Avoid These 7 Common Beginner Mistakes in NIKKE
Last updated:
December 12, 2023

Whether you're fresh off the tutorial or trying to get past the newbie stage, avoiding common mistakes can make your NIKKE journey smoother.

Let's dive right in!

Navigating NIKKE in 2023: Avoid These 7 Common Beginner Mistakes

1. Misusing Gems: The Premium Currency

The Temptation of Spending

Gems are a premium currency in NIKKE, and initially, the game is quite generous with them.

However, that flow eventually slows down. Given that gems are also used in the Gacha system to acquire new units, spending them without a plan can lead to missed opportunities.

The Verdict

While it might seem like a good idea to use gems for quickly acquiring materials or rerolling missions, these actions are generally not worth the long-term cost.

However, there are exceptions like resetting a unit's level for a measly 10 gems or unlocking more slots in the Synchro device for 500 gems. These can be considered strategic investments.

2. Overleveling Units: A Common Trap

The Leveling System

Synchro Device Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

It's tempting to level up every new SSR unit you acquire, but thanks to the game's Synchro device, that's unnecessary and can be counterproductive.

The device allows your lower-level units to catch up to your five highest-level units, making it more efficient to focus on leveling just a few.

The 160 Wall

Once you hit level 160 with your units, you encounter what's known as the "160 Wall".

To break through, you need to level up five SSR units that are max limit broken, allowing you to reach a new max level cap of 200.

3. The Data Sets vs. Core Dust Dilemma

The Data Set Trap

Data sets might seem like the quick route to leveling up your units, but as you reach the late game, you'll find you have an excess of data sets and a scarcity of Core Dust, the material that actually matters.

The Long-term Strategy

Core Dust Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Instead of going for the immediate satisfaction of data sets, opt for Core Dust whenever possible.

Trust me, your future self in the late game will be grateful.

4. Prematurely Opening Material Boxes

The Material Box Mechanism

Each material box you acquire is tied to your current campaign progress.

The more levels you've cleared, the more materials you'll get from each box.

The Smart Move

Rather than opening these boxes immediately, save them.

When you're stuck at a challenging level, use just enough boxes to get the materials you need to level up and proceed.

5. Ignoring the Tactics Academy

Academy Wallpaper Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

The Hidden Value

The Tactics Academy may be easy to overlook, but completing its lessons grants you permanent upgrades to your base and resource collection, offering significant long-term benefits.

The Action Plan

To unlock new lessons, find hidden notes in completed campaign chapters.

These notes often unlock the blueprints needed to advance in the Tactics Academy.

6. Wasteful Use of Skill Manuals

The Skill Manual Misconception

Naga Skills Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

It’s easy to think that all skills should be leveled up equally, but this isn't the case.

Not all skills scale effectively with leveling.

The Best Approach

Before investing your manuals, look up online guides to identify which skills should be prioritized.

Occasionally, the game offers Skill Reset Tokens, allowing you to reallocate your resources, but these are rare and expire.

7. Shop Traps: Know What to Buy

Body Label Shop Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Navigating the Shops

The various in-game shops offer a wide array of items, but not all are equally valuable.

For instance, in the General Shop, the best use of credits is to buy the single Core Dust box.

Specific Shop Tips

In the Union Shop, focus on batteries to level up your Harmony Cubes.

In the Body Label Shop, SSR molds are your best bet, and in the Arena Shop, go for skill manuals but ignore the gear.

Closing Thoughts

The last piece of advice? Never play this game in public!

Jokes aside, avoiding these common pitfalls will set you on a path to efficient and satisfying progress in NIKKE.

Keep these tips in mind and enjoy your game!