Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Character and Weapon Tier List

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Character and Weapon Tier List
Last updated:
April 11, 2024

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is launching soon, so it's time to rank the characters based on the first few launch months.

The tier list focuses on PvE viability since Ever Crisis is primarily PVE.

Character gear and abilities are key, and those are obtained from the gacha system, which give characters different attacks based on equipped weapons.

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis Character and Weapon Tier List

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis features 10 playable characters, each with 7-10 weapons to choose from.

This tier list covers the best weapons and roles for each character based on beta stats and mechanics.

Why a Tier List Matters

A tier list is a great tool for understanding the potential of each character in the game.

It helps you make informed decisions on which characters to focus on, particularly when it comes to in-game gacha elements that unlock weapons and abilities.

Remember, it's not just about the characters; their weapons and outfits play a significant role in their performance.

And yes, expect future balance patches to shake things up.

Criteria for Ranking

Characters are ranked based on:

  • Overall Damage Output
  • Utility in Battle
  • Healing and Support Abilities
  • Weapons Potential and Gacha Elements

Overview of Weapons

  • Characters equip 1 primary, 1 secondary, and up to 3 sub weapons
  • Primary and Secondary weapons provide a Character Ability
  • Sub weapons provide stats only

Battle Mechanics

  • Stages are timed and some are DPS checks
  • Focus on building at least 2 DPS characters
  • Need just enough survival/healing to get by

Let's get to the actual tier list:

Tier List Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

S Tier: Cloud, Sephiroth, Aerith

A Tier: Cait Sith, Yuffie, Tifa, Barret, Zack, Matt

B Tier: Red XIII, Glenn, Lucia

Let's get into more details about each character and their tier rank:

S Tier


Cloud Strife Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Extremely high single target physical damage dealer, especially against bosses.

Lightning-elemental attacks are very strong against many current bosses. Murasame weapon grants huge lightning damage and was the first banner we had on launch.

Hardedge weapon does high physical damage and lowers defense, while Crystal Sword weapon provides AOE healing which is invaluable.

Best Weapons:

  • Murasame - Strongest lightning damage
  • Skysplitter - Strongest fire damage
  • Stream Saber - Strongest physical ice damage that also provides a teamwide PATK buff
  • Hardedge - Reduces enemy defense
  • Zidane's Sword - Highest non-elemental damage
  • Maritime Sword - High physical water damage
  • Bandaged Sword - AOE MDEF up


Aerith Gainsborough Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Her Fairy Tale weapon has an extremely potent 67% AOE heal that can save your team in extreme situations. Provides burst healing that other characters lack. Although her skills are ATB expensive, they are highly effective and can often be game-changing.

She can also do AOE and single target magical damage, being a flexible character with both damage and healing abilities.

Best Weapons:

  • Fairy Tale - Best AOE heal
  • Full Metal Staff - Damages and debuffs enemies
  • Floral Wand - Deals non-elemental damage while inflicting PDEF Down and Wind Resistance Down when her HP is above 50%.
  • Sun Umbrella - Deals damage while debuffing physical and magical defense
  • Prism Rod - Best Wind Magic damage
  • Garnet's Rod - Buffs MATK from an ally while providing healing and regen
  • Snowflake - Deals magic ice damage while debuffing the enemy MDEF, pairing well with Sephiroth's Ice Build
  • Egg Staff - AOE magic fire damage, more potent if there's only 1 enemy present


Sephiroth Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

He was added 29th September 2023.

Extremely high single target magic damage dealer, especially against bosses. Strong ice, fire and lightning elemental attacks + wind physical attack.

Best Weapons and Builds:

Here's a detailed Sephiroth guide.

To sum it up, these are his best builds:

  1. Ice ST Build with Edged Wings and Aonibi weapons
  2. AOE Magical Build with Protector's Blade
  3. Wind ST Build with Dark Heavens
  4. AOE MATK/PATK Debuffer with Kuja's Spirit Blade
  5. Single Target PDEF and Fire Resistance Debuffer with Radiant Edge
  6. Fire AOE Build with Prototype Crimson Blade and Aonibi weapons
  7. Lightning AOE Build with CC Alloy Sword and Aonibi weapons

A Tier

Cait Sith

Cait Sith Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

He was added 4th April 2024.

A solid damage dealer and support unit focused on crits to reach its full potential (a bit RNG-reliant).

He's the first character in the game that has a weapon that can apply haste to an ally. Haste makes their ATB bar charge faster.

His limit breaks can debuff PDEF/MDEF of a single enemy, buff PATK/MATK of all allies, or roll a dice to deal damage and increase his strength.

Best Weapons:

  • Flower Vase - Gives a single ally MATK up, Regen, Haste (20% chance) and a minor heal
  • Green Megaphone - Magical water damage while reduces Water resistance
  • Gold Megaphone - Physical non-elemental damage that reduces Fire resistance and can reduce MATK when hitting critical
  • Battle Trumpet - AOE MATK debuff and can reduce PATK to all enemies when hitting critical (similar to Sephiroth's Kuja Spirit Blade)
  • Marching Horn - Buffs a single ally's PATK while also healing and applying regen


Yuffie Kisaragi Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

She was added January 11th 2024.

A solid buffer and debuffer that can inflict fire, ice and lightning elemental resistance down.

Her limit break, Clear Tranquil, buffs all allies' physicial and magic attack, making her universally valuable in most teams.

She's also the first unit that can inflict Poison to enemies, but it's not as effective as Poison applied to our team.

Best Weapons:

  • Arctic Star - Buffs an ally's PATK while also buffing her PATK
  • Diner Tray - High single target Wind physical ability
  • Crystal Cross - Buffs an ally's MATK
  • 4-Point Shuriken - Debuffs PATK
  • Boomerang/Pinwheel/Wind Slash - Decreases Fire/Ice/Thunder Resistance
  • Twin Viper - Applies Poison to a single target


Tifa Lockhart Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Tiger Fangs and Leather Gloves weapons deal high damage and debuff magic/physical attack. She lowers boss offense to increase team survivability.

Her limit break debuffs enemies' physicial and magic defense. She is a flexible unit providing physical and magical debuffs, making her universally valuable.

She can also AOE heal with her Lifeguard Wraps weapon, allows her to be a solid healer.

Best Weapons:

  • Tiger Fangs / Leather Gloves - Reduces enemy magic/physical attack
  • Guide Gloves - High non-elemental physical damage (FFVII Rebirth Crossover Limited Weapon)
  • Lifeguard Wraps - Heal all allies
  • Amarant's Claws - Self-buffs PATK while dealing non-elemental damage (FFIX Crossover Limited Weapon)
  • Holy Flame Gloves - Physical ice damage to a single target
  • Funny Gloves - High magical water damages while also buffing her own MATK when HP above 50%


Barret Wallace Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Barret functions as secondary DPS that also debuffs, an excellent choice for any team composition.

War Machine cheaply lowers all enemies' defense, enabling DPS.

He also has access to strong AOE attacks to clear waves and damage adds.

Best Weapons:

  • W Machine - Spammable defense debuff
  • Assault Gun - Buffs allies' defense
  • Heavy Hauser - High non-elemental physical damage
  • Microlaser - Buffs an ally's MATK while healing them, pairs great with any magical attacker
  • Electrocannon - AEO magic lightning damage, while reducing PATK and MATK (if at +50% HP)


Zack Fair Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Zack is an extremely hard hitting single target physical attack. Can debuff both physical and magical defense with his different swords.

Specializes in bursting down bosses like Cloud but with fewer top-tier weapon choices.

Best Weapons:

  • Ceremonial Sword (Z) - High single target non-elemental damage and self-buffs PATK
  • Stream Guard - Fire magical damage to single target, deals more damage when HP is above 70&. Also boosts the whole team MATK via its R Ability
  • Black Whiskers - Best water and physical debuff weapon
  • Twinkling Star - Physical non-elemental damage plus debuffs MATK and PDEF (at +50% HP)


Matt Winsord Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Matt is very versatile with damage and healing, but not at the same level as Aerith.

Stingray and Slick Beetle weapons allow magical/physical debuffs, while Prime Number weapon provides solid AOE healing.

Best Weapons:

  • Centipede - Heals and increases all allies PDEF
  • Killer Hornet/Broadsword Axis - Huge single target damage
  • Prime Number - 2nd best AOE heal
  • Stingray/Slick Beetle - Damage and debuffs
  • Bramble Spine - Buffs an ally PATK, making him a great support character

B Tier


Red XIII Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Gold Collar provides AOE regen healing but feels weak currently. Regen needs buffs to improve his healing viability.

Has access to AOE and single target magical attacks.

Best Weapons:

  • Ivy Collar - Non-elemental damage with 3 ATB bar, plus reduces Fire and Ice Resistance
  • Canyon Collar - Wind AOE + debuffs MDEF to all enemies if HP above 50%
  • Platinum Collar - Reduces enemy magic defense
  • Noble Collar - Strongest water damage
  • Seaside Collar - Great for decreasing enemies' thunder resistance, making it a great weapon to team up with Cloud against bosses weak to lightning


Glenn Lodbrok Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Focuses on support damage and buffs/debuffs.

Piece of Cake weapon cheaply debuffs a single target's defense while Pumpkin Lamppost buffs an ally's PATK.

However, he lacks AOE debuff capabilities like Barrett.

Best Weapons:

  • Ultimatic - High potency non-elemental nuke that destroys O sigils
  • Stream Slasher - High physical water damage that also provides a teamwide PATK buff
  • Piece of Cake - Spammable defense debuff
  • Jiggy Fam - Strongest AOE earth damage
  • Apology in Hell - Best non-elemental damage
  • Pumpkin Lamppost - Buffs PATK of a single ally


Lucia Lin Example Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Black Rifle's Silence ailment could be very strong but is not very effective. Reliant on Silence working properly to enable full potential.

She also has unique water and wind damage abilities with her other weapons.

Best Weapons:

  • Thunderbird - Magical lightning damage plus debuffs MDEF
  • Bald Eagle - Decreases enemy resistance to Ice, making it a great weapon paired with Sephiroth's ice build
  • Holiday Revolver - Magical earth damage
  • Rose Musket - Single target magical fire damage. When above 50% HP, enemy's MDEF drastically reduced

Key Takeaways

  • Cloud, Sephiroth and Aerith stand out as exceptionally strong
  • Use debuffs to support main DPS characters
  • AOE healing is almost mandatory
  • Focus on elemental advantages and rare damage types when selecting weapons

The tier list will likely change each patch as characters get new gear and balancing updates.

But this list provides a general sense of the current PvE viability.