Genshin Impact's Weekly Boss Battles: A Comprehensive Guide

Genshin Impact's Weekly Boss Battles: A Comprehensive Guide
Last updated:
March 27, 2024

Genshin Impact offers a world filled with diverse bosses, each presenting unique challenges.

Among these, weekly bosses stand out due to their complexity, significant rewards, and the weekly attempt restrictions.

This guide provides strategies for defeating them, ensuring you're equipped to extract the maximum value from each encounter.

Weekly Bosses Guide in Genshin Impact

Introduction to Weekly Bosses

in game trounce domain in genshin impact

Weekly bosses in Genshin Impact are high-level enemies designed to test the strength of even the most seasoned adventurers.

These battles not only demand skill and strategy but also offer valuable rewards, including artifacts, ascension materials, and talent level-up materials crucial for character development.

Due to the limit of rewards obtainable per week, maximizing efficiency in these battles is crucial.

Preparing for Battle

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Before diving into the specifics of each boss, it's essential to understand the universal preparation steps:

  • Party Composition: Tailor your team to exploit each boss's elemental weaknesses. Include a healer or characters with self-sustaining abilities to ensure longevity in battle.
  • Gear and Artifacts: Equip your characters with the best possible gear, focusing on artifacts that enhance their strengths and compensate for any weaknesses.
  • Food and Potions: Stock up on relevant consumables that boost attack, defense, or elemental resistances.

Andrius: Lupus Boreas

in game lupus boreas in genshin impact

The battle against the Wolf Boss, known as Boreas or Andrius in Genshin Impact, offers a challenging yet rewarding experience.

Phase 1

During Phase 1, maintaining mid-range distance is crucial.

Being too close makes dodging the melee AoE with an ice circle difficult, whereas staying too far invites a charge attack.

Key attacks to watch for include:

  • Ice Circle AOE: When the ice circle isn't directly under him, run away to avoid damage.
  • Charge Attack: Dodge to the side to avoid this straightforward assault.
  • Swipe Attack: Look out for a noticeable startup and dodge accordingly.

Phase 2

After transforming and merging with the Anemo element, Boreas heightens the challenge:

  • Icicle Ring: Creates a blue spiral aura, summoning icicles that target your location. Dodge while managing melee attacks.
  • Outer Ice: The arena's outer half becomes icy, damaging if stood upon. Prefer staying close to limit Boreas's attacks to more predictable claw and tail swipes.

Phase 3

Entering the enraged phase, Boreas summons mini wolves attacking every three seconds, complicating dodging efforts.

The strategy remains similar to Phase 2, focusing on evasion and consistent damage.

Tactic for Phase 1

For those seeking an alternative approach to Phase 1, there's a tactic.

Climb the right side at the arena's entrance. From this vantage point, you can attack Boreas without retaliation.

This method only applies to Phase 1 and extends the fight duration.

After two minutes, an ice ring forces you back into the fray, making this tactic unsuitable for Phase 2.

Navigating Boreas's Ranged Attacks

Boreas's ranged assaults in Phase 2 necessitate distinct dodging strategies:

  • Blue Projectiles: Sidestep to avoid.
  • Green Sonic Waves: Dodge between the waves or time your dash to use iFrames.

Dvalin: Stormterror

in game stormterror in genshin impact

Stormterror, also known as Dvalin, presents a formidable challenge in Genshin Impact.

Finding Safety and Attacking Opportunely

The middle of the platform, far from Stormterror, is your sanctuary.

This position keeps you safe from most attacks, especially when Dvalin vanishes off-screen, signaling an impending attack targeting the platform's center.

When Dvalin ascends slowly, approach him; this signals his vulnerability after a claw slam—a surprising fact: the slam itself is harmless.

Position yourself opposite the direction his head faces to attack his claw safely.

Exploiting Weaknesses

After damaging a claw sufficiently, seize the chance to climb Dvalin's neck to reach the crystal.

Aim to climb directly under the crystal for stability, as the collision on the platform can be unpredictable.

Melee attacks are recommended to ensure consistent damage and prevent falling off.

Dvalin's fireball attack, signaled by swaying, launches two pairs of fireballs.

Evade these by running to the platform's sides or timing your dash to utilize invincibility frames.

Adapting to Dvalin's Rampage

Once Dvalin inflicts over 25% damage, he'll set your platform ablaze.

Utilize air currents to glide to a safe, non-glowing platform.

During transitions, be wary of Dvalin's dive attack; either outmaneuver it from the start or wait in the air column until it's safe to move.

A bite attack can be effortlessly dodged by staying in the designated safe spot.

Dvalin's bite will miss, allowing for additional hits.

Dealing with Advanced Attacks

If Dvalin distances himself, he'll target the platform's center with a massive fireball.

Positioning at the far corners of the platform allows you to avoid damage completely.

In his final health phase, Dvalin summons a meteor shower.

Watch for ground indicators and steer clear of the impact zones while continuing to dodge his standard attacks.


in game childe boss in genshin impact

Genshin Impact's Childe, also known as Tartaglia, is one of the most dynamic bosses in the game.

Preparing for Battle

Childe becomes available as a boss fight upon reaching Adventure Rank (AR) 35 and advancing through the relevant story quest introduced in Patch 1.1.

Afterward, he's accessible as a weekly boss south of Liyue Harbor.

Phase One

Maintain a mid-range distance.

Childe initiates the fight with ranged attacks, which you can dodge by moving sideways.

He has three main attack patterns during this phase:

  • Multiple Arrows: Dodge by walking to the side. After his final shot, which he slightly recoils from, counterattack.
  • Empowered Shot: Consists of six shots, with the last two requiring a quick side dash to avoid and retaliate.
  • Water Waves: Treat similarly to the arrow attacks and move to the side to dodge.

Keep moving in a circle around Childe to evade his straight-line attacks.

After he fires, you have a brief window to counter.

Phase one focuses on patience and seizing opportunities to strike without getting hit.

Phase Two

Phase two becomes simpler with a ranged character due to Childe's swift melee attacks post-teleportation.

If he teleports towards you, immediately dash away to evade a follow-up combo.

Identify his attack patterns:

  • Single and Dual Slashes: Dash behind him after these moves to dodge and counter.
  • Electric Lance: Prepare for multiple dashes as he charges at you several times.

As Childe's health depletes, he initiates phase three by incorporating elemental attacks.

Whether you choose to engage at close or long range, anticipate his teleportation and adjust your dodges accordingly.

Phase Three

Childe mixes projectiles with melee in this final phase.

For projectiles, sidestepping remains effective.

For melee, delay your dodges based on his slower attack animations.

  • Lightning Strike: This jump attack hits twice, making it difficult to dodge completely. Utilizing characters with shields or Venti's ability to float can mitigate this damage.

Additional Phase Three Attacks

  • Rain of Arrows: Keep moving to avoid impact.
  • Water Wells: Stay clear of their radius, then close in on Childe to evade the splash damage.


in game azdaha in genshin impact

Azhdaha, Genshin Impact's formidable weekly boss, presents a challenge with its unique attack patterns and elemental phases.

Preparing for the Battle

To face Azhdaha, players must complete Zhongli's second story quest.

Unlock this quest through the story tab in your journal by spending a story key.

This journey begins with Catherine in Liyue and leads you directly to Azhdaha's domain, where he becomes accessible as a weekly boss upon completion.

Melee Strategy

Attacking Azhdaha from the front is perilous due to his broad and hard-to-dodge attacks.

Instead, focus your efforts on his tail, utilizing characters like Razor for DPS and Rosaria for elemental reactions.

Jean and Bennett can offer healing and cleanse debuffs, with Zhongli providing excellent shielding.

Concentrate on evading stomps from Azhdaha's back feet and the tail slam, identifiable by a distinctive raise and wag of his tail.

After Azhdaha burrows, position yourself at the arena's edge facing outwards to force him to reappear in the center, avoiding direct confrontation.

Ranged Strategy

A ranged team, potentially featuring Ganyu as DPS, Diona for cryo resonance and shielding, Xiangling for additional damage, and Bennett for attack buffs and healing, allows for a safer engagement.

Phase Transitioning

Azhdaha's transitions between phases are marked by significant, arena-wide stomps.

Keep your distance during these transitions to avoid damage.

Each elemental phase introduces specific hazards that require adjusted responses:

  • Hydro Phase: Water orbs circulate the arena. Maintain a central position to minimize risk, but be wary of orbs that may cross through the middle.
  • Electro Phase: Azhdaha's tail becomes even more dangerous, with additional electro explosions following his tail slams. Stay alert to avoid these augmented attacks.

Phase Three

In his electro phase, Azhdaha introduces new attacks, including electro spikes and an area-of-effect attack that summons electro balls.

For the spikes, dodge into their landing area to utilize iFrames effectively.

When dealing with the electro balls, keep moving to avoid being hit.

As Azhdaha's health diminishes, he may become infused with both hydro and electro elements simultaneously, requiring quick DPS to bring him down before the combined elemental attacks overwhelm you.

La Signora

in game la signora in genshin impact

La Signora, one of Genshin Impact's most challenging enemies, requires strategic skill to defeat.

Phase 1: Cryo Phase

La Signora introduces a mechanic similar to the Dragonspine region's sheer cold.

Standing on icy terrain accelerates the gauge's increase, which can be mitigated by destroying or standing next to lanterns scattered across the arena.

Despite shield use, this mechanic bypasses shields, dealing direct damage when the gauge fills.

La Signora employs a variety of cryo attacks, from ice lines and homing wheels to blizzards and ice spheres.

Most attacks leave icy trails that increase the sheer cold gauge, which can be cleansed with lanterns.

Phase 2: Pyro Phase

Switching to her pyro form, La Signora's attacks now build up blazing heat, handled similarly to sheer cold.

Her resistance shifts to a 70% pyro resistance, altering the strategy required for this phase.

Combat Strategies

Phase 1 Tactics

La Signora's frontal attacks are powerful and numerous.

Engage from a distance or utilize the lanterns to clear icy terrain and reduce the sheer cold.

Utilize lanterns effectively. Destroying lanterns offers an immediate reduction of the sheer cold gauge and clears icy ground, essential for maintaining health.

During her transformation cocoon phase, collect moths that spawn to deal significant damage to her protective shield.

Phase 2 Tactics

Stay vigilant for the flame whip attack in its various forms.

Distance and dodging are key to avoiding damage.

Meteors dominate the arena but strangely avoid corners.

Use this to your advantage by positioning yourself in far corners, especially during her flame spear and fire tornado attacks.

La Signora becomes invulnerable during this attack.

Prioritize dodging over attacking, using corners as safe havens to reduce blazing heat.

Raiden Shogun

in game raiden shogun boss in genshin impact

Facing the Raiden Shogun in Genshin Impact presents a formidable challenge that tests both your combat skills and strategic planning.

Essential Tips for Team Composition

Including at least one Electro character in your lineup is crucial for dealing with certain boss mechanics efficiently.

The rest of your team should focus on dealing significant damage, with a healer to mitigate the boss's punishing attacks.

Understanding Raiden Shogun's Forms

  • Human Form: Raiden Shogun starts in her human form. Look out for a white flash signaling her melee attacks, which is your cue to dash away.
  • Shadow Lord Form: When her rage meter fills, she transforms into a more defensive Shadow Lord form. Your objective here is to deplete her shield using Pyro and Cryo attacks primarily, although she transitions back to human form after the shield is broken.

Navigating Phase One (Human Form)

Maintain a safe distance to sidestep her melee attacks.

If positioned afar, be ready to dodge her ranged electrocution attack.

  • Electrocute and Electrical Eyes: Destroy the single electrocute or one of the three electrical eyes quickly to prevent damage and to exploit her weakened state.

Transitioning to Shadow Lord Form

In her Shadow Lord form, your team's energy drains over time, so utilize bursts immediately.

Focus on breaking her shield with elemental attacks, especially Pyro and Cryo, to force her back into human form.

Phase Two (Shadow Lord Form) Tactics

  • Avoid Melee Range: Raiden's melee attacks become more potent. Keep a distance and watch for the white flash on her sword to dodge effectively.
  • Shadow Hands and Eye Slash Dash: These new attacks require precise timing to dodge. Pay close attention to her cues and dash at the right moment.
  • Electrical Pillars: She summons pillars that emit ground waves, which can be dodged by positioning yourself wisely in the arena.

The Final Challenge: One-Hit KO Slash

Raiden Shogun's most dangerous attack in her Shadow Lord form involves an electro flower that must be destroyed quickly to prevent a fatal blow.

An Electro character can instantly neutralize this threat.


in game scaramouche boss in genshin impact

Scaramouche, also known as Foul Legacy, appeared as a weekly boss in Genshin Impact version 3.2.

Team Recommendations

For this electrifying encounter, it's crucial to include at least one Archer or caster in your team, preferably not adapted to Electro or Hydro.

This selection becomes vital in the latter part of the fight for targeting specific boss mechanics effectively.

Phase One

The battle arena features six nodes, with Electro nodes playing a crucial role.

Activating these nodes by collecting crystals and charging your pet stuns Scaramouche, offering a window for significant damage.

Ignore the Hydro node and utilize Pyro and Cryo nodes carefully, as they clear elemental hazards with minimal impact on the fight.

Crystals: The Key to Controlling the Battle

Collect large crystals or two small ones to fully charge your pet.

Activating both Electro nodes not only stuns Scaramouche but also unlocks a secret achievement.

This phase focuses on avoiding Scaramouche's Electro missiles, pyramid projectiles, and the Merry-Go-Round attack, emphasizing movement and dodging.

Transition to Phase Two

In Phase 2, players should focus on maintaining distance to dodge his attacks, including stomp slams and orbital beams.

Collecting crystals to charge and use a Dendro bomb against Scaramouche is crucial for breaking his shield and speeding up the fight.

The phase demands mobility and elemental reactions to destroy summoned scraps for faster Dendro bomb charging.

Tactics for Phase Two

  1. Stay Mobile: Maintain distance to easily dodge stomps, slams, and charged attacks.
  2. Target Crystals Again: Continue collecting crystals to charge a Dendro bomb, crucial for depleting Scaramouche's enhanced shield.

The Final Showdown: Overcoming the Spirit Bomb

The climax of the battle requires destroying Electro drones and a turret before Scaramouche unleashes a devastating Spirit Bomb.

Utilize your Archer or caster to dismantle these obstacles swiftly, then collect crystals to launch a final Dendro bomb against Scaramouche.

Victory Strategies

  • Optimal Positioning: Stay on the edge to avoid powerful AOE attacks and focus on dodging and counterattacking.
  • Efficient Crystal Use: Strategically activate nodes to stun Scaramouche and mitigate elemental hazards.
  • Power Through the Final Phase: Gather your strength and unleash your most potent attacks once Scaramouche's shield is down.

Apep: Dendro Dragon

in game apep in genshin impact

Apep, the formidable Dendro Dragon, emerges as a new weekly boss in the Genshin Impact universe, located in the Sumeru Desert's third region.

Accessible after completing Nahida's Second Story Quest, Apep presents a unique battle experience across three distinct phases, without demanding specific team compositions or elemental advantages, aside from a slight preference for non-Dendro attacks.

Phase One

The initial phase of the battle with Apep is straightforward.

The dragon showcases four slow attacks, with the primary objective being to dismantle all its tails to progress to the second phase.

This phase lacks gimmicks, allowing players to focus on avoiding attacks and targeting the boss effectively.

Phase Two

The second phase introduces a wave of minions (additional enemies) that players must defeat to fill an energy bar, with larger minions presenting more significant challenges and abilities.

Prioritizing these larger adversaries is key, as they can shield, empower, or even aggressively attack players if not dealt with promptly.

Transition to Phase Three

As Apep transitions into the third phase, the battle intensifies with several AOE attacks.

The most critical attack to avoid is the dendro rain, which can deal massive damage.

Players should seek refuge under barrier domes to evade this attack and achieve a secret achievement for avoiding the rain damage altogether.

All-Devouring Narwhal

in game all-devouring narwhal in genshin impact

Dive into the depths of Fontaine to challenge the All-Devouring Narwhal, a new weekly boss in Genshin Impact.

Battle Overview

The battle unfolds in two distinct phases, each demanding unique strategies but free from strict team composition requirements.

Appreciate the battle's scenic underwater beauty while you engage with the Narwhal and its summoned abyss warrior.

Phase One

The Narwhal freely swims across the arena, signaling its attacks with easily noticeable indicators.

It primarily uses body slams and orbital beams, allowing you ample time to dodge.

Key Strategies

  • Focus on dodging the telegraphed body slams and beams by observing ground indicators.
  • Utilize the arena's periphery to avoid the beam's focus area, especially during the Narwhal's shallow dive attacks.

Phase Two

Inside the Narwhal, you face an aggressive abyss warrior, faster and more relentless but susceptible to a quick takedown.

Notably, interrupting its charged attack with Pneuma or Ousia properties simplifies the encounter, though not mandatory.

Transitioning Between Phases

Fill the "Well Status" gauge by combating the Narwhal and its abyssal warrior to toggle between the inside and outside phases.

Breaking the orb that appears upon filling the gauge transports you inside the Narwhal, setting the stage for phase two.

The Narwhal's Attack Patterns

  • Body Slams & Beams: Steer clear of the illuminated floor sections to dodge these attacks.
  • Orbital Beams: Keep an ear out for the distinctive sound cue and move away from the marked zones.
  • Inside Abyss Warrior: Dodge behind the warrior to avoid its dual-phase attacks, and keep moving to dodge random lightning strikes.

Tips for Success

in game boss archives in genshin impact

Preparation is Key

  • Team Composition: Adjust your team to exploit the boss's elemental weaknesses. Including a healer or a character with strong shields can provide necessary sustainability.
  • Elemental Reactions: Utilize elemental reactions effectively. Combining elements like Pyro and Electro for Overloaded damage can significantly impact your success.
  • Character Leveling: Ensure your main DPS characters are leveled up, equipped with the best weapons, and have their talents upgraded.

Understand the Boss Mechanics

Each boss has unique attack patterns and weaknesses.

Study these by watching guides or through trial runs.

Knowing when to dodge, attack, or utilize special abilities can turn the tide of battle.

Utilize Food and Potions

Boost your characters' performance with food that increases attack, defense, or critical hit rate.

Potions that enhance elemental resistance or damage can also be a game-changer.

Energy Management

Enter the battle with full Elemental Burst gauges to unleash powerful attacks right from the start.

Consider using characters that can generate energy quickly to maintain a high rate of Elemental Burst usage.

Environment and Positioning

Positioning can significantly affect your ability to dodge attacks or hit the boss's weak spots.

Be mindful of the battlefield, utilizing it to your advantage whenever possible.

Bring the Right Supports

Characters that can apply buffs, debuffs, or heal can drastically increase your team's survivability and damage output.

Don’t underestimate the power of support roles in these challenging encounters.

Adapt and Overcome

If your current strategy isn’t working, don’t be afraid to experiment with different team compositions or tactics.

Sometimes, a small change can lead to a breakthrough.

Practice Makes Perfect

Learning the boss's patterns takes time.

Don’t get discouraged by initial failures.

Each attempt teaches you more about the boss, bringing you closer to victory.

Optimize Gear and Artifacts

Ensure your characters are equipped with the optimal artifacts, focusing on stats that complement their roles and abilities.

Even a slight increase in damage or survivability can be crucial.

Stay Calm and Focused

Keeping a cool head allows you to react to boss attacks more effectively and make better decisions under pressure.

Take breaks if you find yourself getting frustrated.

Final Thoughts on Weekly Bosses

Weekly bosses in Genshin Impact are not just obstacles but opportunities to test your mastery of the game's mechanics and strategy.

By preparing adequately and employing adjusted strategies for each boss, you can ensure a fruitful battle, reaping the rewards necessary to strengthen your characters and progress further in the game.

Remember, success in these battles is a blend of preparation, skill, and understanding of each boss's unique mechanics.