A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Tower of God: New World

A Comprehensive Beginner's Guide to Tower of God: New World
Last updated:
February 8, 2024

Following a comprehensive guide is essential for new players venturing into the world of Tower of God: New World.

This guide aims to equip new adventurers with the knowledge they need to start strong, focusing on characters, and other critical aspects of gameplay.

Everything You Need to Know in Tower of God: New World (Beginner's Edition)

Starting Strong in Adventure Mode

in game adventure mode act 4-1 in tower of god new world

As you embark on your journey, your immediate focus should be on the Adventure Mode (PvE).

This mode is crucial for account progression and becoming stronger.

PvP might be tempting, but as a beginner, the rewards from Adventure Mode are more beneficial and attainable.

Adventure Mode is not just about progressing through the story but also about leveling up your characters, acquiring resources, and unlocking essential game features.

Early on, focus your efforts and resources here rather than PvP to build a strong foundation for your account.

Top Characters to Invest In

in game evan character details in tower of god new world


Hwaryun stands out as a top-tier character for beginners due to her ability to provide substantial support across the board.

Her skills can shield your team, boost speed, and increase attack and critical hit rates, making her indispensable in both offensive and defensive strategies.

Deploying Hwaryun effectively requires using her barrier to protect against incoming damage and timing her swiftness and attack buffs to coincide with your team's critical strikes.

This strategic use can turn the tide in challenging encounters.

Yihwa Yeon

Yihwa Yeon's ability to unleash devastating area-of-effect (AOE) attacks makes her a formidable DPS character.

Her special skill, which covers the entire battlefield, can significantly reduce the enemy numbers in one fell swoop.


Zahard excels in taking and dealing damage, thanks to his unique ability to survive prolonged encounters and adapt his fighting style.

Investing in Zahard means having a character who can face down any challenge with confidence.

Use Zahard's invincibility periods and weapon-switching mechanics to outlast opponents and exploit their weaknesses.

His ability to adapt makes him particularly useful in battles that require endurance and tactical flexibility.


Evan's special skill, which grants immortality to your team for a short period, can be a game-changer in critical situations.

His healing and support capabilities ensure your team remains in fighting shape throughout the toughest battles.

Placing Evan strategically in your team lineup to ensure his immortality skill is used at the most opportune moments can make seemingly impossible battles winnable.

His support is unparalleled, making him a must-have for any team composition.

Character Reports and Stats Optimization

in game adventure mode team stats in tower of god new world

Understanding Character Reports

Character Reports offer a unique way to boost your characters beyond their base stats and abilities.

They represent the character's development and relationship with the player, providing bonuses such as increased accuracy, evasion, and other critical stats.

Accuracy and Evasion

These are crucial stats in character reports.

Accuracy ensures your attacks hit the target, crucial against higher-level enemies with greater evasion rates.

Evasion allows your characters to dodge incoming attacks, increasing their survivability.

Strategic Investment

Prioritize improving the reports of characters who will benefit most from the stat boosts, focusing on your main DPS, tank, and support characters.

For instance, DPS characters greatly benefit from accuracy to ensure their attacks connect, while tanks and supports can gain more from evasion and swiftness to avoid damage and perform their roles effectively.

Stats Optimization

Optimizing stats is about finding the right balance that complements your characters’ abilities and your overall team strategy.

Each character class and role might require a different approach to stat prioritization.

DPS Characters

For damage dealers, focus on increasing attack, critical hit rate, and critical damage.

Accuracy is also crucial to ensure each hit lands on your target.

Characters like Yihwa Yeon will benefit from a high crit rate to maximize her AOE potential.

Support Characters

Swiftness is key for support units, allowing them to cast their buffs, heals, or barriers more frequently.

Additionally, focusing on HP and defense stats can enhance their survivability on the battlefield.

Hwaryun, with her versatile support skills, would greatly benefit from increased swiftness and survivability.

Tank Characters

For tanks like Zahard, prioritize stats that enhance their ability to absorb damage, such as HP, defense, and physical/magic resistance.

The goal is to ensure they can withstand enemy attacks and protect the more vulnerable members of your team.

Ignition Weapons and Exclusive Equipment

in game hatz ignition weapon and excusive equipments in tower of god new world

Ignition Weapons

Ignition Weapons provide substantial stat boosts and unique abilities to your characters.

They are categorized by elements and types, each offering different bonuses suitable for various roles within your team.

Choosing the Right Set

The choice of Ignition Weapon set should align with the character's role and your overall strategy.

For instance, the Runda set, which enhances survivability and support capabilities, is ideal for characters like Hwaryun who provide team-wide benefits.

Optimizing for DPS

DPS characters benefit greatly from Ignition Weapons that increase their attack power, critical hit rate, or speed.

The El set, focused on increasing attack speed and damage, can turn a character like Yihwa Yeon into a battlefield terror, maximizing her AOE damage output.

Exclusive Equipment

Exclusive Equipment further personalizes a character’s abilities, offering specific stat boosts and sometimes altering or enhancing their skills.

Properly chosen, it can complement the strengths or mitigate the weaknesses of a character.

Leveling and Enhancement

Progressing your Exclusive Equipment to higher levels unlocks additional stat bonuses and effects.

For DPS characters, focusing on equipment that boosts attack and critical damage is key, while support and tank characters might benefit more from equipment that enhances their defensive stats or utility skills.

Strategic Consideration

Evaluate the unique benefits each piece of Exclusive Equipment brings.

Some might offer direct buffs to a character's primary skill, while others may provide broader benefits like increased evasion or accuracy, crucial for ensuring your attacks hit the target and your characters remain agile in combat.

Combining Ignition Weapons and Exclusive Equipment

The synergy between Ignition Weapons and Exclusive Equipment is where your characters truly begin to shine.

Combining these elements thoughtfully can result in a character that exceeds the sum of its parts.

Balancing Act

While Ignition Weapons may provide raw power or utility, Exclusive Equipment can fine-tune a character's role in your team.

For example, a tank character might use an Ignition Weapon set for increased durability while their Exclusive Equipment boosts their taunting capabilities or counterattack efficiency.

Character Focus

Each character has unique needs based on their skills and role.

Zahard, known for his versatility and durability, might require a different approach compared to Evan, whose role as a healer and support benefits from entirely different gear.

Enchantment Extracts and Ignition Weapons

in game exclusive equipment details in tower of god new world

Enchantment Extracts

Enchantment Extracts are used to upgrade Exclusive Equipment, unlocking new levels of power and additional stat bonuses.

These extracts play a crucial role in character progression, directly influencing their performance in combat.

Enchantment Extracts can be obtained through the Trial Area, where you face off against challenges designed to different elements.

Success in these trials rewards you with extracts corresponding to the trial's element, emphasizing the importance of diversifying your team to tackle various elemental challenges.

Prioritize using Enchantment Extracts on the Exclusive Equipment of your main roster or characters that play crucial roles in your strategy.

Combining Enchantment Extracts with Ignition Weapons

The combination of strategically upgraded Exclusive Equipment using Enchantment Extracts and well-chosen Ignition Weapons can transform your characters into powerhouse units tailored to your gameplay style.

Aim to balance the enhancements from Enchantment Extracts and the stat boosts from Ignition Weapons to cover any weaknesses your characters may have while amplifying their strengths.

For example, if your Ignition Weapon significantly increases your DPS's attack but leaves them vulnerable, use Enchantment Extracts to boost their survivability through Exclusive Equipment.

Building a Synergistic Team

in game team setup overview in tower of god new world

Understanding Team Roles

A synergistic team typically comprises characters filling distinct roles, each contributing to the team's overall effectiveness in their unique way.

These roles include:

  • DPS (Damage Per Second): Characters like Yihwa Yeon or Hoaqin, who focus on delivering high damage to defeat enemies quickly.
  • Tank: Units like Zahard, who absorb damage and protect more vulnerable team members.
  • Support: Characters such as Evan or Hwaryun, offering healing, buffs, or utility to enhance the team's performance.

Balancing Elemental Affinities

Tower of God: New World incorporates elemental affinities, adding another layer of strategy to team building.

Balancing your team's elemental composition ensures you're prepared for various encounters, avoiding situations where your team is at a significant disadvantage due to elemental weaknesses.

  • Elemental Coverage: Include characters with different elemental affinities to cover a wide range of enemies.
  • Elemental Synergy: Bring characters whose abilities synergize well across different elements, enhancing overall team effectiveness.

Optimizing Character Synergies

Character synergy is crucial in maximizing a team's potential.

Look for characters whose abilities complement each other, creating powerful combos or enhancing each other's strengths.

Combining Buffs and Debuffs: Pair characters like Khun Aguero, who provides buffs or debuffs, with DPS characters to amplify damage output.

Support and Tank Synergy: Use tanks to protect support characters, ensuring they can continuously provide healing or buffs without being interrupted.

Strategic Team Composition

Creating a strategic team composition involves considering the specific challenges you'll face and adjusting your team to meet those demands.

Adventure Mode Focus: For general progression, focus on a balanced team with strong DPS, reliable tanking, and consistent support.

PvP Considerations: In PvP, prioritize speed and control, using characters that can quickly disable or outmaneuver opponents.

Boss Battles: For boss encounters, consider characters specializing in single-target damage and those who can debuff bosses or provide critical survival buffs.

Final Thoughts

This beginner's guide is designed to be your stepping stone into the vast universe of Tower of God: New World.

By focusing on top-tier characters, optimizing your team's stats, and understanding the game's mechanics, you'll be well on your way to climbing the Tower and uncovering its mysteries.

Remember, the key to success lies in strategic planning, character investment, and continuous progression through Adventure Mode.

Welcome to the New World!