Marciana in NIKKE: The Ultimate Review and Guide
Last updated:
February 20, 2024

Meet Marciana, NIKKE's new healer.

Marciana is the latest healer to join the Nikke game, offering a set of unique skills and mechanics.

This article goes into the pros, cons, and optimal uses for Marciana, providing a comprehensive guide for players looking to maximize her potential.

The Ultimate Marciana Review and Guide in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

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The Healing Mechanism: How Marciana Works

Buffs and Allies

Marciana offers a useful buff to her team, with additional healing targeting the two allies with the highest attack stats.

Skill Dependencies

The healing Marciana provides via her Skill 2 is not only dependent on the skill's level but also on each character's individual damage output.

Best Allies

Characters with high scaling AOE burst abilities like Harran, or those that can dish out considerable damage in a short time like Alice and Laplace, benefit the most from Marciana's healing.

Advanced Mechanics: Excess Healing

Marciana is the first character to introduce the 'Excess Healing' mechanic.

This feature essentially offers your characters a separate or temporary HP bar that fills up with any extra healing they receive.

However, this additional HP won't affect abilities that scale based on a character’s max or current HP.

Synergies: Who Benefits the Most

Burst Abilities

Characters with distributed damage abilities, such as 2B, can maximize the healing they receive from Marciana.

The reason is that distributed damage remains constant regardless of the number of enemies, ensuring high healing output.

High-Damage Units

Units that can generate tremendous damage in a short period will find Marciana's lifesteal effect incredibly beneficial.

In tests, DPS units healed themselves for roughly 100,000 HP via normal attacks when affected by Marciana's lifesteal.

Weapon and Reload Types: A Double-Edged Sword

Marciana Shotgun Weapon Type Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Marciana comes equipped with a semi-automatic shotgun, which impacts her ability to reapply buffs quickly.

Unlike characters like Drake and Pepper, who have incremental reload types, Marciana's semi-automatic nature causes a 4-second downtime on her lifesteal buff.

Comparing Marciana to Other Healers

Unique Selling Points

Marciana is one of the few burst type 2 healers who can provide consistent healing.

This makes her an alternative to other healers like Pepper, Helm, and Rapunzel, who may not offer as much consistency.


Marciana's healing could be more efficient if not for her semi-automatic reload type, which limits her buff reapplication frequency.

Build and Investment: What You Need to Know

Marciana Skill Info Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

  1. Skills: Focusing on Skill 1 and Skill 2 is enough for effective healing.
  2. Equipment: Upgrading her helmet, boots, and chest piece will be enough for improved healing. Overloads are unnecessary.
  3. Harmony Cube - Resilience: This is your best option for Marciana, making her easy to build and upgrade.

Final Verdict and Recommendations

Marciana's value is closely tied to the strength of your DPS characters.

While she's a good low-investment healer, the overall investment in your DPS units will determine her effectiveness.

With the anniversary event around the corner and potentially game-changing characters on the horizon, it might be wise to hold off on pulling for Marciana unless you lack good healers.

Marciana Ratings

Given her reload type, Marciana falls around the S tier on average, possibly rising to double S-tier for specific solo bosses.


Marciana Character Overview Goddess of Victory: NIKKE

Marciana is a unique addition to the Nikke game, offering distinct mechanics and a fresh approach to healing.

While she has her limitations, her unique set of skills and synergies make her a character worth considering.

Whether or not she is a must-pull will largely depend on your current roster and future game plans.