Dive into Eversoul: The Ultimate Reroll Guide for Newbies

Dive into Eversoul: The Ultimate Reroll Guide for Newbies
Last updated:
April 29, 2024

As Eversoul unfolds its mystical gates to players around the world, its recent global launch has sparked a wave of excitement.

In this atmosphere of exploration and potential, knowing how to secure the most powerful characters from your first summon—through the art of rerolling—can set the stage for an epic saga.

Let’s dive into the intricacies of starting strong in Eversoul, your choices in the early game, and how to build a team that will carry you to victory.

Dive into Eversoul: The Ultimate Reroll Guide for Newbies

Rerolling Simplified

in game reroll steps in eversoul

Starting Your Quest

Upon beginning your adventure in Eversoul, you'll want to land a strong starting lineup.

This is achieved through what's known as "rerolling," which is essentially the process of starting the game over and over until you summon the best possible characters.

First Steps in Rerolling

Initially, the game provides you with a tutorial summon, which guarantees an epic character.

Epic rarity is the pinnacle in Eversoul’s gacha system as of launch.

Optimize Your Starting Roster

While you can't select characters from every faction during the tutorial reroll, aim for the best from the available factions: Human, Beast, Fairy, and Undead.

Each faction has seven unique characters, presenting a good variety to start with.

Seeking Angels and Demons

in game demon unit ayame in eversoul

Understanding the Odds

The summon rates for Adrianne and Ayame stand at a staggering low of 0.0282%, which sets them apart as some of the rarest units to obtain.

Given these odds, one might wonder if the pursuit is worthwhile.

Securing such a character not only provides immediate strength but also ensures that you have a solid foundation for future content, where these units could prove to be game-changers.

The rarity also means fewer players will have these units, offering you a unique edge, particularly in PvP aspects of the game or content where their specific abilities shine.

Targeting Your Summons

While you can't access these factions in the initial rerolling through the tutorial summon, you'll want to target them in subsequent summons using any resources available from early game rewards.

Aim for the normal summon pool after the tutorial to try your luck.

Reroll Methodology

in game sign in options in eversoul

Step-by-Step Account Reset

  • Initial Summoning: Complete the tutorial to get your guaranteed epic unit.
  • Resource Collection: Claim all starting bonuses to gather enough for a substantial number of summons.
  • Aim for the Best: Perform your summons, ideally trying to obtain high-tier units from the limited factions, and if you're feeling lucky, venture for the Angels and Demons.
  • The Decision Point: If the summons don’t yield the desired results, prepare to reset.

Performing the Reset

  • Withdrawal: Navigate to the game settings and select the account section.
  • Confirm the Reset: You'll need to confirm your intent to delete the account. In Eversoul, this typically involves typing a confirmation phrase, like "ever soul," to finalize the withdrawal.
  • Restarting: After the account is withdrawn, you can start anew by selecting the guest login option.
  • Repetition: The process can be repeated as often as needed until you're satisfied with your starting lineup.

Characters to Aim For (and Avoid)

in game roll units in eversoul

Pursuing the Prized Characters

In the landscape of Eversoul, not all characters are created equal.

Some shine brighter with their powerful skills and utility in various game modes. Here’s how you should approach this:

  • Seek Versatility: Aim for characters that offer a balance of strong offense and defense capabilities or possess unique abilities that will benefit you in multiple game modes, from PvP to PvE.
  • Synergy Matters: Look for characters that synergize well with others. A character's value can exponentially increase if they complement the team, enhancing overall effectiveness.
  • Future-Proofing: Consider characters that are likely to remain valuable even as the game updates and the meta evolves.

Characters to Avoid

Equally important is knowing which characters to avoid during your initial summons:

  • Free Characters: Some characters like Mica and Seeha are available through pre-registration rewards and game progression. They'll come to your roster inevitably, so focus your precious summons elsewhere.
  • Easily Acquired Characters: Characters like Talia can be obtained through daily logins or with minimal purchases. Rerolling for them is unnecessary, as you can acquire them without relying on the luck of the draw.
  • Characters with Limited Utility: Be wary of investing in characters that might have a narrow scope of effectiveness or are easily overshadowed by others in their faction.

Making the Choice

Once you're summoning, the choice of who to keep can be overwhelming.

While the meta can shift, starting with strong meta characters can give you an early advantage in the game's competitive aspects.

Sometimes, you might be drawn to a character's design or lore.

While not always the optimal choice strategically, enjoying the characters you play with can enhance your overall gaming experience.

The Duplication Dilemma

in game banner summon in eversoul

The Role of Dupes in Progression

  • Evolution System: Dupes are essential for evolving characters in Eversoul. The game’s unique evolution system allows players to merge characters to upgrade their rarity, ultimately enhancing their power and abilities.
  • Tier Advancement: Starting from the basic rare characters, dupes can be combined to create rare plus, epic, epic plus, and continue ascending through legendary, eternal, and beyond.
  • Long-Term Gains: In the late game, the difference between having a few extra levels of evolution can be stark, often being the deciding factor in challenging content.

Strategic Considerations for Dupes

While having an extra dupe early on may give you a slight edge, it’s the cumulative dupes that offer substantial growth.

This makes the initial reroll for dupes less critical than securing a diverse and potent roster.

Resources to evolve characters are limited, so having a strategy for which characters to focus on can ensure that your dupes are used most effectively.

Higher rarity characters have a more significant impact when duplicated due to their baseline strength, making them a higher priority.

Gameplay and Progression

in game tutorial progression in eversoul

Idle Mechanics

The game does away with the stamina system, allowing for uninterrupted progress.

Resources gain in real-time, ready for collection whenever you log in.

Players can spend in-game currency to "purchase" additional resource collection time, accelerating progression.

The Battle System

Battles in Eversoul run on auto-mode, where characters act according to pre-set AI behaviors.

Success in battle often comes down to how you arrange your team before the fight, selecting the right formation to maximize your characters' effectiveness.

While the combat is automated, players can influence the timing of ultimate skills, adding a layer of strategy to the encounters.

Progression Flow

  • Story Advancement: Progressing through the story unlocks new chapters, characters, and resources.
  • Character Growth: As you advance, character leveling and evolution become crucial, with dupes playing a pivotal role in enhancing your team’s capabilities.
  • Team Synergy: Building a team with complementary skills is key to tackling the more difficult stages and PvP content.

Final Thoughts

As we wrap up this guide, remember that the world of Eversoul is vast and ripe for exploration.

The strategies we’ve covered will not only give you a competitive edge but also enhance your enjoyment of the game’s rich and mystical journey.