Optimizing Trailblaze Power (Stamina) in Honkai Star Rail

Optimizing Trailblaze Power (Stamina) in Honkai Star Rail
Last updated:
March 27, 2024

Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail is your key to unlocking better stats and gear to accelerate your progression.

Similar to the resin system in Genshin Impact, it's essential to obtain rewards like EXP, credits, trace materials, relics, and much more.

Here's how to optimize your Trailblaze Power usage from the early to late game.

How to Properly Use Trailblaze Power in Honkai Star Rail

The Basics of Trailblaze Power

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Trailblaze Power replenishes by one every six minutes, capping at 240 TP per day.

This system mirrors the stamina mechanics found in other games like resin in Genshin Impact, serving as a gatekeeper to valuable resources essential for character and equipment improvement.

Reserved Trailblaze Power

Reserved Trailblaze Power is accumulated alongside your main Trailblaze Power, offering a backup source of energy that can be tapped into when needed.

It converts into Trailblaze Power at a 1-to-1 ratio, ensuring that your exploration and farming in the vast universe of Honkai Star Rail never hit an unwanted pause.

Key Features:
  • Regeneration Rate: Reserved Trailblaze Power regenerates at a rate of 1 point every 18 minutes, up to a maximum capacity of 2400 points, providing a substantial energy reserve for prolonged gameplay sessions.
  • Conversion Limit: You can convert and withdraw up to 240 points of Reserved Trailblaze Power into Trailblaze Power at a time, perfectly aligning with the daily cap of Trailblaze Power.

Early Game Strategy (TR1-29)

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Prioritize Character Development

Early on, your focus should be on developing a strong team capable of handling the challenges ahead.

This involves a strategic balance between leveling your characters and enhancing their Light Cones.

Focus on Character EXP

Prioritize using Trailblaze Power for character EXP. Early character progression is crucial for overcoming challenges and unlocking new content.

Despite the game providing a generous amount of EXP early on, it's wise to manage these resources carefully.

Focus on leveling characters that offer the most utility or damage output for your team.

Light Cone Enhancement

While Light Cones are essential for boosting your characters' abilities, character EXP takes precedence due to the direct impact on combat effectiveness.

Enhance Light Cones wisely, focusing on those that complement your main characters' roles and strengths.

Efficient Resource Allocation

Character vs. Light Cone EXP

Adopt a 2:1 ratio in favor of character EXP over Light Cone EXP.

This ensures your characters remain strong enough to tackle the game's challenges while gradually enhancing their equipment.


Initially, the game provides sufficient credits, minimizing the need to farm them directly.

Focus your energy on more impactful areas.

Transition to Mid-Game (TR30+)

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Expanding Your Focus

With the opening of new domains and gameplay modes, your Trailblaze Power now has several critical uses beyond character and Light Cone EXP.

Character Ascension

Ascend your main DPS and a key support or healer to unlock their full potential.

This often requires farming specific materials from the Stagnant Shadow domain.

Trace Material Farming

With access to Crimson Calyxes, prioritize farming primary materials for trace enhancements.

These upgrades significantly boost your characters' performance.

Simulated Universe and Planner Ornaments

The introduction of the Simulated Universe provides an opportunity to farm planner ornaments, which are essential for filling the two unique relic slots and further enhancing your team's capabilities.

Prioritize Planner Ornaments

Focus on obtaining relics that complement your main team's strengths or address their weaknesses.

Use Immersifiers Wisely

Convert Trailblaze Power into immersifiers for targeted farming in the Simulated Universe, especially when seeking high-quality planner ornaments.

Managing New Calyxes

With the addition of Golden and Crimson Calyxes, strategic decisions on where to allocate Trailblaze Power become more complex but critical for balanced growth.

Golden Calyxes

Continue to use these sparingly for character and Light Cone EXP as needed, maintaining the focus on leveling and ascending your core team.

Crimson Calyxes

These become increasingly important for obtaining trace materials.

Balance your power usage between these and character ascensions to ensure steady progression.

Advanced Game (TR40+)

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The Importance of 5-Star Relics

At TR40, the game begins to drop 5-star relics guaranteed, marking a significant shift in your progression strategy.

These relics are key to maximizing your team's potential and tackling the increasingly difficult content.

Relic Farming Strategy

Focus on farming domains that offer relics beneficial to your core team.

Consider the set bonuses and main stats that will best enhance your characters' roles.

With the daily cap on Trailblaze Power, plan your farming sessions to maximize the acquisition of high-quality relics.

Use Reserved Trailblaze Power wisely to extend your farming capabilities.

Expanding Your Team's Capabilities

The advanced game requires a broader roster of well-developed characters to handle diverse challenges, including the higher difficulty levels in the Simulated Universe and specialized content requiring specific type advantages.

Begin ascending more characters to ensure you have a versatile roster capable of handling all game content.

Focus on those offering unique utility or type coverage that complements your main team.

Continue to farm the Simulated Universe for high-quality planner ornaments.

These unique relics can significantly boost your characters' performance when adjusted to their specific needs.

Advanced Trace Enhancement

As you delve deeper into the game, the importance of trace enhancements becomes even more pronounced.

Upgrading your characters' traces can provide substantial boosts to their effectiveness in battle.

Focus on upgrading traces that offer the most significant performance boosts, such as damage output for DPS characters or healing effectiveness for supports.

With the increasing need for 5-star relics and trace materials, balance your Trailblaze Power usage to ensure you're effectively enhancing both your relics and character traces.

When to Save vs. Spend Trailblaze Power

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Current Needs vs. Future Goals

Assess your immediate needs (character leveling, ascension, etc.) against long-term objectives (farming specific relics, preparing for higher difficulty content).

Prioritize spending on current bottlenecks that are hindering your progression but remain cognizant of upcoming requirements that may demand a significant investment of Trailblaze Power.

The Impact of Game Phases on Trailblaze Power Usage

  • Early Game (TR1-29): Focus on building a strong foundation for your team by leveling characters and enhancing light cones.
  • Mid-Game (TR30-39): Start incorporating trace material farming and planner ornaments into your Trailblaze Power allocation, preparing for advanced gameplay.
  • Advanced Game (TR40+): Relic farming becomes a primary focus, with the aim of acquiring and enhancing 5-star relics to maximize your team's potential.

When to Save Trailblaze Power

If you're close to reaching a new equilibrium level that guarantees better rewards (e.g., TR40 for 5-star relics), it may be wise to save your power to maximize efficiency.

Save in anticipation of events or content releases that require a significant investment of Trailblaze Power for unique rewards or materials essential for your progression.

When to Spend Trailblaze Power

If you're hitting a progression wall due to underleveled characters or insufficient gear, investing your power to overcome these hurdles is crucial.

Spend when farming opportunities align with your team's immediate enhancement needs, such as specific relic domains offering sets that significantly boost your core team's performance.

If your Reserved Trailblaze Power is nearing its cap, spending ensures you're continuously regenerating and utilizing this backup resource effectively.

Balancing Efficiency with Enjoyment

Ultimately, the decision to save or spend Trailblaze Power should balance efficiency with your enjoyment of the game.

While saving for future efficiency is strategically sound, spending to enhance your current gameplay experience and overcome challenges can be equally rewarding.

Final Thoughts on TP Saving

Your journey in Honkai Star Rail will be significantly influenced by how you manage your Trailblaze Power.

Whether you're just starting or have reached the mid-game, strategic allocation of this resource is crucial. By focusing on character development, trace upgrading, and judiciously farming for relics, you'll set yourself on a path to success.

Remember, while efficiency is important, the ultimate goal is to enjoy the journey.