Ultimate AFK Journey Reroll and Tier List Guide

Ultimate AFK Journey Reroll and Tier List Guide
Last updated:
April 2, 2024

AFK Journey is finally coming out March 27th 2024.

Thanks to the beta, which introduced a tons of heroes, we figured out the best picks to improve your early game experience.

This reroll guide and tier list aims to help you decide which heroes are worth for your playstyle.

Let's dive in!

Pro Tip: Play AFK Journey on PC with Bluestacks or LDPlayer!

Complete Reroll and Tier List Guide for AFK Journey

Understanding Rerolling in AFK Journey

in game hero recruitment in afk journey

Rerolling in AFK Journey isn't typically necessary due to the game's mechanics focused on collecting dupes for character progression.

However, for those looking to min-max from the start, rerolling offers a chance to start with an OP setup.

Fixed Pities

On the normal banner:

  • First pity (10 pulls): Guarantees Cecia, a top-tier damage dealer and a cornerstone of the best story progression teams.
  • Second pity (20 pulls): Offers a chance at one of the three strongest healers/supports—Rowan, Hewynn, or Smokey & Meeky—helping with a balanced start.

Min-Maxing Your Start

Despite the fixed pities, the desire to min-max can drive us to reroll until we get our favorite heroes.

Key reasons include:

  • Early Game Advantage: A single top-tier SR character can significantly ease early-game progression.
  • Endgame Viability: Certain characters, especially supports and tanks, maintain their usefulness with just one copy through to the endgame.
  • Ascension System: AFK Journey's simplified ascension system requires fewer dupes, making individual high-tier characters more impactful.

Rerolling: Methods and Recommendations

in game hammie free character in afk journey

Mobile Device Rerolling

  1. Game Installation: Begin by installing AFK Journey from the Google Play Store or App Store onto your device.
  2. Initial Game Start: Launch the game without linking it to your Google or Facebook account. This step is crucial as it allows for the flexibility to reroll by keeping your account unbound, preserving your ability to restart the game from scratch if needed.
  3. Complete the Tutorial: Engage with the game’s initial tutorial. This step, typically taking between 10 to 20 minutes, is necessary to unlock core gameplay features, including the character summoning system.
  4. Unlock and Use Free Summons: Progress through the game’s early story stages until the summon feature is unlocked. Use the free summons provided to attempt to acquire top-tier characters for your journey.
  5. Evaluate Your Pulls: Assess the characters obtained from your free summons. These early pulls can significantly impact your game progression and overall enjoyment.
  6. Securing Your Progress: If the summons result in a satisfactory set of characters, proceed to link the game to your Google/Facebook account. This action will back up your progress, securing your valuable pulls.
  7. Rerolling for Better Outcomes: Unhappy with your initial character pulls? The rerolling process involves uninstalling and then reinstalling AFK Journey. This reset allows you to start anew, repeating the summoning process for better outcomes.

Emulator Rerolling

  1. Setup: Install a reputable emulator and create a Master Instance of AFK Journey.
  2. Cloning: Clone the Master Instance based on your PC's capabilities.
  3. Rerolling: Use the synchronization feature for efficient rerolling across all instances.
  4. Resetting: If the desired characters aren't obtained, clear the cache or clone again for a fresh start.

The Heroes Tier List Breakdown

Tier List TLDR

SS-Tier: Viperian, Odie, Igor, Brutus, Scarlita

S-Tier: Granny Dahnie, Thoran, Lucius, Lyca, Hewynn, Smokey and Meeky, Eironn, Cecia

A-Tier: Atalanta, Antandras

B-Tier: Satrana, Parisa, Mirael, Kafra, Korin, Carolina, Damian, Silvina

C-Tier: Valen, Marilee, Fay


in game viperian headshot in afk journey


Viperian shines as the ultimate multi-target DPS hero, capable of hitting all enemies with his devastating ultimate.

This ability and his overall kit positions Viperion as a consistent top damage dealer on any team.

in game odie headshot in afk journey


Odie's specialization in single-target damage, particularly through poison, makes him the go-to hero for boss fights and high-value targets.

His second ability amplifies the base damage of his poison, stacking up to 20 times, enabling him to deal with the toughest enemies.

in game igor headshot in afk journey


Igor, while classified as a warrior, has the resilience and utility of a tank.

His exceptional damage mitigation, combined with mobility, allows him to stall enemies effectively, protecting his allies and disrupting the opposition's formation.

in game brutus headshot in afk journey


Brutus's unique immortality mechanic activates when his health drops below a certain threshold, granting him temporary invincibility.

This window of invulnerability can be a game-changer, allowing your team to rally and unleash their full kit of abilities without fear of losing a crucial member.

in game scarlita headshot in afk journey


Scarlita provides critical support by shielding the most vulnerable ally and, after a brief period, diving into enemy ranks to stun and disrupt their lines.

This dual role of protector and disruptor is invaluable for setting the tone of the engagement in your favor.


in game granny dahnie headshot in afk journey

Granny Dahnie

Granny Dahnie's ability to heal herself while rooting enemies positions her as a top-tier frontline unit.

Her immunity to control effects and health absorption from enemies enhance her tanking power, ensuring she remains a constant threat on the battlefield.

in game thoran headshot in afk journey


Thoran's gameplay cornerstone is his revival ability, granting him a second chance in battle.

This, combined with his self-healing and damage absorption for allies, makes him an enduring shield against enemy attacks, particularly effective in absorbing initial high damage output.

in game lucius headshot in afk journey


Lucius serves as a solid protection in AFK Journey, offering a robust defensive presence that can shield allies.

His ability to quickly charge and unleash his ultimate provides a significant amount of protection, making him an ideal main tank for beginners and a reliable choice even as you progress through the game.

in game lyca headshot in afk journey


Lyca distinguishes herself with superior range and rapid energy generation, enabling her to unleash her ultimate ability with frequency.

While her ultimate might initially seem underwhelming due to its lower damage output, it significantly enhances the team's overall physical damage output by boosting allies' normal attack damage and reducing enemies' physical defense.

in game hewynn headshot in afk journey


Hewynn emerges as a top-tier healer with the unique capability to heal allies globally, ensuring that no matter where teammates are on the battlefield, they can benefit from her healing.

This global healing ability sets her apart, especially in chaotic fights where team members are spread out.

in game smokey and meeky headshot in afk journey

Smokey and Meeky

Smokey, alongside Meeky, excels in area-based healing, providing both immediate and potent long-term health regeneration for allies.

Their ultimate further enhances their healing capabilities, making them a top-tier support unit in sustaining team health during long fights.

in game eironn headshot in afk journey


Eironn's mastery over the elements allows him to summon a tornado that groups enemies together, creating opportunities for devastating combo attacks.

This unique ability to manipulate enemy positioning is invaluable for setting up area-of-effect (AoE) ultimates and synergizing with heroes whose powers are maximized against closely packed foes.

in game cecia headshot in afk journey


Cecia changes the dynamics of 5v5 battles into a 6v5 scenario through her exceptional ultimate ability, which summons a minion that not only contributes substantial damage but also competes with, or even surpasses, the capabilities of other characters in certain situations.


in game atalanta headshot in afk journey


Atalanta stands out as a reliable DPS hero, capable of delivering consistent damage output to enemies.

While she shines in many combat scenarios, her performance can be underwhelming against opponents with significantly higher combat power, highlighting her role as a solid, but not top-tier DPS hero.

in game antandra headshot in afk journey


Antandra excels as a secondary tank, enhancing the survivability of your main tank and, by extension, your entire team.

Her ability to protect the frontline makes her a valuable hero in long fights where resilience is key to outlast the enemies.


in game satrana headshot in afk journey


Satrana is a competent DPS hero, particularly noted for her effectiveness in boss fights where her single-target damage capabilities shine.

in game parisa headshot in afk journey


Parisa is a support with a noteworthy inclination towards damage.

While her attack speed buff presents an appealing advantage on paper, its impact is limited to only one ally, which somewhat narrows her utility in team compositions.

in game mirael headshot in afk journey


Mirael, while having a significant DPS potential, suffers from limited range and a vulnerability to being targeted.

Her energy generation for her ultimate can lag, making her less efficient compared to heroes with similar abilities but better survivability or utility.

in game kafra headshot in afk journey


Kafra brings unique utility to the table by dragging enemies across the battlefield, potentially disrupting enemy formations and strategies.

However, his tendency to move around can make him difficult to support with heals or buffs, limiting his overall effectiveness.

in game korin headshot in afk journey


Korin is recognized for his situational utility that centers around providing shields and delivering a respectable amount of damage.

Early in the game, Korin showcases his value, offering essential protection and offensive support that can help you navigate the initial challenges.

However, as the game progresses and enemies become harder, Korin's effectiveness starts to wane, overshadowed by the capabilities of other characters that offer more consistent and impactful contributions.

in game carolina headshot in afk journey


Carolina's ability to freeze enemies offers a form of crowd control that can momentarily change the battle.

However, her slower energy generation and the situational utility of her freezing mechanic mean she might not always be the optimal choice for every team or battle scenario.

in game damian headshot in afk journey


Damian is a unique healer that brings versatility to the battlefield by combining healing with damage-dealing capabilities.

Although his healing output may not rival that of top-tier healers, Damian's ability to contribute from the sidelines makes him a B-Tier hero.

in game silvina headshot in afk journey


Silvina shines in early gameplay, using her ability to teleport behind enemy lines and target key opponents, disrupting their backline.

However, against enemies with a significant power advantage, her impact lessens as her utility becomes limited in late game content.


in game valen headshot in afk journey


Valen serves as a stepping stone in the early stages of AFK Journey, providing initial support and DPS power.

However, as you progress and face more complex challenges, Valen's effectiveness diminishes, relegating him to the lowest tier due to his inability to keep pace with the game's demands.

in game marilee headshot in afk journey


Marilee's frequent use of her ultimate initially suggests a high utility; however, its impact is minimal, failing to significantly influence the course of battle as you progress towards more challenging encounters.

in game fay headshot in afk journey


Fay's healing abilities, while beneficial, are constrained by a notably small area of effect, limiting her effectiveness as a healer in broader combat scenarios where team spread can mitigate her utility.

Final Thoughts on Rerolling and the Tier List

This guide serves as a foundational tool for navigating the complexities of AFK Journey's beta phase and initial launch.

By prioritizing S and A-tier heroes, you can assemble a balanced and powerful team capable of tackling every game challenge.

However, the dynamic nature of beta testing means adjustments and new heroes could shift these rankings. Keep an eye out for updates and experiment with different hero combinations to find what works best for your playstyle.

Remember, success in AFK Journey isn't just about having the strongest heroes but also about strategy, team composition, and adapting to the ever-evolving meta.