Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Atelier Resleriana

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Atelier Resleriana
Last updated:
February 2, 2024

Welcome to Atelier Resleriana, a magical world crafted by Koei Tecmo, set to launch globally on January 25th 2024.

This guide will prepare you to master the art of Alchemy in the kingdom of Lantana.

Let's dive in!

Ultimate Beginner's Guide to Atelier Resleriana

Starting Your Journey: Essential Strategies

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Strategic Rerolling for Optimal Beginnings

The goal of rerolling is to assemble a strong initial team.

This impacts your early game progression significantly.

Ideal Targets

Focus on acquiring high-tier healers and defenders.

Their role in your team's survival and effectiveness cannot be overstated, especially in challenging battles.

Efficient Rerolling Method

  • Complete the tutorial to understand basic mechanics.
  • Pull to aim for top-tier characters.
  • If unsatisfied with the pull, use the 'Delete Data' option to reroll without the hassle of reinstalling the game.
  • Repeat the process until you secure a solid lineup.

Mastering the Battlefield

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Understanding the Combat System

Elemental Mechanics

Familiarize yourself with the elemental strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing which elements are effective against others can turn the tide of battle.

Skill Synergies

Each character has a unique set of skills.

Understanding how these skills synergize with each other and with those of other characters can create powerful combinations.

Turn-Based Strategy

Recognize the importance of turn order.

Plan your moves based on the sequence of actions, anticipating enemy moves and countering them effectively.

Tactical Execution

Skill Rotation

Develop a skill rotation strategy for each character.

Determine the most effective order of skill usage to maximize damage output and defensive capabilities.

Managing Cooldowns

Keep track of skill cooldowns.

Timing your powerful skills for the right moment in battle is crucial for gaining an upper hand.

Adapting to Situations

Be ready to adapt your strategy on the fly.

If a battle isn’t going as planned, don’t hesitate to change your tactics, whether it's switching targets or altering your defensive strategy.

Enhancing Your Team

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Character Development

Level Up Characters

Regularly level up your characters using experience gains from battles and special items like Experience Candy.

Higher levels equate to improved stats and abilities.

Skill Enhancement

Invest in enhancing specific skills of your characters.

Prioritize skills that align with each character's role in the team (e.g., offensive skills for attackers, healing skills for supporters).

Awakening and Ascension

Use awakening materials to awaken your characters, which often unlocks new abilities or significantly enhances existing ones.

Gear Enhancement

Upgrade Weapons and Armor

Continuously upgrade your characters' weapons and armor.

This not only increases basic stats but sometimes also adds special effects or boosts.

Synthesize Gear

Make use of the synthesis feature to create high-quality gear with better stats and unique abilities.

Optimize Gear Loadout

Match the gear to the characters’ roles.

For example, equip your tanks with high-defense gear and your attackers with gear that boosts their offensive capabilities.

Using Memoria

Enhance the power of your Memoria, which are accessories that provide additional stats and sometimes special abilities.

Choose Memoria that complements the character's role and the team's overall strategy.

Research and Development

Research new combat techniques and strategies to gain an edge in battles.

Explore alchemy to discover powerful combinations and recipes that can aid your team in combat.

Tactical Team Composition

Regularly assess the synergy between your team members.

Ensure that their combined skills and abilities complement each other effectively.

Maintain a balanced team with defenders, attackers, breakers, and supporters to handle different battle scenarios.

Daily Tasks and Character Roles

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Maximizing Daily Activities

Engage in routine activities like collecting Rorona's Pie, stamina recovery, Peace Quests, and training quests to conserve resources and ensure steady progression.

Daily Login Rewards

Ensure to log in daily to claim login bonuses, which often include valuable resources like in-game currency, materials, or even rare items.

Completing Daily Quests

These quests reset daily and provide essential resources like experience points, enhancement materials, and currencies.

Prioritize completing these for consistent character and gear improvement.

Understanding Character Roles

Defenders (Tanks)

To absorb damage and protect other team members.

High HP and defense.

Position them to take the brunt of enemy attacks.

Upgrade their defensive capabilities.

Attackers (DPS)

To deal high damage to enemies.

High attack power and critical hit rates.

Enhance their offensive skills and equip gear that boosts attack power.


To break through enemy defenses and weaken them.

Abilities that reduce enemy defenses or disrupt their formations.

Use them to target enemy weak points and change the tide of battle.


To heal and buff team members.

Healing abilities, buffs, and sometimes debuffs.

Keep them protected while they provide crucial support to the team.

Breaking Shields and Using Effect Panels

in game breaking weakness shield in atelier resleriana

Breaking Enemy Shields

Understanding Shield Mechanics

Many enemies have a shield gauge, serving as additional protection.

This gauge is usually visible above the enemy's health bar, indicating its strength.

Role of Breakers

Breakers are adept at rapidly depleting the shield gauge.

Choose skills specifically designed to target and reduce shield strength.

Tactical Approach

Target enemies with active shields first to make them vulnerable.

Use a combination of breaker attacks followed by high-damage moves from attackers.

Team Synergy

Plan your team's attacks to focus on one enemy at a time, efficiently breaking shields before moving to the next target.

Time your breaker's skills to match with team attacks for maximum efficiency.

Effect Panels

Effect panels appear during battles, offering various strategic advantages.

Different panels provide different effects, such as damage boosts, healing, or special skill activation.

Acquiring Panels

Perform specific actions in battle, like using particular skills or achieving combos, to activate these panels.

Plan your moves to ensure you're in a position to capitalize on these panels when they appear.

Maximizing Panel Benefits

Some panels enable powerful burst skills, which can turn the tide of a battle.

Be ready to change your battle strategy based on the panels that become available.

Panel Types and Effects

  • Offensive Panels: Boost attack power or critical hit chances.
  • Defensive Panels: Increase defense or reduce incoming damage.
  • Utility Panels: Provide healing, status effect removal, or energy recharge.

Atelier Activities: Synthesis and Research

in game materials reward from stage in atelier resleriana

Synthesis: Crafting Your Way to Power

Synthesis Basics

Combine materials to create new items, including consumables, equipment, and special artifacts.

Recipes are unlocked through story progression, exploration, and completing specific quests.

Material Gathering

Obtain materials from dungeons, field exploration, and as rewards from battles.

Materials vary in quality and rarity, affecting the outcome of your synthesis.

Crafting Process

Select materials that complement each other, taking into account their properties and elemental affinities.

Certain materials transfer unique properties to the synthesized item, offering additional bonuses.

Advanced Synthesis Techniques

Match the gift colors of materials for enhanced effects.

Try different combinations to discover unique and powerful items.

Some characters may have unique synthesis abilities, affecting the outcome.

Item Conversion

Convert unused or outdated items into glitter coins for use in other areas of the game.

Strategically decide which items to keep, use, or convert.

Research: Enhancing Abilities and Item Effects

Purpose of Research

Conduct research to enhance battle capabilities and the effectiveness of items.

Research effects are permanent, providing lasting benefits to your gameplay.

Types of Research

  • Combat Research: Focuses on improving battle-related stats and abilities.
  • Alchemy Research: Enhances the effects of synthesized items and can unlock new crafting options.

Conducting Research

Requires charms, a form of currency obtained through gameplay.

Choose which research paths to pursue based on your current needs and future goals.

Obtaining Materials and Score Battles

in game mission score battle in atelier resleriana

Obtaining Materials: Essential for Synthesis and Upgrades

Sources of Materials

Venture into various dungeons where different materials can be found.

Each dungeon often specializes in specific types of materials.

Explore the game world to find materials in different environments.

This can include forests, mountains, and other unique biomes.

Quality and Variety

The quality of materials affects the potency of the items you synthesize.

Higher-quality materials lead to better end products.

Different materials serve different purposes, from crafting potions and equipment to enhancing existing items.

Efficient Gathering Strategies

Use characters like Lesna who have unique abilities to gather more materials or find rare items.

Balance your time between gathering materials and other activities like combat and story progression.

Special Gathering Events

Participate in special events that offer rare materials not commonly found.

Collaborate with the game's community to discover and share information on material locations and best gathering practices.

Score Battles: Maximizing Rewards and Efficiency

Score Battle Mechanics

Compete in battles where your performance is scored based on various criteria, including speed, damage dealt, and damage taken.

Score battles come in different difficulty levels, with higher levels offering greater challenges and rewards.

Scoring Criteria

  • Turns Taken: Minimize the number of turns to complete the battle for a higher score.
  • Skill Damage: Maximize damage dealt in a single skill usage.
  • Damage Received: Reduce the amount of damage your team takes.
  • Team Survival: Avoid having any team member incapacitated.

Strategies for High Scores

Adjust your team composition to exploit enemy weaknesses and maximize your damage output.

Use skills strategically to deal the most damage and control the flow of the battle.

Aim for quick and efficient victories to minimize turns and maximize the score.

Rewards and Benefits

Score battles are a primary source of specific materials needed for synthesis and upgrades.

Achieve higher ranks for better rewards.

Consistently high scores can lead to exclusive rewards not obtainable elsewhere.

Final Thoughts

Our guide aims to provide a solid foundation for your journey in Atelier Resleriana.

Whether you're a seasoned player or a beginner, navigate the complexities of the game with ease.

Take your time, savor the experience, and gradually strengthen your team. Happy alchemy!