The Ultimate Beginner Guide to Astra: Knights of Veda

The Ultimate Beginner Guide to Astra: Knights of Veda
Last updated:
April 5, 2024

ASTRA: Knights of Veda is a game that challenges you to bring peace back by becoming the Master of the Book.

This detailed guide is crafted to improve your gameplay experience, focusing on characters, strategies, and essential game mechanics.

Let's dive in!

Astra: Knights of Veda Beginner's Guide

Understanding Knight Roles

in game knight roles in astra knights of veda

Each knight plays a crucial role in your strategy.

Familiarize yourself with the four key roles to maximize your team's effectiveness:


Healers play a critical role in sustaining your team throughout battles.

While their main role is to restore health, they often have abilities that can indirectly weaken opponents or boost the defense of the team.

For example, a healer might have skills that increase resistance to certain types of damage, making them invaluable units.


Tanks are designed to absorb damage, protecting more vulnerable team members.

They have high defense and health stats and abilities that allow them to draw enemy attention away from their allies.

Effective use of tanks involves positioning them strategically to ensure they intercept the majority of incoming damage, allowing your DPS and supporters to be untouched.


DPS characters are your primary source of damage.

They come in various forms - some excel at dealing massive damage to single targets, ideal for boss fights, while others specialize in AoE damage, perfect for clearing groups of enemies.

Balancing your DPS with your other roles is key, ensuring you have the firepower to take down threats quickly while maintaining defense and support.


Supporters enhance the capabilities of your team through buffs, debuffs, and sometimes even minor healing or damage.

Their versatility makes them crucial for adapting to different battle conditions.

A well-placed support ability can be a game-changer, either by boosting your team's damage output, reducing the enemy's effectiveness, or even providing emergency healing or protection.

Prioritizing World Quests

in game world quest details in astra knights of veda

World quests are designed tasks that often intertwine with the main storyline, offering a deeper dive into the lore of Astra: Knights of Veda.

More than just narrative enrichments, these quests are gateways to unlocking new features, resources, and sometimes even characters, making them key for account growth.

Strategic Approaches to World Quests

Sequential Progression

Handle world quests in a sequence that aligns with your main storyline progression.

This strategic approach ensures that you're unlocking features and resources at an optimal pace, enhancing your overall gameplay experience.

Unlocking Key Features

Many game mechanics, such as crafting, enchantments, and the arena, are locked behind world quests.

Identifying and completing these quests early on can provide you with a significant advantage, opening up additional ways to enhance characters and equipment.

Resource and Reward Optimization

World quests often provide unique rewards not available elsewhere.

Prioritize quests with rewards that fill immediate gaps in your team's arsenal or offer long-term benefits for your progression strategy.

Balanced Team Progression

in game knight ascension in astra knights of veda

A equally leveled team allows for strategic flexibility in battles, ensuring that you're never overly reliant on a single character.

This balance prevents any potential pitfalls that may arise from facing enemies or challenges that exploit the weaknesses of your most powerful character.

Implementing Team Balance

  • Equitable Leveling: Distribute experience points (EXP) evenly among your main team members. This doesn't mean you cannot have a slightly stronger leader, but the power gap should not be huge.
  • Comprehensive Equipment Management: Equip all available slots for each team member, even with basic gear initially. This incremental boost in stats across the board can be the difference between victory and defeat in close fights.
  • Focused Investment: Prioritize upgrading and enhancing the equipment of your core team before expanding your roster. This ensures that your main squad is always battle-ready.

Star Power


Building a team with a diverse mix of star powers is critical.

This diversity ensures you can adapt to various enemies, always having a counter for whatever star power you're facing.

It's not just about having a balanced team; it's about having the right counters at the right time.

Tactical Advantage

Understanding the star power matchups is crucial.

For instance, knowing that Fire is strong against Poison but weak against Water can inform your decisions in battle.

If you're facing a powerful Poison-type enemy, using your Fire-type knights can give you a significant edge.

Managing Resistances

Be mindful of enemy resistances.

Continuously attacking an enemy with a type they're resistant to can backfire, as some enemies may develop further resistances or even reflect damage back to your team.

It's important to rotate your attackers and vary your attack types to avoid building up enemy resistances.

Maximizing Experience Gain

in game nightmare world afk rewards in astra knights of veda

Leveling Up Your Knights

Progressing in ASTRA: Knights of Veda requires leveling up your knights using Record items of different grades: Wanderer's (white-grade), Adventurer's (green-grade), and Hero's (blue-grade).

These items, obtainable through adventure mode or purchase, are essential for enhancing your knights' abilities.

Use the book menu to allocate these resources effectively.

Progression and AFK Rewards

Stage Advancement

Pushing through game stages not only grants immediate EXP but also improves the reward from the game's AFK feature.

The further you advance, the better the passive rewards.

Nightmare World

Use Nightmare World once unlocked, as it's a significant source of EXP and essential resources.

Its rewards are tied to your progression, emphasizing the importance of continuously moving forward.

Optimizing In-Game Merchants

Wandering Merchant

This merchant offers resources for each region you unlock.

Prioritize purchasing EXP resources here to boost your team's levels efficiently.

Exchange Call of the Stars

After engaging with the gacha system, you'll earn currency that can be used here for additional EXP, among other valuable resources.

This exchange is particularly useful for free-to-play players due to its reset mechanism, ensuring ongoing access to crucial resources.

Using Your Resources Wisely

in game resources in astra knights of veda

Understanding the Path to Growth

The Path to Growth in Astra: Knights of Veda is a designed progression system that rewards players for achieving specific milestones in their adventure.

These rewards range from experience books and enhancement stones to unique equipment and characters, all designed to boost your team's strength.

One of the critical decisions in the Path to Growth involves selecting equipment.

It's essential to understand your team's needs and choose gear that complements your strategy and character roles.

Early on, you'll be presented with choices that can significantly impact your team's composition.

Decisions like which characters to invest in heavily are crucial. Prioritize characters who offer versatility and strength in areas your team lacks.

Maximizing Resource Usage

  • Prioritizing EXP Allocation: Experience books (Adventurer's Records) are among the most valuable resources for leveling your characters. Use these on characters that form the core of your team to maintain a balanced progression.
  • Enhancement Stones and Crafting Materials: Enhancement stones and crafting materials play a vital role in strengthening your equipment. Prioritize upgrading gear for your primary team to ensure you can tackle increasingly challenging content.
  • Equipment Selection Tips: When selecting equipment from Path to Growth rewards, focus on items that fill gaps in your team's arsenal. Be mindful of the weapon types (large vs. small) to match your characters' requirements accurately.

Understanding Game Currencies

in game currencies in astra knights of veda


Gold is the most fundamental currency in ASTRA: Knights of Veda, serving as the primary means for many basic transactions and activities within the game.

Utilized for upgrading knights, purchasing basic supplies, and crafting.

Earning gold is straightforward, with the primary methods being through completing missions, battles, and selling unwanted items.


Starstones are essential for summoning new knights and acquiring weapons.

They're typically earned through completing specific challenges, events, and sometimes as part of the daily login rewards.

Crystal of Fate and Crystal of Relationship

These crystals cater to special banner summons, offering access to unique knights and items not regularly available.

The Crystal of Fate is particularly sought after for its ability to summon from banners with higher-tier knights.

Abyss of Stars and Memories of Stars

Used for drawing high-grade items and knights, these currencies are valuable if you're looking to enhance your roster with specific traits or abilities.

They are also instrumental in purchasing items from the Exchange Store, where rare and powerful equipment can be found.

Abyssal Harpa

Abyssal Harpa allows transactions with the Wandering Merchant, offering access to unique and sometimes rare items.

Earning Abyssal Harpa is typically tied to adventure zone stages, offering a direct link between exploration and economic advantage.

Arena Medals

Earned through arena battles, Arena Medals show your progress in PvP mode. They can be use to purchase from the PvP store.

Optimizing Co-op Play

in game coop in astra knights of veda

Co-op play is a powerful tool to tackle difficult stages and obtain better rewards:

  • Ease of Completion: Handling dungeons, bosses, and difficult stages with allies can simplify these challenges, making them more manageable and less resource-intensive.
  • Resource Sharing and Optimization: Co-op missions often offer better rewards, including higher experience and unique items. This shared bounty can significantly help in your team's progression.
  • Social and Strategic Networking: Beyond immediate in-game benefits, co-op play fosters a sense of community and allows for the exchange of strategies and tips, which can be invaluable, especially for newer players.