How to Ace the Beach Festival Fun! Event in FF7 Ever Crisis

How to Ace the Beach Festival Fun! Event in FF7 Ever Crisis
Last updated:
September 22, 2023

So, you're excited about the latest FF7 Ever Crisis summer event, the Beach Festival Fun!?

Well, you've come to the right place!

This guide will walk you through how to get the most out of this late summer event.

How to Approach the Beach Festival Fun Event in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Event Overview and Rewards

When and Where

Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  • Event Duration: September 10, 2023, 7PM PDT to September 28, 2023, 3:59 PM PDT
  • Pre-requisites: Clear FF7 Chapter 1 Main Section 3 EP 1 "The Destruction of Mako Reactor 5"
  • Where to find it: In the events tab at the home menu

Collect Those Exchange Items

By participating in the event battles, you'll collect "Huge Mega Watermelons" and "Lifesavers".

Zack's Tropical Beach Outfit Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

These items can be exchanged for various items, including Zack's limited-time outfit Tropical Beach and Zack's character-specific weapon parts.

Get Your Hands on Zack's 5-Star Weapons

Zack's Beach Parasol Weapon Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Zack's 5-star weapon Beach Parasol is up for grabs as a reward in this event.

It's an excellent sub-weapon with a non-elemental magic C ability and an HP-boosting R ability.

A Step-by-Step Guide to Make the Most of the Summer Event

Efficiently Running the Event

Unlock Those Event Stories and Quests
Prologue Stage Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Kick things off by progressing through single-player battles.

This will unlock event stories and higher difficulty stages for you.

Reap Your First Multiplayer Rewards
Co-op Stage 1 Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Step into the co-op stages and grab your first batch of rewards.

Daily and Event Missions
Daily Event Missions Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Don't forget to claim your daily and event mission rewards.

Gather Those Weapon Enhancement Items

Use the collected "Huge Mega Watermelons" and "Lifesavers" to snag weapon enhancement items and strengthen your party.

Burn That Stamina in Single-Player Quests
Stamina Event Missions Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Aim to spend 500 stamina in the "Solo battle Watermelon Tonberry 7" stage to get all available Beach Parasol weapons.

Consume 1,000 stamina in solo battles to get an event-themed home wallpaper.

Take on the Single "EX Watermelon Tonberry 1" Stage
EX Watermelon Tonberry 1 Stage Rewards Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Clear the "Solo battle EX Watermelon Tonberry 1" stage for special rewards.

Note: This quest can only be cleared once. You'll only get initial rewards and won't accumulate character experience points when clearing it again, so don't farm this stage.

If "EX Watermelon Tonberry 2" Seems Too Hard...
Watermelon Tonberry Boss Details Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

If you find "EX Watermelon Tonberry 2" too challenging, don't worry. With a recommended power over 100k, it's not an easy feat for new players.

Focus on building up your strength through the event exchange and gacha weapons if you want to claim that limited reward player icon (which is only cosmetic and totally skippable).

Co-op Stages: More Bang for Your Buck
Watermelon Tonberry 4 Co-op Stage Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Multiplayer quests are more rewarding than single-player quests, as they give you co-op medals and extra event items in addition to regular event-specific items like Huge Mega Watermelons and Lifesavers.

Aim for co-op stages 2 and 3 for maximum efficiency, as they all give you the same event rewards per each stamina consumed.

Best stages to farm event items for stamina efficiency are (in no order):
  • Solo Battle Stage 7
  • Co-op Battle Stage 2
  • Co-op Battle Stage 3
  • Co-op Battle Stage 4

The Complete Guide to Defeating Yellow Watermelon Tonberry in FF7 Ever Crisis

This event in Final Fantasy VII Ever Crisis has been updated with the arrival of the Yellow Watermelon Tonberry.

This guide will give you an edge by offering strategies, enemy information, and reward details to help you tackle this boss.

Yellow Watermelon Tonberry Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Strategy Points: The Essentials for Victory

Water Attribute Physical Attacks: Your Best Bet

The Yellow Watermelon Tonberry is highly resistant to magic but is weak against water physical attacks.

So, you'll want to focus on using physical attacks with a water attribute, such as Water Blow.

Safeguarding Against Watermelon Brain Splitting: Keep That HP High

During EX battles, the first attack known as "Watermelon Thrash" can deal a significant amount of damage to a single character.

This Tonberry is resistant to Physical Attack debuff, so your best bet is buffing up your defense.

You'll want to ensure that your characters have enough HP to withstand this blow. The Yellow Tonberry always targets the character with the most HP at the moment it begins its casting.

  • EX1 Damage: Approximately 1500
  • EX2 Damage: Approximately 3500

Tips for Boosting HP
  • Strengthen your character's growth stream.
  • Use R abilities to increase HP.

The Importance of the O Sign Attack

To interrupt Tonberry's move "Unfathomable Grudge" quickly, every team member should be equipped with a O sign ability.

For the second interrupt, you'll need more signs, so consider using support materia's sign boost to speed things up.

The Maritime Sword: A Weapon Worth Considering

Cloud's Maritime Sword Gacha Weapon Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

This sword comes with a C ability that allows you to attack a single enemy with water attributes and is ideal for fighting Yellow Tonberry due to its O Sign boost at level 70.

Strengthen and equip this sword if you have it.

Two New Levels of Difficulty

The event offers two types of high-difficulty quests, each requiring a substantial amount of party power:

  • EX1: 104,000 recommended power, reward is a Thousand Waves weapon
  • EX2: 129,700 recommended power, reward is a profile icon

These stages don't consume stamina, but you won't get rewards after completing them once.

Troubleshooting High Difficulty Levels

Not Strong Enough? No Problem!

If you're struggling with the highest co-op difficulty level, "Watermelon Tonberry 4," just drop down a level or two.

You'll still gain more character experience points than usual, making it easier to level up and strengthen your party.

The drawback is that you'll only enhance 1 character.

Test your Luck at Gacha Banners to Get Sigil Boost Weapons

New Summer Gacha Banner Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Look out for sigil boost weapons in the gacha, with both active banners featuring great weapons for this fight like Seaside Collar and Heavy Hauser.

These weapons are crucial for successfully countering the boss's strong moves.

Weapons that have O+2 sigils defeated by matching abilities are:

  • Heavy Hauser - Barret
  • Crystal Sword (Z) - Zack
  • Pulse Gun - Lucia
  • Maritime Sword - Cloud

Weapons that have X+2 sigils defeated by matching abilities are:

  • Crystal Gloves - Tifa
  • Seaside Collar - Red XIII
  • Wizer Staff - Aerith
  • Absolute Royal - Matt

Must-Do's During the Event

Target That Perfect Beach Parasol

Overboosted Beach Parasol Weapon Beach Festival Fun! Event Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Zack's Beach Parasol is a weapon you don't want to overlook for his HP up R ability.

You can get it multiple times during the event, making it relatively easy to overboost to +10.

Make it a priority to strengthen this weapon that can be sub-equipped to various characters.

Cloud is Your Go-To Training Character

Cloud Co-op Party Build Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

Consider focusing on Cloud for your co-op battles.

His stats are relatively easy to boost, and his Buster Sword is a great initial weapon that can be quickly enhanced.

Buster Sword also has HP up R ability, making a great weapon for Cloud's survivability.

Event Exchange Priorities

Make sure to collect as many exchangeable items as possible.

This event is an excellent opportunity to strengthen your team efficiently.

Tier S items to collect

Zack's Weapon Parts Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  • Zack's Beach Parasol weapons
  • Zack's Tropical Beach outfit
  • Glenn's Thousand Waves weapons
  • Zack's weapon parts
  • Glenn's weapon parts

Tier A items to collect

Tifa's Memory Item Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis

  • Tifa's Memory
  • Zack's Memory
  • Aerith's Memory
  • Glenn's Memory
  • Draw Tickets
  • High Tier Weapon mats

Tier B items to collect

  • Low Tier Weapon mats
  • Growth mats
  • Gil

And there you have it.

Now you're all set to efficiently farm the best items from the "Beach Festival Fun!" event in Final Fantasy 7 Ever Crisis!