Maid Privaty: The Ultimate Shotgun Powerhouse in NIKKE

Maid Privaty: The Ultimate Shotgun Powerhouse in NIKKE
Last updated:
March 12, 2024

Maid Privaty has quickly become a fan favorite in the NIKKE universe.

This guide dives into the character's gameplay mechanics, skill prioritization, and team synergy to determine if Maid Privaty truly lives up to the hype.

Let's jump right in!

Complete Maid Privaty Guide: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Maid Privaty: Skill Analysis

in game maid privaty skill info details in NIKKE

Skill 1: Passionate Maid

This passive skill triggers after landing attacks with pellets 30 times, targeting the 2 nearest enemies to the crosshair, dealing 202.84% of final ATK as additional damage.

This skill emphasizes her role as a damage dealer, especially effective in crowded situations or against high-priority targets.

Skill 2: Loving Maid

It improves her reloading speed by 20.88% for 2 seconds when more than 5 pellets hit with a single normal attack.

This boosts her DPS by ensuring her shotgun is reloaded faster.

Additionally, hitting with 30 pellets during Full Burst Time increases her ATK by 11.22%, stackable up to 5 times, and lasts for 2 seconds.

This significantly enhances her damage output under continuous fire.

Burst: Your Bashful Maid!

On activation, she receives a 10.56% attack damage increase and an 88.17% critical damage boost for 10 seconds, combined with a massive 1066.66% of final ATK damage to all enemies.

This burst skill combines a powerful personal buff with a devastating area attack, ideal for clearing waves of enemies and dealing massive damage.

Skill Prioritization

Burst: Your Bashful Maid!

This is Maid Privaty's most powerful attack, offering both a significant damage boost to herself and dealing massive damage to all enemies.

Save this burst for critical moments—either when facing a large group of enemies to maximize its area effect or against bosses/high-value targets to take advantage of the critical damage increase.

Ideally, activate her burst after stacking the ATK boosts from Skill 2 to maximize its damage output.

Skill 2: Loving Maid

Early in the battle, focus on engaging Maid Privaty in a way that maximizes the hit rate of her pellets.

This will not only increase her damage output quickly but also speed up her reload time, keeping her in action more consistently.

Given the stacking ATK boost that comes with Skill 2, it's imperative to activate this skill early and maintain its effects throughout the engagement.

Skill 1: Passionate Maid

While this skill activates passively, understanding its mechanics allows you to position Maid Privaty optimally.

Focus on ensuring she's placed where she can hit multiple targets with her pellets, maximizing the additional damage dealt to the nearest enemies.

Optimal Harmony Cubes

in game maid privaty harmony cube details in NIKKE

Bastion Cube

Particularly effective for late-game units with Max ammo + rolls on their Overloaded gear.

It shines in scenarios where avoiding reload is crucial, especially for machine gun (MG) units.

While Maid Privaty isn't an MG, the principle of minimizing downtime through reloading is beneficial for maximizing her damage output.

May outperform the Resilience Cube in specific situations due to its synergy with units that have significant ammo enhancements from gear, offering an indirect boost to sustained damage by reducing reload frequency.

Wingman Cube

More suitable for mid-game stages or as a secondary option for core DPS units and SGs.

Its additive effect on ammo capacity means it's less effective for units already benefiting from Max ammo rolls from Overloaded gear.

The additive nature of its ammo increase makes it less impactful compared to the multiplicative or more fundamentally enhancing effects of other cubes.

Assault Cube

Best used by SGs or as a general stat stick to improve the accuracy of low-accuracy weapons.

This cube helps Maid Privaty hit distant targets and core shots more reliably.

While enhancing hit rate is valuable, the presence of units like Leona, which provide a substantial hit rate boost, might diminish the Assault Cube's relative importance for Maid Privaty.

Resilience Cube

The most versatile and generally beneficial cube across various stages of the game.

It's particularly valuable for units with lengthy reload times, making it a prime choice for Maid Privaty, who relies on consistent damage output.

Given its impact on reload speed, the Resilience Cube stands out as a top choice for enhancing Maid Privaty's performance, ensuring she can maintain a steady rate of fire and skill activation.

Gear and Overload Lines

in game maid privaty character stats details in NIKKE

Gear Focus & Overload Lines

When it comes to gear and Overloading, which allows for further customization and enhancement of gear stats, focusing on the following lines can provide significant benefits to Maid Privaty:

Max Ammo: Increasing the maximum ammo capacity allows Maid Privaty to sustain her attacks for longer periods before needing to reload. This is particularly beneficial in prolonged engagements or when facing multiple enemies.

ATK Percentage Increase: Overload lines that boost ATK percentage further amplify her damage output, stacking with gear enhancements to make her a formidable damage dealer.

Critical Rate/Damage Boost: Enhancing these stats through Overload lines will further increase her burst potential, especially when paired with skills that already boost Critical Damage.

Reload Speed: Prioritizing Overload lines that decrease reload time can significantly impact her performance by allowing her to maintain a higher DPS, making her more effective in combat.

Hit Rate Enhancement: For situations where accuracy is key, Overload lines that improve Hit Rate can ensure more of her shots hit their mark, especially important for targeting cores or high-evasion enemies.

Team Synergy

in game maid privaty team setup in NIKKE

Core Team Synergy Components

Attack Buff Stacking

Integrating Tove or Leona is crucial as they enable Privaty to accumulate attack stacks for her second skill, optimizing her damage output.

This synergy is essential for maximizing Privaty's potential.

Defensive Gaps

A team comprising solely Tove or Leona and Privaty may lack cooldown reduction (CDR), defensive capabilities, or healing.

This gap in defense and sustain is a significant challenge to address in team building.

Balancing Support and DPS

Opting for a mix of Tove or Leona with a CDR unit (e.g., Dolla, Helm: Aquamarine) attempts to balance the team but still omits a healer, leaving a vulnerability.

Alternative Synergies and Adjustments

Bunnies or School Girls

While they provide alternative support mechanisms, their inclusion often raises questions about role overlap and the precision required to target cores effectively, given shotguns' inherent accuracy challenges.

Noir Integration

Running Noir without Blanc offers additional shotgun support, allowing for a composition that might include another shotgun DPS, Leona, Privaty, and a flexible slot.

This approach still struggles with the lack of a dedicated healer.

Summer Anis and Electric Shotgun DPS

A team focused on emptying magazines quickly could leverage Summer Anis and another electric shotgun DPS.

However, this setup conflicts with Tove's buffs and still suffers from a lack of healing.

Strategies for Overcoming Limitations

Hybrid Teams

Consider creating a hybrid team that balances attack buffs, CDR, and healing by carefully selecting units that can offer more than one of these aspects, even if not perfectly.

Flex Slot

Use the flex slot to address the most significant gap in your team composition, whether it's healing, defense, or additional DPS.

This requires prioritizing what your team lacks most critically.

Maximizing Maid Privaty's Potential

in game maid privaty combat animation in NIKKE

Understanding Pellet Mechanics

Pellet Spread

When a shotgun fires, it releases multiple pellets that spread out in a cone shape.

The spread determines how wide the pellets disperse, affecting hit probability on targets at various distances.

Hit Probability

Closer targets are more likely to be hit by more pellets, increasing damage.

At longer ranges, pellets spread out, reducing the number of pellets that can hit a single target.

Damage Calculation

Each pellet has its own damage calculation.

The total damage output of a shotgun blast is the sum of the damage from each pellet that hits a target.

Maximizing Pellet Impact

Identify and maintain the optimal range for Maid Privaty.

This is a distance where her pellet spread is narrow enough to ensure most pellets hit the target but not so close that she's at risk from enemy attacks.

You should also group enemies together. This increases the efficacy of each shotgun blast, as more pellets will hit targets within the blast area.

Focus on eliminating high-threat targets first or use her area damage capabilities to clear groups of weaker enemies quickly.


Adjust your approach based on the content you're facing.

Some scenarios may require you to focus more on single-target damage, while others might benefit from her area damage capabilities.

Keep optimizing her gear and team composition as you acquire new resources and units.

Maid Privaty's effectiveness can significantly increase with the right upgrades and strategic adjustments.

Final Thoughts

Privaty: Unkind Maid stands out as a versatile and powerful DPS character in NIKKE, especially for if you're willing to dive into the nuances of shotgun mechanics and team building.

While she may require specific supports to reach her full potential, her capabilities make her a top-tier addition to any lineup.