Guilty in NIKKE: Unleashing Full Damage Potential
Last updated:
February 26, 2024

The introduction of Guilty in NIKKE presents a unique opportunity if you're looking to boost your lineup with a powerhouse.

Here's a comprehensive guide to understanding, building, and optimizing Guilty, ensuring she becomes an invaluable asset to your team.

Let's jump right in!

Complete Guilty Guide: Best Builds and Team Compositions

Analyzing Guilty's Kit

in game guilty skill info in NIKKE

Skill 1: Mind If I Borrow This?

This passive skill is a game-changer for Guilty, allowing her to duplicate a portion of the highest ATK in the team.

After landing six normal attacks, this skill activates, duplicating 8.81% of an ally's ATK up to five times for 10 seconds.

This means, at full stack, Guilty can boost her attack by over 40%, making her one of the most potent damage dealers in the right setup.

The strategy lies in pairing her with high-ATK units to maximize this skill's benefit.

Skill 2: Time to Play

A more nuanced ability, Time to Play, enhances Guilty's synergy with wind-type allies by increasing the stack count of buffs by one and providing a modest ATK increase of 4.13% for 10 seconds.

Although its impact seems minor compared to her first skill, it boosts Guilty's and her wind-type allies' overall damage output, especially when fully leveraging the stacking mechanics of "Mind If I Borrow This?".

Burst: Gotcha

Guilty’s burst skill, Gotcha, targets the enemy unit with the highest DEF, unleashing a two-fold attack.

Initially, it deals 284.32% of ATK as damage; then, if "Mind If I Borrow This?" is fully stacked, it applies a DEF reduction of 20.25% for 5 seconds and delivers an additional 277.71% of final ATK as damage.

This burst skill not only significantly damages high-defense targets but also softens them up for subsequent attacks, making it particularly effective in boss fights.

Prioritizing Skill Levels

Skill 1: Mind If I Borrow This?

This skill is crucial for amplifying Guilty's attack power by borrowing from the team's highest ATK unit.

Since it can stack up to five times, fully investing in this skill significantly boosts her overall damage output.

Prioritize getting this skill to its maximum level first. The increase in attack power not only makes Guilty a top-tier DPS unit but also ensures that every subsequent skill and burst attack hits harder.

Burst: Gotcha

Guilty's burst skill offers a potent single-target damage capability and debuffs the enemy's DEF, making it valuable for taking down high-DEF targets.

However, its effectiveness is maximized when Skill 1 is fully leveraged, making it a secondary priority.

Focus on leveling up this skill once Skill 1 has been maximized and as resources allow after Skill 2.

Enhancing this skill improves Guilty's burst damage and the utility of DEF reduction, crucial for boss fights and tougher enemies.

Skill 2: Time to Play

While beneficial, especially in wind-type ally compositions, this skill's impact is more nuanced and situational compared to the direct damage increase provided by Skill 1.

The ATK boost and additional buff stack are helpful but not as transformative.

Level this skill after maximizing Skill 1.

The incremental ATK boost and the ability to increase buff stacks do enhance Guilty's performance, but the overall benefit is less immediate and impactful.

Optimal Harmony Cubes

in game guilty harmony cube details in NIKKE

Resilience Cube

Guilty benefits greatly from increased reload speed due to her shotgun's limited magazine size.

Quicker reloads mean more consistent damage output and less downtime, which is crucial for maintaining her DPS.

Enhances Guilty's ability to sustain damage over time by minimizing the impact of reload intervals.

Wingman Cube

Extending Guilty's magazine capacity allows her to fire more shots before needing to reload.

This is particularly beneficial for her Skill 1 which stacks with consecutive shots.

Improves Guilty's efficiency in combat by enabling longer attack sequences, enhancing her overall DPS potential.

Assault Cube

While not directly impacting her unique skill set, the slight hit rate increase and damage boost against strong elements provided by the Assault Cube can marginally increase Guilty's effectiveness, especially in situations where elemental advantage can be leveraged.

Offers a general boost to Guilty's damage output, especially useful in elemental matchups where she has an advantage.

Gearing Guilty for Dominance

in game guilty character stats details in NIKKE

Overload Gear Prioritization

Attack Boosts

Given Guilty’s potential for damage output, especially with her Skill 1 that duplicates a percentage of the ally with the highest attack, focusing on increasing her attack through Overload gear is a top priority.

Gear that enhances attack directly contributes to her overall DPS.

Max Ammo Capacity

To reduce the frequency of reloads and maintain a consistent offensive, gearing Guilty with items that increase her max ammo capacity is beneficial.

This allows her to sustain her attack longer, especially important for maintaining her Skill 1 stacks.

Elemental Damage Bonus

Since Guilty is a Wind type, equipping her with gear that boosts Elemental damage can significantly increase her effectiveness against enemies weak to Wind.

This situational boost can be pivotal in certain raids or boss fights.

Critical Stats Focus

Critical Rate and Damage

While not as high a priority as direct attack boosts or ammo capacity, enhancing Guilty’s critical hit rate and damage can further amplify her burst potential.

Given her ability to deal substantial single-target damage, critical hits can significantly boost her effectiveness.

Hit Rate Increase

Although shotguns naturally have a good hit rate due to their spread, ensuring Guilty’s shots connect with enemy weak points or cores can maximize her Skill 2 benefits.

This is especially useful in boss battles with multiple parts or cores to target.

Strategic Gearing for Boss Fights

Adjust Guilty’s gear towards the specific demands of boss fights where she shines.

For encounters that benefit from high single-target damage and where bosses have multiple parts, focusing on parts damage and elemental bonuses can give Guilty an edge.

Be ready to switch gear based on the content.

Guilty’s effectiveness can vary greatly depending on the encounter, so having a versatile set of gear to adapt to different challenges is key.

Crafting the Ideal Team

in game guilty team setup in NIKKE

Core Team Composition

Guilty as Main DPS

Use Guilty’s shotgun power to deliver high burst damage, especially in boss encounters where defensive units are less critical.

Tove and Privaty: Unkind Maid for Shotgun Synergy

Tove enhances shotgun damage and fire rate, making Guilty even more lethal.

Privaty offers cooldown reduction (CDR), allowing Guilty to use her burst skill more frequently.


Consider adding a healer like Pepper to maintain Guilty’s HP, especially in prolonged fights.

Pepper’s healing potency also benefits from Guilty’s skill set, providing a safety net for the entire team.

Flex Slot for Adaptability

Additional Shotgun DPS: For teams focusing on shotgun damage, including another shotgun user like Sugar or Drake can amplify the team's overall output.

CDR or Defense Support: Depending on the encounter, you might opt for a character that offers cooldown reduction or defensive buffs to balance the team's offense and survivability.

Strategic Considerations for Boss Fights

Specialized Boss Counters

Guilty shines in fights against bosses with specific mechanics that favor shotgun damage.

Adjust your team to exploit these weaknesses, ensuring Guilty can hit cancel rates and maximize damage.

No Healer/Defender Needed

In certain boss battles where direct healing or defense is less critical, you can afford to focus purely on offense.

This allows for a more aggressive team setup centered around maximizing DPS.

Alternative Support Options

Leona for Shotgun Support: Although not commonly used, Leona can offer valuable hit rate and penetration count buffs for shotgun users, potentially enhancing Guilty’s effectiveness.

Wind Code DPS: For stages requiring wind code DPS, Guilty’s burst skill provides a valuable defense debuff on top of her high damage, making her a solid choice even outside of shotgun-centric teams.

Maximizing Guilty in Gameplay

in game guilty combat animation in NIKKE

Mastering Skill Rotation

Ensure Guilty’s "Mind If I Borrow This?" skill is always active by maintaining a consistent attack pattern.

This skill’s ability to duplicate a portion of the highest ally’s attack can significantly boost Guilty’s damage output.

Keep her in a team where she can benefit from this skill, ideally with a DPS that has a high base attack.

While Time to Play offers a more varied benefit, it can still be useful in wind code teams or when extra attack buffs are needed.

Its utility shines when you’re stacking buffs to breach tough defenses.

Effective Burst Skill Management

Deploy Guilty’s burst skill wisely.

Given its potential for high single-target damage and defense reduction, use it to target high-priority enemies or bosses.

The additional damage after full stacks of "Mind If I Borrow This?" makes it ideal for breaking through the defenses of the toughest enemies.

Building Around Guilty’s Strengths

Construct your team to complement Guilty’s shotgun-centric playstyle.

Include units that can amplify her damage, offer cooldown reduction for more frequent skill use, or provide healing to sustain her in long engagements.

Consider team compositions that can take advantage of the shotgun meta, especially in boss fights where defensive units are less critical, allowing for a full offensive approach.

Final Thoughts on Guilty

While currently rated a solid DPS, Guilty's potential in Goddess of Victory: NIKKE could easily improve as the game introduces more characters and bosses weak to shotgun team compositions.

As a free-to-obtain unit, she represents a future-proof investment that can pay dividends in the evolving game meta.