Comprehensive Guide to the Iron Giant Critical Threat Event

Comprehensive Guide to the Iron Giant Critical Threat Event
Last updated:
November 6, 2023

The Critical Iron Giant Hunt Event in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is finally live!

While not too complicated, this event follows the same reward mechanics as the Critical Threat Sephiroth The Arrival Event.

Let's dive into how it works and the best tips to defeat the Iron Giant!

Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis: A Comprehensive Guide to the Critical Threat Iron Giant Event

Critical Threat Iron Giant Hunt Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

How Does The Event Work?

Event Structure

Just like other time-limited events, this Iron Giant Hunt Event features both solo and co-op stages.

The goal is to farm tickets to purchase items from a limited-time shop called Victory Draw.

Event Duration

The event is active for 10 days and ends on November 10th.

Plan your runs and stamina accordingly.

Stamina and Tickets: What You Should Know

Stamina Management

Don't spend your stamina pots here.

The stamina-to-item ratio in ticket draws isn't worth it at all.

Instead, just focus on daily missions, which demand about 500 stamina in total per day and offer both silver and bronze tickets.

The Ticket System

Tickets' prize level goes from level 1 to 7+, both in bronze and silver (and gold in a future update).

They can be used for individual draws, 10 draws, or all-at-once draws.

Be careful not to waste these valuable tickets—especially if you're at the 1st level, as excess tickets will be wasted on the worst drops like Gil or green enhancement mats.

Daily Missions and Event Stuff: Don't Miss Out

Daily Missions in Iron Giant Hunt Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Daily Missions

Complete them every day for the next 10 days.

These will give you gold, silver and bronze tickets and are a much better use of your stamina compared to co-ops or solo stages in this event.

Event Rewards

When consuming 500 stamina each day, you'll get tons of tickets to progress through on the Victory Draw.

Keep this in mind for an effective stamina management.

For gold tickets, you'll need to achieve 200 each day to get the respective daily reward.

The Victory Draw: Navigating the Prize Pool

Victory Draw in Iron Giant Hunt Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Limited and Jackpot Items

The Victory Draw features limited items, jackpots, and standard rewards.

Your goal should be grabbing all limited items that matter to your account and, obviously, the jackpots.

Once jackpot prizes are collected, you can advance to the next level via Refill.

Prize Details

Not all limited items are worth your valuable stamina.

For example, low tier weapon upgrade mats and weapon level mats are available through other stages in the game, so focus on the items that are hard to get.

Red XIII's Iron Collar and Zack's Iron Greatsword: An Underwhelming Weapon

Max Level and OB10 Iron Collar Weapon Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Basic Stats and How to Acquire

The Iron Collar is Red XIII's event weapon up for grabs, Zack's Iron Greatsword is the event's second part weapon.

Iron Collar's stats at OB10 cap at 422 for PATK, 444 for MATK and 208 for healing, while Iron Greatsword's stats at OB10 are 420 PATK, 441 MATK and 212 HEAL.

You can acquire up to 11 copies of each by completing single-player event stages, as well as from the Victory Draw, which is enough to max them out to OB10 (15 stars).

Abilities and Usage

These weapons focus on attack, and comes with a modest 27 point ATK boost and an underwhelming 24 point Crit boost.

Their C Ability is a single target non-elemental attack that also inflicts a Physical Defense Debuff (Low potency even at max overboost). While not an amazing weapon, it can help boosting your characters stats if you lack better subweapons.

Sub-Weapon Potential

While the Iron Collar or the Iron Greatsword won't replace your main weapon, they're still a solid choice for a sub-weapon.

Its well-rounded stats make it versatile, and their attack focus can help in hard battles.

Iron Giant Boss Fight: Strategy and Tips

Iron Giant Boss Fight Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

The EX Iron Giant is a battle that demands a lot from your team.

Here are the main strategy points to keep in mind:

Iron Giant's Immunities

Iron Giant Immunities Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Iron Giant is immune to most status effects, but PATK and PDEF down can be inflicted into him, making the fight much more manageable.

Debuffs Are Your Best Friends

To break through the Iron Giant's high attack and defense, you'll need to use both physical attack and physical defense debuffs.

Make sure at least two characters on your team can apply both types of debuffs to maximize debuff potency.

If you debuff its Physical Defense after its Mighty Guard move, you'll stun Iron Giant for a while.

List of Effective PATK and PDEF Debuff Equipment:

  • Hardedge
  • Sun Umbrella
  • Leather Gloves
  • Full Metal Staff
  • Slick Beetle
  • Northern Lights
  • Black Whiskers
  • Debrave Materia
  • ...and others

Buff Your Defense to Survive

The Iron Giant's "Grand Sword" move can deal heavy damage to your entire team.

Counter this by using overall physical defense buffs right before the attack.

List of Recommended PDEF Buff Equipment:

  • Assault Gun
  • Mythril Rod
  • Hardcore Squad
  • Red XIII's Limit Break
  • ...and others

Exploit its Water Weakness

The Iron Giant is weak to water-based attacks.

Prioritize abilities like Water Blow and, if you have it through the latest gacha banner, Zack's Black Whiskers weapon, which lowers both physical defense and water resistance.

Save Offensive Limit Breaks for the End

When the Iron Giant's HP falls into the red zone, he'll use "Short Fuse," a physical attack buff that can't be removed.

Save your limit breaks for this phase to finish him off quickly.

Extra Tips

  1. Use Debrave and Breach materia to supplement debuffs, as relying on weapon C abilities alone is insufficient.
  2. Maximize Aerith's healing power to recover quickly from the Grand Sword attack.

Closing Thoughts: We'll Get More Events Like This

In summary, the Iron Giant Hunt Event in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis is the second Critical Threat event, and won't be the last.

Manage your stamina wisely, focus on completing daily missions, and don't spend all your tickets at once.

If you're new and getting carried in co-ops, the limited items can give you a quick boost, but veteran players might find more value farming in other stages.