Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is Coming September 7th 2023

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is Coming September 7th 2023!
Last updated:
August 30, 2023

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is a much-anticipated gacha mobile game that has the gaming community excited.

This article offers a detailed look into everything we know so far, from the release date to gameplay mechanics.

Let's dive in!

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis Release Date and What to Expect

Cloud in Combat Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Release Date

When Will It Launch?

Square Enix has announced that Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis is set to be released on September 7, 2023.

Pre-registration is now open on the official website, Google Play, and the App Store.

Beta Testing

What's the Status of the Beta?

The most recent beta test for Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis ended on July 13.

It provided glimpses of the battle system, limit breaks, the story, and more.

For a sneak peek of what to expect, IGN did a great job explaining the details:

Story Details

What Events Will It Cover?

Cloud and Tifa Scene Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis will launch with an extensive range of content, including these events:

  1. Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier: A mobile battle royale game that shut down on January 11, 2023.
  2. Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII: A Japan-exclusive mobile game following the Turks, six years before the original Final Fantasy VII events.
  3. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: A prequel released in 2007 on the PSP, telling the story of Zack Fair.
  4. The Original Final Fantasy VII: The iconic 1997 game following Cloud and his team against the Shinra Corporation.
  5. Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy VII: A third-person shooter released in 2006.
  6. Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children: A movie sequel set two years after the original game.

Gameplay Insights

What Can Players Expect?

Gameplay Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Square Enix has revealed that the combat will be similar to the action combat seen in the remake.

It's still uncertain whether a classic turn-based option will be included, but we hope so!

Further insights include:

  • Monetization System: Ever Crisis will be free-to-play with gacha mechanics, focusing on weapon and special weapons with unique costume sets. You won't be able to pull for characters.
  • Story Structure: The story is split into ten chapters, with background stories and special dungeons.
  • Music: Ever Crisis will retain familiar musical arrangements from the original title.

Will There Be a Switch Port?

Currently, Square Enix has not announced any plans to release the game on platforms other than iOS and Android.

However, we hope to see it on the Nintendo Switch in the future.


Zack Cutscene Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Final Fantasy 7: Ever Crisis promises an exciting journey, spanning various events from the Final Fantasy VII universe and introducing new gameplay elements.

With its release date coming soon, we await to experience this fresh take on the Final Fantasy series.

We'll be releasing guides, tips and reviews to keep you informed about this new FF game!