Understanding the Genshin Impact Pity System

Understanding the Genshin Impact Pity System
Last updated:
March 18, 2024

Genshin Impact's gacha system introduced the concept of pity, a mechanism designed to guarantee 5-star characters/weapons after 90 wishes.

Understanding the pity system is crucial to maximize your chances of getting 4-star and 5-star characters/weapons without spending too many primogems.

This article dives into the pity system across different banners and how does the soft pity work.

How the Pity System Works in Genshin Impact

What is Pity in Genshin Impact?

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At its core, the pity system operates on a simple principle: it guarantees you will receive a minimum of a 4-star or 5-star character/weapon within a predetermined number of wishes.

This pity is divided into two main thresholds:

  • 4-Star Pity: Activates every 10 wishes, ensuring you receive at least one 4-star weapon or character if you haven't received one in the last 9 wishes.
  • 5-Star Pity: Activates every 90 wishes on most banners, guaranteeing a 5-star weapon or character if one has not been obtained in the previous 89 wishes.

Banner-Specific Pity Counts

A crucial aspect of Genshin Impact's pity system is that it operates independently across different banners.

This means that wishes on the Standard Banner, Limited-Time Character Banner, Limited-Time Weapon Banner, and Chronicled Wish Banner each contribute to separate pity counts.

You must strategically manage your wishes on each banner to maximize the benefits of the pity system.

Why Pity Matters

The pity system is more than just a consolation if you're experiencing a streak of bad luck pulls; it's a tool that helps you prioritize and better manage your resources.

Knowing your current pity count can influence when and where to invest your wishes. The carryover of pity counts on limited-time banners allows to plan for future banners.

If you're close to hitting pity but prefer a character or weapon rumored to appear in an upcoming banner, you should save your wishes rather than continuing to pull on the current banner.

Tracking Your Pity

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In-Game History

The most straightforward method to track your pity is by using the in-game "Wish History" feature available on each banner page.

This tool lists all your past wishes, allowing you to manually count how many wishes you've made since your last 4-star or 5-star pull.

Remember, the history is updated with a delay, so recent wishes might not immediately appear.

Spreadsheets and Trackers

For those who prefer a more automated approach, numerous community-developed spreadsheets and online trackers can simplify pity tracking.

These tools often require you to input your wish history, and in return, they calculate your current pity count for each banner.

Some trackers can even predict your chances of hitting soft pity.

Third-Party Apps

A few third-party apps claim to track your pity count by analyzing your game data.

While these can offer convenience, it's crucial to approach them with caution due to potential security and privacy concerns.

Always ensure any app or service you use is reputable and respects your data privacy.

How to Approach Pity Tracking

Understanding your current pity count has significant implications:

  • Resource Allocation: Knowing how close you are to hitting pity on each banner allows you to allocate your Primogems and wishes more efficiently, focusing on banners where you're more likely to obtain high-tier rewards.
  • Banner Selection: If you're nearing a 5-star pity on a limited-time banner but are more interested in an upcoming character or weapon, it might be worth pausing your wishes to save the guaranteed pity for the next banner.

Banner-Specific Pity Systems

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Limited-Time Character Banner

Pity Carryover

A feature of the limited-time character banner is that pity counts carry over from one banner to the next.

If you've made 75 wishes on a banner without obtaining a 5-star and the banner rotates, your pity count continues on the new banner.

Rate-Up Mechanic

These banners often feature rate-up characters, significantly increasing the chances of obtaining specific 4-star and 5-star characters showcased on the banner.

When you hit the 5-star pity, there's a 50% chance it will be the featured character.

If your last 5-star obtained from this banner wasn't the promotional character, your next 5-star pull is guaranteed to be the featured one.

Limited-Time Weapon Banner

Soft Pity Threshold

The weapon banner operates with a slightly lower pity threshold for 5-star weapons, set at 80 wishes, compared to the 90 wishes on character banners.

Dual Rate-Ups with Shared Pity

The weapon banner frequently features two 5-star weapons with an enhanced chance of dropping.

However, even though the rate-up increases your chances, there's no guarantee which of the two featured weapons you'll receive upon hitting pity.

If the 5-star weapon you obtain isn't one of the promotional items, the next 5-star weapon you pull is guaranteed to be one of the featured weapons.

Standard Banner

No Rate-Ups

The standard banner, also known as the permanent banner, distinguishes itself by not favoring any particular weapon or character.

Every 4-star or 5-star has an equal chance of being pulled.

Understanding Soft Pity

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Soft pity is an unofficial term used by the Genshin Impact community.

While the standard pity mechanic guarantees a 5-star weapon or character after a certain number of wishes (typically 90 on character and standard banners, and 80 on the weapon banner), soft pity refers to a significantly increased chance of pulling a 5-star item before reaching the hard pity threshold.

Here's an in-depth look at how soft pity works and its implications:

The Mechanics of Soft Pity

Soft pity is widely believed to start taking effect after you've made a certain number of wishes, commonly around the 75th wish for character and standard banners, and slightly earlier for weapon banners.

From this point, the probability of obtaining a 5-star item increases with each additional wish made until the hard pity threshold is reached.

The exact increase in the 5-star drop rate due to soft pity is not officially published by miHoYo.

However, player-collected data suggests a substantial increase, making it much more likely to pull a 5-star character or weapon within this range.

Implications of Soft Pity

Understanding soft pity can significantly impact your wish strategy:

  • Resource Efficiency: If you're close to the soft pity threshold, you may choose to focus your wishes on that specific banner to capitalize on the increased odds of obtaining a 5-star weapon/character without reaching the hard pity count.
  • Single vs. Ten Pulls: Knowing the existence of soft pity influences the choice between single pulls and ten pulls as you approach the soft pity range. Some prefer single pulls to potentially save wishes by obtaining a 5-star before hitting the hard pity, while others stick with ten pulls for convenience or personal preference.

How to Track Soft Pity

Keep a close count of your wishes using the game's History feature to know when you're entering the soft pity range.

If you're nearing soft pity on a limited-time banner with desirable characters or weapons, it may be worth concentrating your wishes there.

Considering the soft pity mechanism can help in budgeting Primogems, especially if you're saving for upcoming banners with characters or weapons of interest.

Heads-up and Considerations

While soft pity is a widely recognized concept within the Genshin Impact community, it's important to remember a few key points:

  • Unofficial Mechanism: Soft pity is based on player observations and data collection, not an officially confirmed feature by miHoYo.
  • Variable Luck: Despite increased odds, soft pity does not guarantee a 5-star item until the hard pity threshold is officially reached. Luck still plays a significant role in the outcome of wishes.

Final Thoughts on the Pity System

The pity system in Genshin Impact ensures that all players, regardless of luck, have a shot at obtaining high-tier characters or top-tier weapons.

By understanding how pity works across different banners and how the soft pity works, you can decide how to allocate your wishes.

Remember to track your wish history and plan your wishes around pity counts to optimize your chances of acquiring desired characters and weapons.