Mastering Blonney in Reverse: 1999 - A Comprehensive Guide

Mastering Blonney in Reverse: 1999 - A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
February 12, 2024
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With the launch of Reverse 1999 version 1.2, we have another DPS added to the 5-star pool: Blonney.

This guide dives deep into her best psychubes, best teammates, and understanding Blonney's unique abilities, ensuring you can fully use her potential.

Let's jump right in!

Mastering Blonney in Reverse: 1999 - A Comprehensive Guide

in game blonney details in reverse 1999

Understanding Blonney's Role and Abilities

Card Abilities

Bloody Movie (Ultimate Ability): Mass Attack. Deals 250% reality damage to all enemies, while increasing critical rate by 20% for this attack. Always use this first to buff her next incantations.

Killer Bunny: Single Target Attack. Ranges from 160% to 400% reality damage. Built-in increase of 25% in both critical rate and damage.

Chainsaw Massacre: Single Target Attack/Debuff. Deals 200% to 450% reality damage. From level two, it applies a stack of confusion for one round, enhancing critical hits. Use strategically to debuff an enemy right before a major attack for increased damage output.

Blonney’s Inheritance Mechanics

Blonney’s unique Insight mechanics further highlight her role as a critical hit DPS:

  • Post-Ultimate Buffs: After using her ultimate, Blonney gains a substantial increase in critical rate and damage, lasting for two rounds. This mechanic is essential for maximizing her damage output in subsequent rounds.
  • Permanent Combat Buffs: She receives a permanent 15% critical damage increase during combat, which is significantly higher than what is typically offered to other characters.

Understanding Blonney's Portrays

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Each portray level incrementally improves Blonney’s skills.

These boosts include enhancements to her critical damage, critical rate, and reality damage.

Special Focus on the Ultimate

Blonney’s ultimate ability receives significant boosts from portrays.

At P1 (Portray Level 1), her ultimate gets a 30% Critical Rate (from 20% base), while at P5 (Portray Level 5), it jumps to a 40%.

This enhancement makes her ultimate not just a setup tool but also a formidable attack in its own right.

Best Psychubes

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Optimal Psychube Selection for Blonney

Critical Rate and Damage Enhancers: Equip psychubes and resonate shapes that significantly boost Blonney’s critical rate and damage.

Survivability Gear: While her primary role is damage, ensuring Blonney’s survivability is also important.

Psychube Recommendations

Brave New World

Brave New World provides a permanent boost to ultimate abilities.

Although Blonney doesn't rely heavily on her ultimate for damage, this equipment plays a crucial role in her overall strategy.

When Blonney uses her ultimate, Brave New World enhances its effectiveness, primarily by triggering buffs on her insight, which in turn boosts her critical damage and rate.

This setup is crucial for maximizing Blonney’s damage in subsequent attacks, particularly with her skill Killer Bunny, which benefits from the buffed critical stats.

Equip Brave New World in scenarios where Blonney's role includes setting up high-damage sequences using her ultimate, followed by powerful critical hits.

Thunderous Applause

Thunderous Applause is focused on increasing both critical rate and critical damage, aligning perfectly with Blonney’s DPS role.

This equipment directly boosts Blonney’s ability to land and enhance the damage of critical hits, significantly increasing her overall DPS.

It's particularly effective considering that Blonney’s skills have a built-in 25% critical rate increase, making Thunder Applause a valuable addition for ensuring frequent critical hits.


Hopscotch provides a 12-18% Incantation Might, which is a permanent enhancement. The permanent nature of the boost provided by Hopscotch makes it a steady and reliable choice for long battles.

Given Blonney's high critical rate, Hopscotch could serve to enhance her ability efficiency, allowing her to perform her critical hit-focused attacks more effectively.

Equip Hopscotch in combat scenarios where Blonney’s efficiency and frequency in performing her critical-hit-based attacks are crucial.

Team Composition for Blonney

in game blonney team setup in reverse 1999

Low-AP Consumption Supports

Choose support characters that require minimal AP usage.

Their primary role should be to provide buffs without extensively using their cards.

A character like Pickles, who offers buffs while being AP generous, would be an ideal choice.

AP-Generous Healers

Select healers who can provide sustained healing without being too active in combat.

A healer who can passively heal or provide healing over time would complement Blonney’s playstyle effectively.

Such healers ensure Blonney stays in optimal condition to execute her high-damage attacks, without draining resources needed for her own actions.

Synergy with Tooth Fairy

Pairing Blonney with Tooth Fairy can be highly beneficial.

Tooth Fairy's passive can increase Blonney’s critical hit chances. She can also offer healing when necessary, supplementing Blonney’s needs without competing for AP.

Conclusion: Maximizing Blonney's Potential

Blonney is a versatile and powerful 5-star character who can significantly enhance your team's damage output.

By understanding her abilities, strategically building her kit, and pairing her with the right team members, you can unleash her full potential in combat.