial here for efficient sigil breaking, but Triangle Sigil Ruin materia should be enough.
  3. Action Plan: Focus on breaking all sigils to prevent the Thunderlance attack and keep Ramuh’s lightning bar from filling rapidly.

Phase 3 - Summon Sparks:

  1. Challenge: Handling multiple Sparks that can inflict significant AOE damage.
  2. Solution: Use AOE Limit Breaks (like Diamond Dust or Hellfire) to clear the Sparks without engaging them directly.

Phase 4 - Repetition of Sigil Mechanic + Judgement Bolt + Thunderlance:

  1. Replication of Phase 2: Similar to the earlier phase, focus on breaking sigils quickly.
  2. Keep the Bar Low: Prevent Ramuh from gaining an upper hand by keep doing damage to manage his gauge bar.
  3. Final Push: If you survive the Thunderlance attack, unleash all damage to finish Ramuh before he completes his next phase.

Final Phase - Pronouncement:

  1. Ultimate Challenge: This phase is a DPS race against Ramuh’s final nuke, Judgement Bolt.
  2. Key to Survival: Stop healing and focus all your efforts into finishing him to avoid being eliminated.

Additional Battle Tips

  • Healing and Buffs: Maintain high HP and apply buffs and debuffs strategically. Magic attack down is crucial for mitigating Ramuh's stronger attacks.
  • Manage ATB Bars: Ensure that ATB bars are filled towards the attack stance for a 50% bonus, rather than settling for the 25% bonus.
  • Use of Limit Breaks: Time your limit breaks effectively, especially in Phase 3 to deal with the Sparks and in the final push against Ramuh.

Conclusion and Additional Tips

This guide provides a comprehensive approach to defeating Ramuh in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.

The key to success lies in a balanced team composition, strategic use of abilities and equipment, and efficient phase management.

Remember, each character plays a critical role, and understanding their strengths and how they complement each other is vital for victory.

With the right strategy and team setup, even players with a much lower recommended power can conquer the challenge.