Ultimate Beginner Guide to Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Ultimate Beginner Guide to Snowbreak: Containment Zone
Last updated:
December 18, 2023

Welcome to the beginner's guide for Snowbreak: Containment Zone, the game where combat tactics and strategic choices are essential.

This guide will cover everything from combat basics, farming five-star operatives, to tips and tricks for boosting your gameplay.

The game will be launched on Steam Dec 19th, so now it's a great time to get started.

Let's dive in!

Ultimate Beginner Guide to Snowbreak: Containment Zone

Combat Essentials

in game gameplay combat against falconer in snowbreak containment zone

Weapon Dynamics and Selection

Ricochet Awareness

Weapons with a high ricochet rate are less effective against armored opponents.

Understanding this will help you choose the right weapon for each enemy type.

Weapon Variety

Short Range: Shotguns excel against heavily armored enemies.

Medium Range: Submachine guns or assault rifles are ideal for balanced combat.

Long Range: Snipers or assault rifles provide an edge in distance engagements. For PC players, snipers are more manageable, while mobile users might find shotguns more user-friendly.

Combat Strategy

Unit Switching

Instead of reloading during a fight, switch to another unit.

This tactic ensures continuous damage output and can be life-saving in intense battles.

Team Composition

Ensure your team comprises units effective at different ranges.

This strategic diversity allows for flexible responses to various combat scenarios.

Device-Specific Strategies

PC Players

Tend to favor sniper rifles, machine guns, and assault rifles due to easier control and precision with mouse and keyboard.

Mobile Players

Shotguns are more manageable.

Snipers, while powerful, can be complicated on mobile devices.

Neural Simulation: Unlocking Five-Star Operatives

in game neural simulation against ni-type mech in snowbreak containment zone

Overview of Neural Simulation

Through Neural Simulation, players can acquire high-level operatives essential for advanced gameplay.

Your performance in these simulations affects the rewards, including synthetic endorphins, vital for unlocking and upgrading operatives.

Mechanics of Neural Simulation

Team Usage

You need to form several teams as each team is locked out of repeating the simulation immediately.

Diversify your teams to handle different simulation scenarios.

This includes balancing unit types and considering their range and abilities.

Scoring System

Completing simulations with higher scores gives better rewards.

Apply modifiers to increase the difficulty and potential score of each run.

Synthetic Endorphins

Essential for obtaining five-star operatives.

Spend these endorphins to recruit or enhance your five-star operatives.

Cooperative Play and Neural Connections

in game cooperative in snowbreak containment zone

Mechanics of Cooperative Play

Teamwork and Strategy

Success in Co-op mode depends on effective teamwork and communication.

Understanding each player's role and abilities is key.

Flexibility in your role and strategy based on your team’s composition enhances overall performance.

Frequency and Commitment

Engaging in Co-op missions 12-15 times per week is recommended to maximize rewards.

Regular participation not only builds skills but also consistently increases your Neural Connection score.

Neural Connections: Enhancing Gameplay

Each Co-op mission contributes points to your Neural Connection score.

Achieving certain score milestones unlocks specific rewards, enhancing your operatives and overall game progress.

Operative Growth and Logistics

in game logistics selection in snowbreak containment zone

Operative Growth Fundamentals

Leveling Up Operatives

Operatives gain experience through battles and specific missions.

Levels are capped and can be increased by upgrading the operative's star level.

Star Level Enhancement

Increase an operative’s star level using duplicates or special items.

Higher star levels unlock improved stats and new abilities.

Logistics Officers and Their Role

Importance of Logistics Officers

Logistics Officers are essential for operative growth, providing significant stat boosts and unique abilities.

Obtainable through gameplay, specific missions, and the Underground Purge mode.

Advanced Certifications

Used to level up Logistics Officers, directly affecting operative performance.

Earn through gameplay, especially in the Underground Purge mode.

Furnishing and Affinity

in game operative room in snowbreak containment zone

Purpose of Furnishing

Customize operatives' rooms with various furniture and items.

Items placed in rooms increase an operative’s affinity, unlocking new levels of interaction and bonuses.

Mechanics of Affinity

Higher affinity levels unlock new dialogues and interactions with operatives.

Increasing affinity can lead to improved performance in missions.

Echo System and Resource Management

in game battle assembly in snowbreak containment zone

Beginner Battle Assembly Banner

This banner is unique as it is limited to 50 pulls.

Designed for new players to build their roster with quality operatives.

Initially, focus your summons here to strengthen your early game team.

Once you reach 50 pulls or obtain your first orange-tier operative, it's strategic to shift your focus.

Limited Banner

Often features rare and powerful orange-tier operatives.

These banners are usually available for a limited time and may feature exclusive operatives.

Shift your summoning resources to this banner after the initial phase in the Beginner Battle Assembly Banner.

Be selective with your summons here, focusing on operatives that complement or enhance your team's capabilities.

Efficient Resource Usage

Allocate your summoning resources (like tickets or premium currency) between the two banners wisely.

Determine whether your current focus should be on expanding your team or acquiring specific, high-value operatives.

Shop and Resource Allocation

in game shop in snowbreak containment zone

Types of Shops

General Shop: Offers a variety of items, from basic resources to equipment and special items.

Specialized Shops: May include shops for specific resources, like weapon or operative upgrades.

Refresh Mechanics

Regular Updates: The Shop's inventory often refreshes, presenting new opportunities to purchase different items.

Limited-Time Offers: Some items may be available for a short period, requiring timely decisions.

Efficient Use of Specialized Shops

Special Resource Shops

Operative-Specific Shops: If available, use these shops to focus on enhancing specific operatives.

Resource-Specific Shops: Target shops that offer resources you are currently lacking.

Using Special Offers

Event-Related Shops: Special shops tied to events may offer unique items or discounts.

Limited-Time Resource Exchange: Some shops may allow resource trading, providing an opportunity to exchange surplus resources for those in need.

Final Tips for Game Progression

in game quick combat formation in snowbreak containment zone

Main Story Focus

  • Progress and Unlock: Advance in the story to unlock new areas and modes.
  • Balance: Strengthen your team before tackling harder story chapters.
  • Rewards: Complete story missions for valuable progression rewards.

Weekly and Daily Modes

  • Consistent Engagement: Regularly participate in daily and weekly challenges.
  • Maximize Rewards: Use these modes for unique rewards and steady growth.
  • Special Events: Engage in event-based challenges for enhanced benefits.

Stamina Management

  • Prioritize Usage: Spend stamina on key growth activities (character/weapon upgrades).
  • Avoid Wastage: Plan gameplay to prevent hitting the stamina cap.
  • Refresh Wisely: Use stamina refresh items strategically.

Final Thoughts

This beginner's guide offers a comprehensive understanding of Snowbreak: Containment Zone, focusing on combat tactics, resource management, and strategic growth.

By following these tips, you can efficiently progress and enjoy the game's diverse content.