Mastering ATB Combat in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis
Last updated:
September 19, 2023

Dive into the heart of FFVII Ever Crisis with our comprehensive guide on the game's combat system.

Whether you're a veteran of the original FFVII or a newcomer eager to dive in, understanding Ever Crisis' combat will enhance your gaming experience.

Let's dive in!

Mastering Combat in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

The ATB System: The Heart of Combat

Battle System Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

What it is: The Active Time Battle (ATB) system, a mainstay in Final Fantasy titles, returns with a twist in Ever Crisis. Think of it as a skill point generator.

How it works: All characters automatically attack when their timer allows. The ATB system generates skill points which are used to activate skills.

Abilities: Acquired from equipped weapons and Materia. For example, using a Blizzard materia will grant ice-type magic.

Understanding ATB Gauge Bar and Skills

Auto Attacks: Characters auto-attack continuously. There's no manual command for regular attacks, unlike in the original FFVII.

Using Skills: Spend ATB gauge, generated by the ATB system, to unleash skills tied to your weapons and Materia. Your characters' ATB gauge fills over time. Don't rush to use it. Instead, wait for the right moment, especially when the enemy is about to launch a powerful attack. This allows you to switch to defense mode, heal up, and then go back to attack mode.

Managing Combat Speed

Normal vs. Double Speed: Players can toggle between regular and double speed. While double speed is great for grinding, in intense boss battles, regular speed offers better precision.

Swapping Characters: The Key to Dynamic Battles

Party Formation Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

One at a Time: Players can control only one character but can switch between them anytime. The game is not a sprint; it's a marathon. Take your time to understand your characters, their abilities, and what the game offers. Rushing to level up characters or get equipment will only set you back in the long run.

Auto-Battle Option: Let the AI take the wheel. Especially handy for grinding sessions, but for challenging battles, manual control is recommended.

Manual vs. Semi-Auto Mode

While it might be tempting to let the game handle battles in auto mode, it's not recommended unless you have top-tier gear.

For more challenging battles, it's best to take control of your characters, either in semi-auto or manual mode.

Musical Interlude: Battle Tunes

A nostalgic treat for fans, the familiar battle music from FFVII makes a comeback, enhancing the game's ambiance.

Targeting Tactics

Focusing on Enemies: In multi-enemy scenarios, players can direct their team to target specific foes, ensuring better control over the battle outcome.

Exploiting Elemental Weaknesses

Motor Ball Boss Elemental Weaknesses Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Elemental System: Enemies have specific weaknesses, either to certain elements or types of damage.

Gear and Materia: Adjust your character's elemental attributes by swapping gear and Materia to have easier fights.

Buffs and Debuffs: The game offers unique abilities like 'Debrave,' which can debuff an enemy's physical attack. Such abilities add another layer of strategy to the game. Make sure you've locked these materia in your inventory for future use.

The Break System Explained

Some enemies, especially bosses, have a break gauge.

Hitting them with the correct sigil can break their bar, interrupting their special moves and interrupting them.

Focus on breaking enemies in boss fights.

Unleashing the Power of Limit Breaks

Blade Burst Limit Break Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Familiar Yet Unique: Limit breaks return, filling up as characters take or deal damage.

AI Limitation: AI won't activate limit breaks; players must do it manually. There's a strategy in chaining multiple limit breaks for bonus damage.

Supports First: Have support characters like Aerith use their limit break first in defensive stance. Then switch to offensive stance and use the other characters' limit breaks to maximize damage output without compromising survivability.

Offense and Defense Stances

Two Modes: Players can toggle between attack stance (more damage and more broken sigils) and defense stance (less damage taken, increased healing).

Strategic Play: Switch modes based on battle scenarios, especially during challenging boss fights.

In conclusion, while FFVII Ever Crisis draws inspiration from its predecessor, it offers a fresh combat experience, blending familiar elements with new mechanics.

Dive in, experiment with strategies, and enjoy the rich combat system that awaits.

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