Ultimate Guide to Rerolling in OUTERPLANE

Ultimate Guide to Rerolling in OUTERPLANE
Last updated:
April 11, 2024

Welcome to the definitive guide to rerolling in OUTERPLANE, designed to kickstart your adventure with the best possible lineup. 

Rerolling can seem challenging, but with our step-by-step guide, you'll be setting yourself up for success in no time.

Ultimate Guide to Rerolling in OUTERPLANE

Why Reroll in OUTERPLANE?

in game guest login in OUTERPLANE

Rerolling allows you to start your game with top-tier units by using the game's summoning system to your advantage. 

With the right strategy, you can significantly enhance your gameplay experience right from the start.

Step 1: Guest Login

Firstly, initiate your journey by selecting "Guest Login" after installing and updating OUTERPLANE. 

This step ensures that you're not permanently tied to an account before securing your desired units.

Step 2: Progress Through the Tutorial

Your next move is to advance through the tutorial until you reach 1-4 of the Normal Adventure. 

Completing this stage, which takes about 10 minutes, unlocks the recruitment feature, where the rerolling action begins.

Collecting Rewards and Recruitment

After unlocking recruitment, make sure to collect all available rewards and check your mailbox, especially for pre-registration bonuses. 

These rewards can provide you with two to three multi-summons, boosting your chances in the rerolling process.

Step 3: Selecting Your Heroes

When it comes to summoning, your targets are crucial. 

Initially, focus on pulling from either the rate-up or normal banner. 

Subsequently, you can move on to the "Start Dash" selective summon, where grabbing Noa as a three-star hero is highly recommended due to her exceptional abilities. 

Alongside Noa, aim to acquire Dolly, a two-star unit that excels in various game modes.

Step 4: Finalizing Your Reroll

If satisfied with your pulls, it's time to bind your account to save your progress. 

Otherwise, resetting your account for another reroll attempt is straightforward. 

Navigate to the settings menu, select "Reset Server Account," and confirm your choice. 

This action allows you to restart the rerolling process without affecting any other server accounts you might have.

Ideal Reroll Targets

in game valentine pull animation in OUTERPLANE
  • Veronica: Often paired with Valentine, Veronica is another top-tier unit that brings a lot of utility to the team. Her ability to disrupt enemy formations and provide crowd control makes her invaluable in PvP scenarios and against tough PvE bosses.
  • Rin: A hero that complements Valentine well, offering strong support skills while still being capable of dealing significant damage. Her healing and buffing abilities ensure that your main damage dealers can continue to perform optimally.
  • Dolly: Dolly is a two-star hero that's worth aiming for due to her exceptional performance in specific game modes like the Tower. Her ability to provide significant utility makes her a must-have for players looking to optimize their team's potential.

The Start Dash Banner: Noa and Valentine

in game start dash banner in OUTERPLANE

The Start Dash Banner provides an opportunity to select from a limited pool of three-star heroes. 

In this context, Noa stands out as the most valuable pick due to her all-around utility and effectiveness in various aspects of the game.

  • Valentine: A versatile hero known for her exceptional damage-dealing skills. Valentine is a cornerstone for any team, excelling in both PvE and PvP content. Her skills not only provide potent offensive power but also come with utility that can be crucial in challenging encounters.
  • Noa: Highly recommended for her versatility and the substantial impact she has on the team's overall performance. Her skill set allows her to fit into nearly any team composition, making her an ideal pick from the Start Dash Banner.