Rem in NIKKE: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
April 10, 2024

Welcome to our in-depth guide and analysis of Rem, the new character from the Re:Zero collaboration in NIKKE.

As a character who won't be making a return, understanding her mechanics and how to optimize her for your team is crucial for those lucky enough to pull her.

Rem, with her distinctive blue hair and supportive power, has captivated players, offering a unique mix of support and damage that can significantly improve your gameplay.

Rem in NIKKE: A Comprehensive Guide

Skill Overview and Prioritization

in game rem skills details in NIKKE

Normal Attack: Minigun

Rem's primary mode of attack is her minigun, which showcases her as a formidable force on the battlefield.

With an ample ammo capacity of 300 and a relatively quick reload time of 2.5 seconds, Rem maintains a steady stream of damage against her foes.

Each normal attack deals 5.57% of her attack power as damage, and notably, when targeting an enemy's core, her damage output is doubled to 200%.

This makes her exceptionally effective in focusing down critical targets and applying consistent pressure on enemy lines.

Skill 1: Leave it to Rem!

"Leave it to Rem!" is a passive skill that significantly enhances Rem's attack power and supports her allies.

After landing 15 normal attacks in Demon's Breath status, this skill activates, increasing her attack power by 4.22% per stack, up to a maximum of 30 stacks, lasting for 10 seconds.

This skill not only boosts Rem's damage output considerably but also activates upon using her burst skill, sharing HP recovery with all allies for 10 seconds.

This dual functionality underscores Rem's hybrid role, amplifying both her supportive skills and her own offense.

Skill 2: Rem the Healer

"Rem the Healer" reinforces Rem's position as a vital support unit, providing continuous healing to herself and her allies.

Upon entering battle, she recovers 42.24% of the damage dealt as HP, ensuring her sustainability in prolonged engagements.

Furthermore, this skill extends its healing effect to two rocket launcher-wielding allies with the highest attack, underscoring her synergy with specific team compositions.

This ability to share significant health recovery makes Rem indispensable in maintaining the team's overall health pool, especially in grueling fights.

Burst Skill: No Mercy from Rem

"No Mercy from Rem" is an active skill with a cooldown of 20 seconds, improving Rem's and her allies' combat efficiency.

Upon activation, Rem enters Demon's Breath status, increasing her critical rate by 37.8% for 10 seconds.

Additionally, this skill boosts the attack power of all rocket launcher-wielding allies by 50.78% of Rem's attack for the same duration.

This substantial increase in both critical rate and attack power for a specific subset of units makes Rem an invaluable asset in maximizing the team's damage output, particularly enhancing the effectiveness of rocket launcher users.

Skill Prioritization

Skill 1: Leave it to Rem!

Given the potential 126.6% increase in attack power at full stacks, prioritizing this skill maximizes Rem's damage output, making it essential for her role as a damage dealer.

Activate this skill as often as possible by ensuring Rem enters and remains in Demon's Breath status frequently.

This maximizes the uptime of her attack boost, significantly enhancing her overall damage contribution to the team.

Burst Skill

While incredibly powerful, the efficacy of this burst skill is somewhat situational, hinging on the presence of rocket launcher-wielding allies in your team composition.

It offers a substantial 37.8% critical rate boost to Rem and a 50.78% attack power boost to rocket launcher allies for 10 seconds.

If your team heavily features such units, this skill's priority can rival that of Skill 1.

Skill 2

Although "Rem the Healer" provides significant sustain through continuous HP recovery, its impact on Rem's primary role (damage dealing and tactical support through buffs) is less direct.

While beneficial for team sustainability, it doesn't contribute as directly to increasing the team's damage output.

Gearing Strategies for Rem

in game rem stats details in NIKKE

Overload Lines for Rem

Overload lines in Nikke enhance a character's stats beyond the usual limits, providing significant boosts in specific areas.

For Rem, whose kit cross the line between support and damage dealing, prioritizing the right Overload lines is crucial.

Attack Power Increase

Given Rem's ability to stack a substantial attack increase through her Skill 1, "Leave it to Rem!", enhancing her base attack power amplifies both her damage output and, indirectly, her supportive skills through shared HP recovery based on attack damage.

Critical Rate or Damage

With her burst skill, "No Mercy from Rem," Rem already gains a significant critical rate boost.

However, further increasing her critical damage can be beneficial, especially in teams where Rem is a primary damage dealer.

This prioritization might shift depending on your team composition and the presence of other units that can benefit from or contribute to critical rate buffs.

Harmony Cubes for Rem

Bastion Cube

For Rem, the Bastion Cube aligns perfectly with her operational mechanics.

Given her high ammo capacity and the inherent delay before reaching peak DPS due to the wind-up characteristic of machine guns, any enhancement that allows her to maintain continuous fire longer directly impacts her effectiveness.

It not only ensures a steadier output of damage but also enhances her ability to support her team by maximizing the uptime of her skills and the benefits derived from them.

Resilience or Adjutant Cube

Offers benefits like reducing reload time or acting as a secondary option if the Bastion Cube is not available or suitable.

These cubes can be beneficial for optimizing Rem's uptime, either by reducing the frequency of her reloads or by providing alternative benefits that complement her hybrid role.

Their value increases in scenarios where maintaining continuous pressure and support is crucial.

Team Composition and Strategy

in game rem squad info in NIKKE

Cooldown Reduction (CDR) Unit

Rem, being a Type 2 character, greatly benefits from having a CDR unit in the team to reduce the downtime of her burst skill, thereby increasing her support uptime.

Dorothy, Volume, Liter, and Killer D (referred to as "Killer Wife") are prime examples of CDR units that fit well with Rem.

These characters can fill the first slot in the team, providing essential cooldown reductions that enable Rem to frequently activate her skills.

Rocket Launcher Users

Rem's skill set is particularly beneficial to rocket launcher-wielding allies, offering them significant attack boosts and max ammo benefits.

Thus, including one or more of these units can exponentially increase the team's overall firepower.

Characters like Amelia and A2 are compatible rocket launcher users.

Amelia, sharing the same water code as Rem, ensures elemental synergy, while A2's self-drain effect can be mitigated by Rem's healing, creating a potent combination.

Flexible DPS Options

Given Rem's ability to provide both healing and attack boosts, the team has room for incorporating a standalone DPS unit that doesn't necessarily wield a rocket launcher.

This flexibility allows for tailored strategies against various types of enemies.

While specific names aren't mentioned for this slot, the implication is that any high-output DPS character that complements the team's elemental or tactical setup can fit.

The selection should be based on the content being tackled, considering factors like enemy weaknesses and team survivability.

Maximizing Rem's Potential

in game rem combat animation in NIKKE

Tactical Play and Adaptation

Understanding enemy compositions and adapting team strategies accordingly can further maximize Rem's potential.

Utilizing her flexibility to support various DPS units allows for tailored approaches to different enemy types, leveraging elemental weaknesses or specific unit abilities.

The evolving nature of gacha games like NIKKE means new characters and gear are constantly introduced.

Keeping familiar of these changes and being willing to adjust Rem's gear and team placement ensures that her potential remains maximized in the face of new challenges and content.

Final Thoughts on Rem: Should You Pull for Her?

Rem's arrival in NIKKE presents a unique opportunity for players to enhance their team's power significantly.

Her blend of damage and support, combined with her compatibility with rocket launcher users, sets her apart in the game.

While her window of availability is limited, securing at least one copy of Rem is advisable for future-proofing your team composition. Rem promises to redefine team strategies for those who choose to incorporate her into their lineup.