Ultimate Guide to 2B in NIKKE x NieR Collaboration
Last updated:
April 10, 2024

NIKKE's collaboration with NieR introduced 2B as a unique and potent character to add to your arsenal.

This comprehensive guide will navigate you through maximizing 2B's build, ensuring she becomes a cornerstone of your team.

Ultimate Guide to 2B in NIKKE x NieR Collaboration

Key Attributes and Skills

in game 2b skill info in NIKKE

Skill 1: Survival

2B's passive skill, "Survival," is the cornerstone of her durability in battle.

Unlike typical passive abilities, Survival directly impacts 2B's effectiveness by scaling with the number of times her burst skill is activated, thus providing a continuous increase in her maximum HP.

The skill undergoes three significant enhancements based on the activation frequency during combat:

  • First Activation: Increases 2B's max HP by 10.03% continuously.
  • Second Activation: Further boosts max HP by an additional 20.06% continuously.
  • Third Activation: Culminates in a substantial 57.76% continuous max HP increase.

This scaling mechanic emphasizes the importance of using 2B's burst skill strategically, as each activation progressively strengthens her, making her an unstoppable force as the battle drags on.

Skill 2: Cluster Bomb

"Cluster Bomb," 2B's second skill, is a passive ability with a dual function that enhances her offensive power.

This skill activates under two conditions, providing both area damage and a self-buff:

  • After Firing 300 Shots: Deals damage to all enemies equivalent to 167.45% of 2B's final ATK, showcasing her area-of-effect (AOE) potential.
  • Upon Entering Battle: Increases 2B's ATK by 6.16% of her final max HP continuously, linking her survivability directly to her damage output.

This passive skill is crucial, as it not only allows 2B to deal significant damage to multiple enemies but also ensures that her growing health pool contributes to her overall damage, creating a feedback loop that enhances both her durability and her offensive power.

Burst: Series of Attacks

With a cooldown of 40 seconds, this skill unleashes devastation upon all enemies, distributing a staggering 2439.36% of 2B's final ATK as damage.

Additionally, it targets the enemy with the highest max HP, inflicting an extra 792% of 2B's final ATK as damage.

This active ability is the apex of 2B's damage-dealing potential, designed to decimate foes, especially in battles where targeting high-priority targets is key.

Skill Leveling Priorities

Skill 1: Survival

The passive skill "Survival" is foundational to 2B's durability in combat, offering a continuous increase in max HP based on burst skill activations.

While inherently powerful, the incremental benefits from leveling this skill are overshadowed by the direct damage enhancements provided by her other abilities.

Therefore, players might opt to keep this skill at a lower level initially, focusing resources on skills that contribute more directly to her damage output.

Skill 2: Cluster Bomb

"Cluster Bomb" is crucial for translating 2B's survivability into offensive power, making it a top priority for leveling.

The skill's unique dual-functionality—providing both an AOE damage component and a self-buff that scales ATK with max HP—ensures that investments in this skill give significant returns in combat effectiveness.

By increasing the level of "Cluster Bomb," players can enhance 2B's damage per shot and her overall ATK stat, leveraging her increased HP pool for greater battlefield control.

Burst: Series of Attacks

As 2B's primary source of burst damage, "Series of Attacks" deserves attention but falls slightly behind "Cluster Bomb" in priority.

The skill’s ability to deal massive distributed damage, combined with additional damage to the enemy with the highest max HP, makes it a strong tool against a wide array of foes.

Leveling this skill enhances its raw damage output, which is crucial for quick eliminations in combat.

However, given its cooldown and the situational utility compared to the continuous benefits of "Cluster Bomb," it may be balanced between medium and high priority depending on the player's resource availability and current team composition.

Gearing Strategy

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Optimal Harmony Cube: The Bastion Cube

The Bastion Cube stands out as the optimal choice for 2B, aligning perfectly with her combat style and skill synergies.

This cube enhances 2B's survivability and damage output by providing the following benefits:

  • Ammo Refund Mechanism: Given 2B's significant magazine size, the ammo refund provided by the Bastion Cube allows her to sustain her offensive for longer periods, reducing the frequency of reloads and thereby enhancing her damage uptime.
  • Enhanced Survivability: By effectively reducing the need for reloads, the Bastion Cube indirectly contributes to 2B's survivability in combat. This allows her to maintain a consistent offensive pressure, leveraging her HP-based damage scaling to its fullest potential.

Optimal Gear Strategy for 2B

HP and Attack Synergy

Given that 2B's damage potential is closely tied to her maximum HP (thanks to her second skill, "Cluster Bomb"), gear that enhances her HP directly contributes to her overall damage output.

However, it's not just about stacking HP.

The synergy between HP and attack is crucial, making gear that provides a balance between these two stats highly valuable.

  • Body Piece: Prioritize body gear that offers significant HP boosts. This will not only enhance her survivability but also increase her attack power through the "Cluster Bomb" skill's HP to attack conversion mechanic.
  • Gloves, Helmet, and Boots: For these pieces, focus on options that offer critical rate and critical damage enhancements. These stats will increase 2B's ability to deal significant burst damage, especially considering her burst skill, "Series of Attacks," which can benefit immensely from critical hits.

Critical Rate and Critical Damage

Critical rate and critical damage are essential for maximizing 2B's output in battles.

Given her ability to output consistent damage, especially through her passive and burst skills, enhancing her critical hit ensures that when she does hit, she hits hard.

This is particularly useful in drawn-out fights where her accumulated HP bonuses can result in devastating critical strikes.

Avoid Overemphasis on Attack Buffs

While it might seem intuitive to stack attack buffs on a unit designed to deal damage, for 2B, this is not the most efficient path due to her unique mechanics.

Since her damage scales with her HP, and her "Cluster Bomb" skill converts HP into attack, additional attack buffs offer diminishing returns compared to boosts in her HP or critical stats.

Forming the Ideal Team Around 2B

in game 2b squad info in NIKKE

Core Principles for Team Building Around 2B

Maximizing HP and Critical Stats Synergies

Given 2B's skill set, units that can enhance her HP and critical stats are crucial.

Her damage output benefits significantly from increased HP, while her potential for critical hits can be game-changing in long battles.

Therefore, allies that provide buffs or have abilities focusing on these aspects can increase 2B's effectiveness.

Incorporating Cooldown Reduction and Support Units

2B's power in battle is notably enhanced by her ability to use her burst skill frequently.

Units that can reduce skill cooldowns enable 2B to activate her powerful "Series of Attacks" more often, increasing her overall DPS and utility in fights.

Support units that offer defensive buffs or healing can also ensure 2B stays in the fight longer, capitalizing on her scaling power.

Ideal Teammates

HP Buffers and Critical Stat Enhancers

  • Mast: A unit like Mast is perfect alongside 2B, providing buffs that directly benefit her combat style. Mast's abilities to increase HP and critical stats make her an essential ally for 2B, allowing her to deal more damage and survive longer in battle.
  • Noise: Another excellent addition, Noise offers HP buffs which further empower 2B's attack scaling, making her an even more formidable force on the battlefield.

Support Units for Sustain and Cooldown Reduction

  • Novel: Known for her supportive kit, Novel can offer debuffs that weaken enemies, making them more susceptible to 2B's attacks. This can be particularly effective in drawn-out engagements where chipping away at the enemy's defenses is crucial.
  • Quency: As a unit that provides HP buffs and is accessible to players, Quency serves as a great team member for enhancing 2B's survivability and damage output.

Crafting the Perfect Team Composition

A well-rounded team that supports 2B should focus on sustaining her in combat while maximizing her damage potential through strategic skill use.

A potential lineup could include:

  • 2B as the Main DPS: Using her unique HP scaling and burst potential.
  • Mast for HP and Critical Buffs: Ensuring 2B's hits are both frequent and devastating.
  • Noise as an HP Buffer: Increasing 2B's damage output through increased HP.
  • A Cooldown Reduction Unit: To enable 2B to use her burst skill more frequently, potentially a unit like Novel for additional support through debuffs or another character known for reducing skill cooldowns.
  • An Additional Support or DPS Unit: Depending on the battle requirements, this could be Quincy for more HP buffs or another DPS to capitalize on the openings created by 2B and her team.

Maximizing 2B's Potential

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Combat Tactics and Execution

Adjust your approach to each battle based on the enemies you’re facing.

Use 2B’s skills strategically to target vulnerable enemies or to capitalize on moments when an enemy’s defenses are down.

Understanding the ebb and flow of combat allows you to make real-time decisions that maximize 2B’s impact.

Using Environmental Advantages

Pay attention to the battlefield layout and any environmental factors that could influence the fight.

Positioning 2B to take advantage of cover, or to ensure she has a clear line of sight on priority targets, can enhance her effectiveness.

Final Thoughts on 2B

2B emerges as a versatile and impactful unit within NIKKE, particularly adept at navigating long boss fights.

While she may not fit every scenario, with the right team and strategy, 2B can rival the game's top damage dealers.

This NieR collaboration character not only brings a fresh dynamic to gameplay but also highlights the importance of strategic team composition and skill prioritization.