Is Rerolling Worth It in Honkai: Star Rail? A Deep Dive

Is Rerolling Worth It in Honkai: Star Rail? A Deep Dive
Last updated:
October 2, 2023

In the world of gacha games, the concept of rerolling - starting the game multiple times to gain favorable initial rewards - is a common practice.

However, is it really worth it in Honkai: Star Rail? Let's uncover the truth and explore the process of rerolling in this exciting game.

Is Rerolling Worth It in Honkai: Star Rail? A Deep Dive

The Quick Answer: Is Rerolling Worth It?

In a nutshell, no. Rerolling in Honkai: Star Rail may not be the best use of your time. Here's why:

Account Limitations and Tutorial Length

With Mihoyo's recent removal of the Guest Login option, you'd need to create a new account for every reroll attempt.

Pair this with a story-heavy tutorial that takes 30-40 minutes to finish, and you're in for a potentially lengthy rerolling process.

Low Gacha Rates and Limited Pulls

The game's rates for a 5-star character stand at 0.3%/0.6%, which might mean hours of rerolling to get your desired character.

Given that you can only do around 20-22 pulls when you unlock Warping, the chances of landing your favorite character are relatively slim.

However, you're guaranteed to get a 5-star character from the Departure Warp Banner within the first 50 pulls.

The Rerolling Process

If you're still keen on trying your luck, here's a simplified rerolling process:

  1. Log in with a new email.
  2. Complete the 30-40 minute tutorial.
  3. Perform your pulls.
  4. Log out and log in with a new email.

Navigating the Prologue

The prologue serves as an introduction to Honkai: Star Rail, leading you through the game's narrative and mechanics. Here's a detailed breakdown:

  • Character Introduction: The prologue starts with you playing as Kafka alongside Silver Wolf. They're soon replaced by the main character - whom you can choose as either male or female - along with March 7th and Dan Heng. Himeko joins your team temporarily, aiding in battles.
  • Learning the Basics: As you progress, the game introduces you to Traces, Light Cones, and other game mechanics. You'll engage in numerous battles, including a boss fight, learning the nuances of the combat system.
  • Dialogues: A significant chunk of the prologue is dedicated to character dialogues. These conversations provide important context and storyline but can be time-consuming since they can't be skipped.
  • Unlocking Warping: The culmination of the prologue is meeting Asta and unlocking the gacha system, termed "Warping" in the game.

To optimize your time, use your Adventure Logs to level up the main character and Dan Heng, enhancing their damage output and speeding up battles.

Optimizing Your Pulls

Upon completing the tutorial, you'll receive 20 Star Rail Passes from pre-register rewards.

However, you can't use these Passes on Rate-Up banners as they require Star Rail Special Passes.

So, your options are the Departure Warp (beginner banner) or Stellar Warp (regular banner).

Reaching Trailblaze Level 5 will reward you with an additional 10 Star Rail Passes from the launch progression event.

If you can reach Trailblaze Level 15, which may take 2-3 hours, you'll receive enough Star Rail Passes to reach the 50-pull pity on the Departure Warp, as this banner has a 20% discount.

Choosing a Reroll Method

The reroll method you choose should align with your goals and patience level. Here are your options:

  • The Greedy and Fast Reroll: This method involves immediately pulling on the Stellar Warp banner after unlocking Warping. The aim is to start with two 5-star characters, one from the Stellar Warp banner and another from the Departure Warp's 50-pull pity. However, achieving this could take numerous tries due to low gacha rates. Time required: around 40 minutes.
  • The Patient Reroll: This method involves pulling on the Departure Warp banner after unlocking Warping. If you're unlucky initially, continue playing to get more tickets at Trailblaze Levels 5 and 15, eventually reaching the 50-pull pity. Time required: from 30 minutes (lucky) to 150 minutes (50-pull pity).
  • The Chest Run: Shared by Youtuber Volkin, this method involves pulling on the Departure Warp banner after unlocking Warping. If you're unlucky, play more to reach Trailblaze Level 5 for more tickets. From this point, instead of progressing the story, buy a few summon tickets in the store and do a chest run to gather the remaining Jades. Time required: around 70 minutes.

Each method has its pros and cons, so choose the one that best suits your playstyle and game goals.

Unveiling the Characters in Honkai: Star Rail

In Honkai: Star Rail, both 5-star characters and Light Cones are up for grabs from the banners. The potential 5-star characters you might encounter include:

For the Standard banner, the odds of pulling a 5-star character or a 5-star Light Cone are each 0.3%. Meanwhile, the chances of acquiring a 4-star character are set at 5.1%.

So, which of these illustrious characters is the best? Let's delve into each character's strengths and weaknesses to provide a comprehensive understanding.

Character Insights and Reroll Value

Here's our ranking from highest to lowest priority while rerolling:

Bronya - Wind Support: Bronya is arguably the most versatile support character available on release. Her buffs are highly beneficial, and her unique ability to advance an ally's action makes her essential for running a hypercarry team. Regardless of your team's setup, Bronya’s abilities are likely to enhance your team's performance significantly. In the early game, though, defensive support characters might provide more value due to the nature of damage multipliers.

Gepard - Ice Shielder: Gepard, an advanced shielder, can shield the entire party simultaneously, offering robust protection. In some scenarios, Gepard’s shielding capabilities are so strong that you might not even need a healer in your party. However, his shield ability is locked behind his Ultimate, and the rest of his kit can feel underwhelming if you don't have his E1.

Bailu - Lightning Healer: Bailu's distinct advantage lies in her being one of the few healers in the game, making her a critical character for the Forgotten Hall, where having two teams with a healer each becomes a necessity. Her revive passive helps cover tactical errors, saving the first ally from death in a battle. It's a fantastic ability to have for general content and is exceptionally crucial in Simulated Universe. However, you'll get Natasha, another healer, quite early, making Bailu somewhat less essential unless you're into hardcore gaming.

Welt - Imaginary Debuffer: Welt is a valuable asset when you want to slow down enemies and delay their actions, allowing your team more time to attack. However, in Honkai: Star Rail, speeding up your characters is often more effective than slowing down your enemies, making Welt's debuffing abilities less essential in some scenarios.

Clara - Physical DPS: Clara offers a unique gameplay style where she sits back while her mecha protector, Svarog, deals with the enemies. Her damage potential is the highest among all characters available at release, provided the right conditions are met in the battle. However, Clara requires a team built around her to fully harness her potential. Additionally, she isn't the best choice for farming, as her strategy relies on waiting for enemies to attack first.

Yanqing - Ice DPS: Yanqing is a powerhouse when it comes to dealing massive single-target damage. His ability to self-buff and increase his critical rate and damage makes him a formidable character in the early game. However, any damage Yanqing sustains results in him losing his buffs, making it necessary to pair him with a shielder to maximize his damage output.

Himeko - Fire DPS: Himeko excels at dealing AoE damage, making her the ideal choice for clearing waves of enemies. If there are multiple enemies or bosses that spawn minions, Himeko is your go-to character. However, her damage output decreases substantially when only a single boss remains, making it essential to pair her with a single-target DPS for balance.

Each character brings unique value to the table, and their usefulness often depends on the specific context and team setup. Therefore, it's important to take these factors into account when deciding which characters to aim for in your reroll strategy.

In conclusion, while rerolling is a common practice in many gacha games, its value in Honkai: Star Rail is debatable.

Assess your time, patience, and game goals before deciding on this time-consuming process!