Exploring the Realm's Trio in Octopath Traveler: CotC

Exploring the Realm's Trio in Octopath Traveler: CotC
Last updated:
January 18, 2024

With this week's update, we've got three new units added to Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent: Aedelgard, Yukes and Sarisa.

In this review, we'll go into the abilities and roles of all of them, and understand their unique contributions to your team.

Let's dive in!

The Realm's Three: Yukes, Sarisa and Aedelgard

Yukes: The Supportive Cleric

Yukes Fortuned Banner Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Role and Abilities

Yukes, a fire cleric, is part of Aedelgard travel partners.

He excels in healing and support but lacks the power punch in offensive capabilities.

Skills Overview

His skills range from a random 1-to-7 hit staff/fire attack to warrior-focused buffs (offering guaranteed crits).

However, these skills often come across as inconsistent and situational, making Yukes less impactful in battle.

Healing Capabilities

Standard for healers, he offers both a heal over time and a single-target buff.

In the current game meta, there are more potent healers like Rinyuu or Ophilia, overshadowing Yukes' utility.

Sarisa: The Versatile Battle Maid

Sarisa Fortuned Banner Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Dual Roles

Sarisa serves as both a capable debuffer and a reliable attacker, while also being a great backpack.

She's top tier at lowering enemy resistances, especially with her Flameblade Scheme ability.

Unique Skills

She reduces fire, sword, and dagger resistances by 15%, a rare debuff in the game.

Her four-hit attacks and anti-attack abilities make her an excellent choice for breaking enemy shields.

Strategic Placement

Equip Sarisa with a speed-focused dagger to ensure she acts first in battles to be able to quickly swap to back row.

She excels in sword and dagger teams due to her unique resistance-lowering abilities.

Sustained Relevance

Even in the current JP game version, Sarisa maintains a high utility due to her scarce skills.

Aedelgard: The Warrior Princess

Aedelgard Fortuned Banner Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

Combat Style

Aedelgard is a tanky warrior, known for her high damage output.

She lacks defense buffs for a tank but compensates with a passive HP restoration on taking damage.

Taunt and Attack Mechanics

Her abilities focus on taunting enemies and delivering powerful nukes.

Aedelgard can unleash a massive nuke at 300 (or 240) SP, hitting hard when the enemy is taunted.

This makes her particularly effective in short, high-intensity battles.

Ultimate Ability

Her ultimate restores SP, allowing for repeated high-damage attacks during enemy breaks.

This ultimate has higher priority than A1 because she'll probably hit the damage cap anyway as her nuke is not a multi-hit.

Utility Over Time

While initially strong, Aedelgard faces competition from newer warriors with more versatile skill sets like Sazantos and Elrica.

Conclusion: Making Your Choice

The Realm's Three Step Up Banner Octopath Traveler Champions of the Continent

  • For a Single Pick: Sarisa is a recommended choice for her unique debuffing skills and versatility.
  • For the Collectors: A step-up pay option lets you acquire all three characters.
  • Looking Ahead: Keep an eye on the upcoming Primrose EX, who is one of the best general pool units in the game.

And that's a wrap!

Understanding the strengths and limitations of Yukes, Sarisa, and Aedelgard helps in crafting strategies tailored to their abilities, ensuring that your team composition in Octopath Traveler: CotC is not only powerful but also adaptable to various game scenarios.