Mastering Special Interception in NIKKE: A Complete Guide

Mastering Special Interception in NIKKE: A Complete Guide
Last updated:
March 1, 2024

Special Interception mode marks a significant milestone where legendary Tier 9 and eventually, Overload gear become accessible.

Unlike the grind of earlier interception modes, Special Interception offers a pathway to these elite gears without the need for in-game purchases.

This guide provides a comprehensive overview of strategies to conquer all five special interception bosses, ensuring you can optimize your efforts to secure the best rewards.

Let's dive in!

The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Special Interception

How to Unlock Special Interception

in game chapter 16 special interception in nikke

Special Interception unlocks after completing Chapter 16.

This mode is pivotal for acquiring Tier 9 equipment, essential for progressing in NIKKE.

The rewards from these bosses are highly sought after, equivalent to items featured in the game's $100 package, highlighting their value.

Strategy Overview

in game gearing details in nikke

Level Lock and Gear: The mode sets all unit levels to 200, leveling the playing field. Initially, you won't have tier 9 gear, making early victories challenging.

Reward Tiers: Strive for reward stages five or seven for a chance at tier 9 and tier 9 manufacturer (T9M) gear, respectively. T9M gear is crucial for obtaining overload gear.

Attempts and Resets: If a run isn't going well, restarting can count as a new attempt. Use this to your advantage to optimize your strategy and damage output.

Gear Prioritization: Focus on upgrading tier 9 gear to level five but avoid over-investing in lower-tier gear. For DPS units, headpieces and gloves are key due to their high attack stats.

Boss Strategies

Grave Digger Z.E.U.S.

in game grave digger boss combat in nikke

Shotgun users excel in completing cancel rings due to their pellet spread, making them ideal for this boss.

Focus on completing cancel rings but know when to give up a round to ensure survival and continued damage output.

A mix of shotgun users for cancel rings and high DPS units for damage output can create an effective team against Grave Digger.

Blacksmith H.S.T.A.

in game blacksmith boss combat in nikke

Use AOE attacks or units like A2 to clear missile barrages and prioritize survival against turret fire through healing or taunting units like Noise.

Noise can significantly reduce the difficulty of this boss by redirecting attacks and healing through her taunts and healing ability, making her a key unit for this battle.

Alteisen A.N.M.I.

in game alteisen boss combat in nikke

Use taunt units or healers to survive the initial turret damage.

Strategies involving Rapunzel or Ludmilla and Sakura can mitigate or negate damage. Bringing Noise can consistently redirect missile damage.

Focus on destroying rockets and completing cancel rings during the second phase to secure victory.

Chatterbox H.S.T.A.

in game chatterbox boss combat in nikke

Position units to avoid being hit by the slam attack and use AOE or piercing units to deal with missiles effectively.

Hitting the core without destroying it allows for additional damage without triggering the more challenging super slam phase.

Modernia D.M.T.R.

in game modernia boss combat in nikke

Focus immediately on destroying her core to prevent her devastating laser beam attack.

Bring units with high burst damage for efficient core destruction.

After the first laser attack, units will likely lose their cover. Prioritize units that can sustain or avoid damage without relying on cover.

Destroying one wing limits her bomb attack without triggering her teleportation phase.

Carefully balance damage to maintain control over the fight.

Additional Tips

in game combat gameplay in nikke

Team Composition Flexibility

Adjust your team based on the specific boss you're facing.

Some bosses may require heavy DPS focus, while others might need units that specialize in AOE or have specific utility skills.

Sometimes, a well-synergized team of lower-tier units can outperform a disjointed team of higher-tier units.

Look for unit synergies that enhance your overall strategy.

Gear Optimization

Even before obtaining Overload gear, make sure your units are equipped with Tier 9 gear, as it significantly boosts their stats.

Focus on leveling up gear that provides the most significant benefit to your DPS units first, such as headpieces and gloves for attack stats.

Skillful Play

Knowing when to take cover and when to attack is crucial.

Cover not only protects against certain attacks but also helps manage aggro.

Timing your burst skills can make or break a battle. Use them not just for damage, but also for their utility, like clearing missiles or healing.

Resource Management

Conserve and Allocate Resources Wisely: Spend your resources, like skill modules and gear materials, on units and gear that will provide the most significant benefit based on the bosses you struggle with the most.

Use Practice Mode: Use practice runs to experiment with different strategies without wasting attempts. This can help fine-tune your approach before committing to a real attempt.

Final Thoughts on Special Interception

Special Interception in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE is a challenging yet rewarding mode, offering a pathway to acquiring high-tier gear.

By understanding each boss's mechanics and employing strategic team compositions, you can gradually overcome these challenges, securing Tier 9 and Overload gear to significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Patience and strategy are key, as is adapting your approach based on your available units and their strengths.