Snowbreak: Containment Zone - Global Tier List Analysis

Snowbreak: Containment Zone - Global Tier List Analysis
Last updated:
January 19, 2024

Welcome to the world of Snowbreak: Containment Zone! In this article, we're diving into the latest Global Tier List after Katya's release.

This update not only brings new skins and characters but also incorporates player feedback and playtest results into the tier rankings.

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Let's break down the tier list!

Snowbreak: Containment Zone - Global Tier List Analysis

Tier List TLDR

Tier D: Nita

Tier C: Haru 4-star, Enya, Cherno

Tier B: Mauxir, Fritia - Hush, Fritia 4-star, Marian 4-star, Fenny, Lyfe 4-star

Tier A: Yao 4-star, Marian - Swift, Lyfe - Wild Hunt, Chenxing 4-star, Acacia 4-star, Siris

Tier S: Acacia - Kaguya, Fenny - Coronet, Haru - Absconditus, Yao - Winter Solstice, Chenxing - Ethereal Cloud, Katya

Tier D: The Underdogs

in game Nita headshot in snowbreak containment zone


Nita's fall to Tier D suggests a significant gap between her capabilities and the current game meta.

Her abilities, while unique, may not offer enough impact or efficiency in combat compared to higher-tier characters.

This could be due to lower damage output, less effective skills, or a kit that doesn't synergize well with popular team strategies.

The lack of player feedback or notable success stories with Nita further reinforces her position in Tier D.

Tier C: Steady Performers

in game Haru headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Haru 4-star

Haru at 4-star remains in Tier C, indicating a consistent yet moderate level of effectiveness in gameplay.

Her skill set, while reliable, doesn't offer the high impact or versatility found in higher-tier operatives.

This makes her a solid choice for certain roles but not a standout in any particular area.

Best employed in situations where her specific skills and attributes can be maximized without expecting her to be a primary damage dealer or game-changer.

in game Enya headshot in snowbreak containment zone


Enya also retains her position in Tier C, suggesting a balanced but not exceptional performance.

Her abilities provide decent support or functionality but might lack the potency or utility necessary to elevate her to a higher tier.

Enya can be effectively used in specialized team compositions or as a secondary operative, where her strengths shine without over-relying on her.

in game Cherno headshot in snowbreak containment zone


Cherno has moved up from Tier D to C, indicating a marginal improvement or better player adaptation to her kit.

Recognized as a potential sub-DPS, Cherno can contribute to the team's damage output but requires substantial investment to be truly effective.

Her abilities might provide some utility in specific scenarios, but they generally lack the versatility or power of higher-tier characters.

Tier B: Rising Stars

in game Mauxir headshot in snowbreak containment zone


Mauxir maintains her position in Tier B, showcasing consistent performance.

As a reliable operative, Mauxir offers a balanced mix of abilities suitable for various gameplay scenarios, though she may not be exceptional in any specific aspect.

in game Fritia - Hush  headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Fritia - Hush

Fritia - Hush has experienced a drop, reflecting a decrease in her effectiveness in the game's evolving environment.

Despite having a commendable ultimate ability, her overall kit is seen as underwhelming for her tier, particularly in damage output and support capabilities.

in game Fritia headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Fritia 4-star

Fritia 4-star, at this level, continues to be a solid choice within Tier B.

Her abilities are well-rounded, offering a good mix of offense and defense, suitable for players looking for a versatile operative.

in game Marian headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Marian 4-star

Marian's consistent ranking in Tier B indicates her reliable utility in various missions.

Her skill set, while not top-tier, provides enough utility to make her a valuable member of a balanced team.

in game Fenny headshot in snowbreak containment zone


Fenny offers dependable performance, justifying her place in Tier B.

Best used in roles where her specific strengths can be effectively employed, complementing other team members.

in game Lyfe headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Lyfe 4-star

Lyfe remains a stable choice in this tier, offering a blend of skills useful in many game situations.

Her flexibility in various combat scenarios makes her a go-to option for players needing a reliable yet not overly specialized operative.

Tier A: Powerful Choices

in game Yao headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Yao 4-star

Yao’s elevation to Tier A signifies her increased importance and effectiveness in the game's meta.

Known for her exceptional healing and support skills, Yao plays a crucial role in sustaining team health and enhancing overall performance.

Her abilities make her a key player in prolonged battles and challenging scenarios, providing vital support to frontline characters.

in game Marian - Swift headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Marian - Swift

Marian - Swift maintains her position in Tier A, reflecting her continued relevance and strength in the game.

She offers a versatile array of abilities that are beneficial in various gameplay contexts, particularly excelling in roles that require adaptability and quick response.

in game Lyfe - Wildhunt headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Lyfe - Wild Hunt

Lyfe - Wild Hunt is recognized for her efficiency in dealing with mobs, a critical aspect in many of the game’s missions.

While she has been replaced by Haru in certain roles, her ability to control crowds and deal with multiple enemies simultaneously keeps her in high regard.

in game Chenxing headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Chenxing 4-star

Chenxing’s presence in Tier A underscores her value as a powerful operative in the current meta.

Known for her significant damage output, she is a top choice for players looking to maximize their offensive capabilities.

Her skills are particularly effective in boss fights and situations requiring high burst damage.

in game Nita headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Acacia 4-star

Acacia, at four stars, offers a solid option for players. Her consistent performance makes her a reliable asset in various gameplay situations.

For those who haven't acquired many orange-tier characters, Acacia serves as an excellent alternative, bringing comparable efficiency to the team.

in game Siris headshot in snowbreak containment zone


Siris’s role as a support operative makes her an invaluable asset to any team composition.

Her ability to support her allies and control the battlefield dynamics places her in the esteemed Tier A category.

Tier S: The Elite

in game Acacia - Kaguya headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Acacia - Kaguya

Acacia - Kaguya stands out in Tier S for her unparalleled support capabilities.

Her ability to decrease elemental resistance makes her an invaluable asset across various team compositions, enhancing the overall effectiveness of other operatives.

While primarily a support character, Acacia - Kaguya also holds her own in offensive roles, making her a versatile choice for any team.

in game Fenny - Coronet headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Fenny - Coronet

Fenny - Coronet is renowned for her massive damage output, particularly with her shotgun and skills.

Her straightforward yet effective kit makes her a reliable choice for tackling tough bosses and tankier enemies.

Her consistency in delivering high damage makes her a top pick for players focusing on offensive strategies.

in game Haru - Absconditus headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Haru - Absconditus

Haru - Absconditus excels in dealing with mobs, thanks to her impressive damage output.

Despite being a newer addition, she has quickly established herself as a mainstay in the S Tier for her mob-clearing prowess.

While her effectiveness against larger, armored bosses may be slightly limited, her overall performance remains outstanding.

in game Yao - Winter Solstice headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Yao - Winter Solstice

Yao Winter Solstice is a force to be reckoned with, especially for players proficient with sniper roles.

Her high damage output makes her one of the top choices for players who prioritize raw power and precision.

Yao's full potential is unleashed with skillful timing and aiming, making her a rewarding choice for experienced players.

in game Chenxing - Ethereal Cloud headshot in snowbreak containment zone

Chenxing - Ethereal Cloud

Chenxing - Ethereal Cloud is a high-tier DPS, rivaling Yao - Winter Solstice.

Her combination of impactful skills and a powerful ultimate ability places her at the pinnacle of offensive operatives.

While her standard skill requires strategic positioning and timing, her overall contribution to team damage is indisputable.


Katya's ability to deal significant burst damage, coupled with her unique energy management system, makes her a valuable asset in single-target encounters.

Whether you're looking to add variety to your gameplay or need a potent DPS operative, Katya is certainly worth considering.

Wrapping Up the Tier List

In conclusion, the tier list in Snowbreak: Containment Zone is a dynamic and essential tool for players, offering insights into the game's ever-changing landscape.

It encourages strategic thinking, adaptability, and active participation in the community. As the game continues to evolve, so will the tier list, reflecting new strategies and characters.

Understanding and using this tier list can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, providing a roadmap for character development and team composition.