Sephiroth is Coming: A Recap of the FF7EC Livestream
Last updated:
September 28, 2023

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Sephiroth is Coming: A Recap of the Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Livestream

Livestream Announcement Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

The Coming of Young Sephiroth

The highlight announcement?

Young Sephiroth is set to join the game on September 28th!

This iconic villain, renowned for his silver hair and long sword, is one of the main figures in the Final Fantasy universe.

The introduction of Young Sephiroth has been one of the most awaited moments for Final Fantasy 7 fans.

Young Sephiroth in Battle Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

The developers took time to express their passion for the game and their excitement to introduce new characters and content.

All Players will be getting gifts, like 1 Sephiroth weapon, First Soldier 5-Star gacha tickets, 1000 Blue Crystals and 20 stamina tonics.

Game Enhancements and Additions

New First Soldier Story

Chapter five of First Soldier is set to launch, continuing the intriguing narrative surrounding Young Sephiroth.

He will instantly become playable, and you will only need to draw for his weapons or armor.

Drawing for better weapons and costumes will enhance his strength and appearance.

Additionally, the game will introduce the Sephiroth's character stream. There will also be high-level quests for his character memories.

Costumes & Weapons

Young Sephiroth will feature distinct costumes and weapons.

According to dataminers, he could have several lined up already, matching other characters' number of weapons.

The first one is expected to be a 5-star weapon, while the second might be tied to a special in-game event or banner.

High Score Dungeon Challenge

Buffs Crisis Dungeons Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

The game will feature a ranking challenge, placing players into brackets based on their performance in dungeons.

The top players can expect some amazing rewards like exclusive titles and other in-game rewards.

These dungeons are expected to be filled with enemies weak to fire and ice, so plan accordingly.

Pro Tips

Farm Blizzard Blows and Fire Blows: Given that the event's enemies are weak to these elements, having these materia in your arsenal will give you an edge.

Bind to Your Summons: To unlock powerful AOE spells for your summons, you must bind to them. For example, while Ifrit's "Hellfire" is an AOE limit break, the basic LB "Radiant Plume" targets a single enemy. Binding and leveling up your summons can make a considerable difference in battles.

Sephiroth Boss Fight

Sephiroth Boss Fight Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Brace yourself for a challenging showdown with Sephiroth, set to test your skills, builds and strategies.

It's set to release on October 6th.

Given Sephiroth's reputation in the series, this boss fight is bound to offer a challenging and memorable experience.

New Ifrit Co-Op

The Ifrit co-op, running till October 5th, promises to be a game-changer.

For those struggling to farm Ifrit, this event will significantly boost your efforts.

The co-op mode will provide an easier way to obtain four-star and five-star weapons summon weapons.

Also, it's an excellent opportunity to max out your Ifrit board.

Halloween Event

It's the season for spooky delights.

Expect Halloween-themed content, possibly including unique character costumes and Halloween events.

Stamina System Overhaul

Stamina System Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Noting players' feedback, the developers announced significant adjustments to the stamina system.

The energy recharge rate will be slashed from six minutes to just two minutes.

Additionally, logging in at specific times will reward players with three stamina tonics (previously just one), up to 12 tonics a day.

A Leap to PC Gaming

Steam Announcement Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

In a move that delighted many, Square announced a Steam client for Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis.

This is a promising step, hinting at the potential for future Square Enix gacha titles to come to the PC platform (like FF Mobius back in the day).

It's expected to launch within the next 3 months.

Wrapping Up

While the livestream was packed with updates and teasers, it's essential to remember that Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is still evolving.

There's so much more to look forward to.

Whether it's new challenges, bosses, or events, the game promises a fulfilling experience for all players.

Until next time, keep on gaming and enjoy the world of Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis!