The Ultimate Alchemy Stars Beginner's Guide

The Ultimate Alchemy Stars Beginner's Guide
Last updated:
March 12, 2024

We bring you an essential Alchemy Stars beginner's guide designed for both new and returning players.

With significant updates since its launch, understanding the new modes an content is essential to maximize your playing time.

Whether you're wondering if you should reroll for the best Aurorians or simply seeking to deepen your game knowledge, this guide has you covered.

Complete Beginner's Guide to Alchemy Stars

Understanding the Basics

in game lumamber details in alchemy stars

Currency and Resources Management


Lumamber is crucial for summoning new Aurorians and can also be converted into Prism, the game's energy currency.

Free-to-play (F2P) players should be strategic about spending Lumamber, prioritizing summons during events with increased rates for top-tier Aurorians.

Consider saving a substantial amount before pulling in your desired banner.


Prism powers your ability to participate in missions and farm resources.

It regenerates over time but can also be replenished instantly through Lumamber conversion or specific in-game rewards.

Allocate Prism efficiently by focusing on missions that advance your immediate goals, such as ascending Aurorians or completing event quests.

F2P players should avoid using Lumamber for Prism unless absolutely necessary.


Essential for upgrading Aurorian abilities and equipment, Nightium is a resource you'll constantly need to farm.

Prioritize Nightium farming for your main team's Aurorians first.

This approach ensures a strong core team capable of tackling higher difficulty content, which yields more resources.

Aurorian Classes and Their Roles


High DPS, often melee, that deal significant damage to single targets or groups of enemies.

Position detonators to take advantage of their skills that typically hit multiple tiles or enemies at once, maximizing their damage output.


High DPS with ranged attacks, targeting enemies from a distance, including those at the back lines.

Use snipers to eliminate key threats early in battle or to break down enemy defenses from a safe distance.


Crucial for changing the color of tiles on the battlefield, boosting mobility, and facilitating powerful chain attacks by your Aurorians.

Deploy converters strategically to set up the battlefield in favor of your attack patterns, ensuring your DPS Aurorians can unleash their full potential.


Offers a range of utility from healing, buffing allies, to debuffing enemies.

Some support Aurorians can also provide unique advantages like teleportation.

Supports should be used to complement your team's weaknesses or to enhance its strengths.

Position them to ensure they can effectively apply their buffs or heals to the teammates who need them most.

Progressing Through the Story

in game story progress in alchemy stars

The Importance of Story Progression

Each chapter you complete opens up new parts of the game, including game modes, resources, and Aurorians.

Completing chapters rewards you with essential resources, such as Aurorian ascension materials, currency, and sometimes even new Aurorians.

The story itself is rich and engaging, providing a deeper connection to the characters and the world of Alchemy Stars.

Tips for Efficient Story Progression

Balance Your Team: Ensure your team is balanced across the different classes (Detonator, Sniper, Converter, and Support) to tackle all challenges the story presents.

Bring Support Characters: Adding support characters from your friends list can provide a significant boost, especially in challenging levels.

Manage Resources Wisely: Use your resources, such as Lumamber and Prism, to strengthen your team. Prioritize upgrades for your main team to keep pace with increasing difficulty levels.

Engage with Side Quests: Side quests can offer additional resources and experience, helping you level up and strengthen your team for main story challenges.

Pay Attention to Elemental Advantages: The game's elemental system (Fire, Water, Forest, Thunder) plays a critical role in combat. Tailor your team composition to exploit enemies' elemental weaknesses in story missions.

Elemental Strategy and Farming Tips

in game combat gameplay in alchemy stars

Elemental Dynamics

Alchemy Stars revolves around an elemental system: Fire, Water, Forest, and Thunder.

Each element interacts with others in a rock-paper-scissors format, influencing both team composition and battle strategies.

Elemental Considerations

Balanced Team Composition: Initially, focus on building a balanced team around the elements you have. Over time, aim to develop specialized teams for each element to tackle content where they have an advantage.

Elemental Counters: Pay attention to the elemental composition of enemy teams. Leveraging elemental weaknesses can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Synergies and Buffs: Some Aurorians offer buffs and synergies specific to their element. Identifying and capitalizing on these synergies can significantly enhance your team's performance.

Farming Tips

Resource Prioritization

Early on, focus on farming materials needed for ascending your main team Aurorians.

Higher ascension levels unlock more potent abilities.

Balance your farming between immediate needs (such as Aurorian upgrades) and long-term investments (like upgrading your Colossus).

Farming Strategies

Daily and Event Missions: Participate in daily missions and limited-time events for exclusive rewards. Events often offer higher efficiency for resource farming.

Use of Guides and Wikis: Leverage the community's knowledge. Guides and wikis can direct you to the most resource-efficient stages for what you need to farm.

Optimizing Energy Use: Plan your energy (Prism) usage around your farming needs. Focus on stages that drop the materials you need while also keeping an eye on Prism regeneration rates to maintain efficiency.

Advanced Farming Techniques

Workshop Conversion

Use the Colossus Workshop to convert excess materials into those you're lacking.

This is particularly useful for obtaining hard-to-farm ascension materials.

Targeted Farming

For specific Aurorian upgrades, target stages that guarantee drops of required materials.

Remember, some materials have better drop rates in specific missions or during events.

Upgrading Your Bridge and Beyond

in game bridge details in alchemy stars

Understanding the Bridge's Role

The bridge serves as the heart of your Colossus, a floating fortress that houses your Aurorians and provides tons of functionalities crucial for your progression.

Upgrading the bridge unlocks higher levels for other facilities within your Colossus, enabling benefits ranging from resource generation to Aurorian enhancement.

The bridge's level indirectly influences your resource management, Aurorian training capabilities, and your overall strategic options in gameplay.

Prioritizing Facility Upgrades

Resource Station

Enhances your ability to gather vital resources passively.

Early investment can yield long-term benefits, making resource collection more efficient.

Prism Pillar

Directly increases your Prism (energy) capacity.

Given its direct impact on how much you can play, prioritize upgrading this facility to maximize your in-game progress.

Dispatch Office

Enables the dispatch of Aurorians on missions to gather resources, experience, and other rewards.

Upgrading this facility increases the quality and quantity of dispatch rewards, essential for both resource collection and Aurorian development.

Starlight Chamber

Produces Hearthstones, critical for upgrading Aurorian skills.

This upgrade is key for enhancing your Aurorians' combat effectiveness, especially for your main roster.


Allows for the conversion of resources into those more urgently needed, helping in Aurorian ascension and equipment upgrades.

While not the first priority, upgrading the workshop ensures you have the flexibility to adapt your resource pool to immediate needs.

Exploration and Simulation Room

Offers additional ways to gain resources, experience, and simulate battle strategies for rewards.

These facilities become more important as you look to refine your strategies and boost your resource stocks for high-level content.

Rerolling: To Do or Not to Do?

in game banner recruitment in alchemy stars

Rerolling in gacha games like Alchemy Stars involves restarting the game repeatedly to obtain top-tier characters from the initial summons.

It's a way to gain an early advantage by securing powerful units from the start.

The Case for Rerolling

Having top-tier Aurorians from the start can provide an advantage, especially in clearing difficult content early on.

For some, the appeal lies in starting with their favorite characters, enhancing the overall enjoyment of the game.

The Case Against Rerolling

Rerolling can be a lengthy process, detracting from the actual gameplay experience.

Alchemy Stars lacks a PvP mode, meaning the competitive pressure to have the best units is reduced.

You are encouraged to progress at your own pace.

The game offers four recommended Aurorians early on, ensuring you have a solid foundation without the need to reroll.

Recommendations for Those Considering Rerolling

If you decide to reroll, aim for Aurorians with a significant impact on gameplay.

Each element has standout Aurorians that could be worth targeting:

  • Forest: Hiiro stands out as the premier choice for Forest-element teams.
  • Fire: Sinsa is highly recommended for those focusing on Fire-element units.
  • Thunder and Water: Michael and Sharona, respectively, are top picks for their elements.

It's worth noting that while these Aurorians are recommended, the game's design means you're not at a significant disadvantage if you choose not to reroll.

Forming the Ideal Team

in game team setup example in alchemy stars

Core Principles of Team Composition

Balanced Roles

A well-rounded team includes a mix of DPS, converters, support, and sometimes a specialized unit based on the mission's requirements.

Balancing these roles ensures versatility and adaptability.

Elemental Synergy

Building a team around a single element or strategically combining elements for specific fights can significantly enhance your battle results.

Elemental synergy amplifies your team's strengths and exploits enemy weaknesses.

Skill Synergy

Beyond elemental alignment, consider how your Aurorians' skills complement each other.

Look for combinations that trigger additional effects or enhance overall team output.

The Framework for an Ideal Team

The Captain (Slot 1)

Often a DPS unit with a strong leadership skill or a unit whose abilities can set the tone for the battle.

Choose an Aurorian whose skill can immediately impact the battle, either by weakening the enemy or buffing your team.

The Core (Slots 2 & 3)

These slots are flexible, accommodating DPS, converters, or support units depending on the battle's demands.

Focus on Aurorians whose abilities either prepare the battlefield (e.g., tile converters) or provide crucial buffs/debuffs early in the engagement.

The Support (Slot 4)

Typically occupied by a support unit offering healing, buffs, or utility.

Alternatively, a second converter can enhance your team's ability to maintain elemental chains.

Select a support that complements your team's elemental composition and addresses any potential vulnerabilities, such as lack of healing or need for more consistent damage output.

The Flex (Slot 5)

This position is highly adaptable, often reserved for another DPS or a specialized Aurorian tailored to the mission's challenges.

Consider the mission's specific needs or obstacles.

A high-damage sniper, an additional converter to manipulate the battlefield, or a support with unique utility can all fit well here.

Advanced Team-Building Strategies

Chain Reactions: Plan your team around maximizing chain reactions. Converters set up the board, enabling DPS units to unleash devastating attacks. Positioning and skill timing are crucial.

Countering Mechanics: For high-level content, tailor your team to counter specific enemy mechanics. This may involve including Aurorians with abilities to bypass shields, heal, or remove debuffs.

Friend Support: Don't underestimate the value of a powerful support Aurorian from a friend. This can often fill gaps in your lineup, providing access to powerful abilities or elements you currently lack.

Experimentation: The ideal team can vary widely based on the content and your available Aurorians. Don't hesitate to experiment with different compositions and strategies.

Final Thoughts on Alchemy Stars

This guide offers a few beginner tips for navigating the early stages and beyond in Alchemy Stars.

While the path may be different for each one of you, the principles of progression, team composition, and resource management remain universal.

Adapting your strategy is the key to unlocking the full potential of your Aurorian team.

So dive in and explore at your own pace!