OUTERPLANE: Ultimate Beginner Guide

OUTERPLANE: Ultimate Beginner Guide
Last updated:
April 11, 2024

Embarking on your journey in OUTERPLANE calls for a comprehensive beginner's guide. 

This article aims to lay the groundwork for new adventurers, offering insights into navigating the game's first steps, optimizing resources, and assembling the best team for a great start.

An OUTERPLANE Beginner Guide

Understanding OUTERPLANE's Core

in game menu navigation in OUTERPLANE

At its heart, OUTERPLANE is a strategic RPG that challenges players to think critically about team composition, battle tactics, and resource management. 

The game blends various storytelling with intense gameplay, where each decision can lead to victory or defeat.

The Significance of the Game's Lobby

Your journey in OUTERPLANE unfolds from the game's lobby, a central hub that provides access to all the game's features. 

This isn't just a stopover between battles; it's where strategic planning takes place. 

From here, you’ll manage your heroes, plan your next moves, and dive into the myriad of activities OUTERPLANE offers.

Familiarize yourself with the lobby's layout early on. 

Knowing where to find your heroes’ information, access missions, and check your resources can save time and streamline your gameplay.

The Role of Resources

Understanding and managing your resources is key to a successful journey in OUTERPLANE. 

Resources like stamina, gold, and ether are the lifeblood of your adventure, enabling everything from entering battles to enhancing your heroes.

Ether Management

Ether, the premium currency, should be used wisely.

Whether it's summoning new heroes or replenishing your stamina, each ether spent should be an investment in your team's future.

Setting the Stage for Your Adventure

in game adventure modes in OUTERPLANE

Your initial foray into OUTERPLANE is marked by decisions that will shape your journey. 

From choosing your first heroes to understanding the game modes, each step is a building block for your adventure.

Hero Selection and Rerolling

Your first heroes will guide your early game experience.

Rerolling for high-tier heroes like Veronica or Valentine can give you a significant advantage, setting a strong foundation for your team.

Exploring Game Modes

OUTERPLANE offers diverse game modes, each with its own challenges and rewards.

Diving into these modes not only progresses your journey but also deepens your engagement with the game's world.

  • Adventure Mode: The backbone of OUTERPLANE, where the story unfolds and your heroes grow.
  • Challenges: Special dungeons that test your team’s mettle and reward you with essential resources.
  • Arena: The proving grounds for your strategic acumen, pitting you against fellow players in PvP combat.

Mastering Hero Management

in game hero details or information in OUTERPLANE

The Essence of Hero Management

Hero management in OUTERPLANE transcends beyond merely collecting characters; it involves nurturing, strategizing, and optimizing each hero's potential to fit into your overarching battle strategy. 

Each hero comes with unique abilities, stats, and roles, requiring thoughtful consideration on how to develop them.

  • Understanding Hero Roles: Recognize the significance of each hero's role—be it DPS (damage per second), tank, support, or healer—and how these roles contribute to your team's balance.
  • Limit Breaking and Transcending: Progressing your heroes involves limit breaking to increase their level cap and transcending to enhance their star rating. These processes are crucial for unlocking a hero's full potential.

Hero Trust Levels

Trust levels represent your bond with each hero, unlocking powerful bonuses and exclusive equipment as it increases. 

This system adds a layer of depth to hero management, rewarding players for investing time and resources into their favorite characters.

Engage with the trust system by gifting heroes items they prefer, boosting their trust levels, and unlocking exclusive rewards, including powerful equipment that can significantly impact performance in battle.

Crafting Strategic Team Compositions

in game team setup in OUTERPLANE

The Art of Team Composition

Building a successful team in OUTERPLANE is akin to assembling a puzzle; each piece must fit perfectly. 

A well-rounded team composition addresses various combat needs, from dealing damage and absorbing hits to providing crucial healing and support.

Focus on how heroes complement each other. 

Look for combinations where abilities synergize to create powerful effects, such as chaining skills that lead to devastating combos or support abilities that enhance your DPS heroes' effectiveness.

Versatility in Team Building

Flexibility in team composition allows you to adapt to various game modes and challenges.

While it's essential to have a core team, being able to swap heroes in and out for specific encounters can be the key to overcoming tougher battles.

Different game modes may require unique strategies. 

For example, certain dungeons might call for more AOE (area of effect) damage or specific elemental resistances. 

Having a diverse roster enables you to adjust your team to meet these demands.

The Importance of Guilds

in game guild information in OUTERPLANE

A Hub for Collective Progress

Joining a guild opens the door to a collaborative environment where members share tips, strategies, and resources. 

This collective progress not only strengthens the guild but also accelerates individual member advancement through shared achievements and rewards.

  • Guild Raids: Participating in guild-exclusive raids allows access to unique bosses and challenges not available elsewhere. These raids offer special rewards, including materials necessary for upgrading heroes or crafting exclusive items.
  • Guild Shop: Active participation in guild activities earns you guild currency, Guild Currency and Shop redeemable in the guild shop for rare items, resources, and sometimes exclusive heroes or skins. This shop often offers items at a more accessible rate compared to the general game market.

Social and Strategic Advantages

The social aspect of guilds in OUTERPLANE provides more than just companionship; it creates opportunities for strategic gameplay through guild wars, cooperative events, and strategy sharing that can help refine your approach to both PvE and PvP content.

  • Guild Events: These events often require guild members to work together to achieve common goals, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. Success in these events can yield substantial rewards for all participating members.
  • Mentorship and Support: For new players, guilds can be a treasure store of knowledge, with veteran members offering insights into game mechanics, hero synergies, and efficient resource management. This mentorship can significantly flatten the learning curve for newcomers.

Choosing the Right Guild

While the benefits of joining a guild are clear, finding the right one that aligns with your goals, playstyle, and activity level is crucial to maximizing these advantages.

Seek a guild with a similar activity level to your own. 

Joining an overly competitive guild as a casual player, or vice versa, can lead to a mismatched experience.

Consider the guild's community and culture. 

A guild that values cooperation, respect, and support can enhance your gaming experience far beyond the in-game benefits.

Align with a guild that shares your in-game goals, whether that's dominating in PvP, mastering PvE content, or simply enjoying the game's social aspects.

Contributing to Your Guild

While guilds offer numerous benefits, active participation and contribution are key to sustaining a healthy, vibrant community. 

Engaging in guild activities, supporting fellow members, and contributing to guild objectives not only helps the guild thrive but also establishes you as a valued member of the community.

Regularly participating in guild raids, events, and challenges contributes to the guild's overall success and, by extension, your own progress within the game.

Offering resources, advice, or support to fellow guild members can help build a stronger, more cohesive guild capable of handling even the toughest challenges OUTERPLANE has to offer.

Gear Farming

in game gears details in OUTERPLANE

Gear Quality Versus Quantity

A common pitfall for new players is the appeal of character quantity over gear quality. 

A well-geared, synergistic team of fewer characters often outperforms a larger roster of poorly equipped heroes. 

It's the quality of your gear that enables your team to tackle higher difficulty dungeons, excel in PvP battles, and progress through story content more efficiently.

Gear Farming: The RNG Challenge

Gear farming introduces players to OUTERPLANE's inherent RNG (Random Number Generator) system, dictating the stats and quality of gear obtained. 

This system adds a layer of complexity and randomness to the game, making each player's journey unique. 

Embracing this aspect of OUTERPLANE is key, as it requires patience and strategy to farm the dungeons effectively, seeking out the gear that best complements your team's strengths and compensates for its weaknesses.

Maximizing Efficiency in Gear Farming

Identifying Priority Gear

Understanding which types of gear to prioritize is essential. 

Speed gear, for example, can significantly impact your team's performance by increasing the frequency of their actions. 

Crit damage gear amplifies your damage dealers' output, making them more effective in both PvP and PvE contexts. 

Recognizing the gear that benefits your current roster and future team compositions is crucial for long-term success.

Dungeon Farming Strategies

Focusing on specific dungeons that offer the most valuable returns for your time and resources is a smart approach. 

Dungeons like Chimera and GCEs (Gear Crafting Essences) are renowned for dropping essential gear types. 

Adjusting your farming efforts to these dungeons ensures a more productive gear acquisition process, providing the foundational strength your team needs to excel.

The Role of Gear in Player Progression

Player progression in OUTERPLANE is intricately tied to gear farming. 

As players acquire and enhance better gear, they unlock new content levels, improve their rankings in PvP, and participate more effectively in guild activities and raids. 

This progression loop reinforces the importance of gear farming as the backbone of the game's advancement system.

Maximizing Summoning Tickets

in game banner recruit chance in OUTERPLANE

The Strategic Use of Tickets

Summoning tickets are a precious resource in OUTERPLANE, granting players the opportunity to add new heroes to their roster. 

However, the appeal of using these tickets immediately can lead to suboptimal outcomes. 

It’s crucial to approach summoning with a strategy, prioritizing the long-term development of your account over the short-term excitement of acquiring new characters.

Prioritize Core Team Needs

Before using summoning tickets, assess your current team's composition and identify any gaps in roles or abilities. 

Use tickets to fill these gaps, focusing on obtaining heroes that can enhance your team's synergy and effectiveness in various game modes. 

This targeted approach ensures that each summon contributes to strengthening your team's overall performance.

Save for High-Value Banners

While it’s tempting to use summoning tickets as soon as you get them, saving them for banners featuring high-value or essential heroes for your team can be more beneficial. 

Keep an eye on upcoming banner announcements and plan your summons around these events to increase your chances of acquiring key characters that can make a significant difference in your progression.