Tia's Impact on NIKKE: Goddess of Victory
Last updated:
February 14, 2024

The much-anticipated character Tia has finally been released, and we've been busy testing her out.

While she brings a lot to the table, there are a few things to consider, especially when pairing her with Naga.

This article aims to provide a comprehensive first-day analysis, comparing Tia and Naga with other popular duos like Blanc and Noir.

Tia's Impact on NIKKE: Goddess of Victory - A Day 1 Analysis

Tia Banner NIKKE: Goddess of Victory

Tia's Skills and Compatibility with Naga

Tia is a Burst One character and has a symbiotic relationship with Naga.

Naga relies on Tia for generating shields, which are essential for fully activating Naga's kit.

Tia also has her own cooldown reduction ability, which is valuable but somewhat restrictive.

She requires another Burst One character to pair with, which limits your team composition choices.

Tia's Passives and Abilities

Tia Character Summary NIKKE: Goddess of Victory

Tia isn't just a shield generator; her passive skills offer significant advantages.

She can increase everyone's attack damage substantially when she recovers HP.

Additionally, she increases her own max HP recovery, allowing her to generate thicker shields.

In a nutshell, Tia serves as a Defender who also boosts the team's attack damage.

Comparing Tia and Naga with Blanc and Noir

When it comes to bosses, both Tia and Naga perform impressively.

In tests, they were able to nearly match the damage output of Blanc and Noir.

However, they fall short in the healing department. Unlike Blanc and Noir, Tia and Naga struggle to keep characters like Scarlet at full HP, highlighting a potential weakness in their kit.

Blanc and Noir Combo NIKKE: Goddess of Victory

Flexibility and Team Composition

One of the significant drawbacks of the Tia-Naga duo is their lack of flexibility compared to Blanc and Noir.

While Blanc and Noir can fit into almost any team, Tia and Naga require another Burst One character for optimal performance.

This necessity limits your options and can be particularly restrictive for new players who may not have a wide variety of characters to choose from.

The Dorothy Factor

Dorothy emerges as the best Burst One character to pair with Tia and Naga.

She compensates for the duo's lack of damage output, especially when you're not bringing another Burst Three character into the mix.

However, this restrictiveness could deter some players, particularly newcomers who might not have access to Dorothy.

PvP Performance and Future Viability

Early tests in PvP scenarios suggest that Tia and Naga may not be as dominant as some might hope.

However, it's crucial to note that this is day one analysis. The game's meta could shift, and new bosses could provide different challenges where the duo excels.

Final Thoughts: To Pull or Not to Pull?

So, should you invest in Tia?

If you already have a solid team featuring Blanc and Noir, you might consider skipping Tia and Naga, especially with the game's anniversary approaching.

Their lack of flexibility and specific Burst One requirement make them a less universal choice. But if you're looking to shake things up and enjoy the mechanics they bring, Tia and Naga could be a fun and potent addition to your roster.