Mastering Chocobo Expeditions: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
September 19, 2023

Are you fascinated by the Chocobo Expeditions in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis (FF7EC) but not quite sure how to make the most of them?

Well, you're in the right place.

This guide will take you through the basics and advanced concepts of chocobo expeditions, from kick-starting your adventure to efficiently maximizing your search rates.

Let's get to it!

Mastering Chocobo Expeditions in FF7 Ever Crisis: A Comprehensive Guide

Starting Your Chocobo Expedition: The Basics

Chocobo Farm Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

How to Go on Your First Expedition

  1. Reach Player Level 5: First things first, you need to reach player level 5.
  2. Set the first Expedition: Head over to the Chocobo Farm and choose 'Chocobo Expedition.' Pick your expedition destination and chocobo team, and then tap 'Start Expedition.'

Pro Tip: The good thing is that once you've set your expedition in motion, you can pretty much forget about it while you engage with other game content.

Expand your Expedition Slots

You can expand your Chocobo expedition slots to 3 by spending 500 and 1000 Blue Crystals respectively, which is equivalent to 6-7 pulls.

The efficiency and recollection speed you'll get with 3 expeditions at the same time is extremely valuable, so we recommend unlocking them as soon as possible.

Time-Based Item Collection

Area Exploration Items Chocobo Expeditions Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

As your chocobos journey through their expedition, they'll gather items over time.

Once the gauge on your screen completes a full cycle, you can start collecting.

Quick Collect: Want those rewards faster? Use the special item Chocobooster to shorten the duration of expeditions by 3 hours.

What Are Exploration Items?

Mandra Root Exploration Item Chocobo Expeditions Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

These are special items that only serve to boost your search rate.

They're stored in your bag and have no other in-game use.

Unlock New Expedition Areas

Chocobo Expedition Areas Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

If you collect area-specific items and get your search rate up to 75% or more, you'll unlock new expedition areas.

This will improve the rarity of materials you can collect, so aim for that!

The Chocobo Exchange

Chocobo Medal Exchange Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

New chocobos can be obtained from the Chocobo Medal Exchange, which you'll find useful as you level up.

You earn Chocobo Medals through expeditions.

Matching Chocobo Field Types

Chocobo Field Type Areas Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Different expedition destinations have different field types, and you'll need chocobos with matching types to get going.

You can check this by looking at the chocobo icons when setting up your expedition.

Chocobo Ranks and Stats

Higher-ranked chocobos come with better stats and better expedition rewards.

Chocobo Stats Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis
Chocobo Stats Explained
  • Speed: Impacts expedition time. The faster the speed, the shorter the time required.
  • Stamina: Influences the amount of rewards a chocobo can carry.
  • Intellect: Affects the rate of rare item and chocobo medal acquisition.
  • Adaptability: Influences the character experience gained on expeditions.

Tips for Efficiently Boosting Your Search Rate

Spread Out Your Chocobos

Chocobo Spread Expedition Areas Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Distribute your chocobos across multiple expedition areas rather than focusing on just one.

This will raise your overall search rate more efficiently.

Early Game Chocobo Choices

Low-Rated Chocobo Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

In the beginning, opt for three low-cost chocobos.

Over time, as you accumulate Chocobo Medals, you can replace them with higher-ranked chocobos.

Strategy for 100% Search Rate

There's no need to rush to a 100% search rate in each area.

Hit the 75% mark to unlock all the areas first, and then you can focus on maxing out later on.

Get Higher Grade Chocobos

High-Rated Chocobo Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

After completing a few areas, you could try buying higher grade chocobos, which will drastically increase your rewards.

Consider replacing low-cost chocobos with better chocobos when you have the medals for that.

Long-term, you'll want to maximize intellect for better medal rates, with a good speed stat and enough stamina to avoid maxing out on items.

Experience may not be a massive need, but having a chocobo with high adaptability and speed can be beneficial for passive character leveling.

The Importance of Mountain and River Chocobos

As you progress, you'll need specialized chocobos for new areas.

Make sure you exchange for a mountain chocobo when you unlock Wutai and a river chocobo for the Rhadore Archipelago.

The Perks of Going on a Chocobo Expedition

Passive Rewards

Chocobo expeditions are a great way to earn items without doing anything.

Just set it and forget it!

Level Up Your Characters

Character Paired with Chocobo Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Characters assigned to expeditions earn experience points, with bonuses if they're lower level than your top three characters.

Complete Chocobo Missions

Chocobo Missions Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

You'll earn extra rewards by fulfilling specific conditions in Chocobo missions.

Most early missions are completed just by regularly going on expeditions.

Daily Treasure Chests at Chocobo Farm

Daily Treasure Chest Chocobo Farm Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Don't forget, you can pick up a daily treasure chest at the Chocobo Farm.

Just head over there after the daily reset, and you'll find a newly spawned chest waiting for you on the left.

Rewards from this chest can range from Gil and Weapons mats to Chocoboosters and Blue Crystals, so make sure to pick it up each day!

And there you have it!

Now you're all set to maximize the benefits of your Chocobo Expeditions in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis!