The Ultimate Reroll Guide for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

The Ultimate Reroll Guide for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis
Last updated:
October 2, 2023

Hey there, Final Fantasy fans!

Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is finally here and it's amazing.

This article aims to provide you with a comprehensive reroll guide based on insights from the closed beta and our first impressions.

So if you're excited about diving into this game with the best start possible, read on!

The Ultimate Reroll Guide for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis

Is There a Delete Account Button?

Worried about the hassle of rerolling?

Good news—there is a Delete Account button in the game, which makes the whole process a lot smoother.

To reroll your account, go back to the title screen and click on options to reset your game data. This will allow you to redo your pulls in less than 5 minutes.

After resetting, you can skip the tutorial which saves time.

Note that skipping the tutorial means you'll need to redo the first stage to collect the chest with 300 blue crystals again.

Pre-Registration Rewards to Expect

Pre-Registration Rewards Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

Here's the breakdown of the pre-registration rewards you can expect:

  • 30 Tickets: Equals to 3 standard ticket multi-draws.
  • 3,000 Blue Crystals: Enough for 1 multi-draw and five single draws.
  • Five-Star Weapon Ticket: Choose a five-star weapon for either Cloud, Tifa, or Aerith.
  • Costume Exchange Ticket: A free costume for one of the nine starting characters.
  • Special Weapons: A 5-star Zweihander weapon for Zack and a 5-star Apology in Hell weapon for Glenn.
  • 2,000 extra Blue Crystals from getting nº1 spot in Japan and other countries' app stores!
  • 1,900 Blue Crystals from the last pre-registration reward.

Pre-registration rewards provide a great start, so take advantage of this for your rerolls.

Ideal Banners for Rerolling

Stamp Banner Cloud/Barret Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

When you're deciding on which banners to reroll, focus on the Stamp Banners.

These banners offer weapons for two characters at a rate-up and also feature a costume for one of the featured characters.

We've already had banners for Cloud, Barret, Sephiroth, Lucia, Red XIII, Aerith and Tifa, all of them providing good weapons for all characters.

So far, new banners are featuring past banners' weapons, so you always have the chance to reroll for them!

The Stamp System Explained

Stamp System Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

In Stamp Banners, every multi-draw rewards you with stamps that range from one to 12.

Stamps grant bonus rewards, with Stamp 6 guaranteeing you one of the two featured weapons, and Stamp 12 rewarding you with a featured costume.

Here's how the percentages break down:

  • One Stamp: 45%
  • Two Stamps: 35%
  • Three Stamps: 16%
  • Twelve Stamps: 0.01%

For more info about the gacha system, check out our detailed guide.

The Wishlist Feature

Ever Crisis also includes a Wishlist system where you can rate up 5 five-star weapons.

This won't be as high as the featured rates but higher than the rest.

Initially, focus on the three characters you want to invest on.

Recommended Weapons for Characters

Cloud's Murasame Weapon Pull Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis

If you want to know which weapons should you aim for, go ahead and check out our detailed character and weapon tier list.

Tier lists help but aren't everything, so keep that in mind before investing in a character you don't enjoy playing.

Play Your Favorites

While this guide is designed to give you an optimal start, the most important thing is to have fun and play your favorite characters.

The game is flexible enough to allow you to succeed with the characters you love.

And there you have it, your reroll guide for Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis.

We hope this guide helps you get off to a great start in the game. Thank you for reading!