‍The Ultimare Reroll Guide and Tier List for Atelier Resleriana

‍The Ultimare Reroll Guide and Tier List for Atelier Resleriana
Last updated:
February 2, 2024

Excitement is building for the global release of Atelier Resleriana on January 25th 2024, and many players are eager to know the best units to reroll for.

This article dives into the game's mechanics and provides a comprehensive tier list of the three-star units – the highest rarity in the gacha system.

Let's jump right in!

Atelier Resleriana Global Reroll Tier List: Our Ultimate Guide

The Importance of Rerolling

in game character or unit cards in atelier resleriana

Rerolling in Atelier Resleriana is a crucial strategy for new players.

It allows you to start with a strong team, providing a significant edge in early-game content.

Timing Your Rerolls

Wait for Sophie's Banner

Delaying your initial rerolls until Sophie's banner appears is recommended. As of Jan 31st, Sophie banner is here and now's the best time to reroll!

Sophie, an SS-tier unit, is a limited edition and offers immense value.

During Sophie's banner, each reroll grants more pulls compared to the initial launch, increasing your chances of securing top-tier units.

Target Units

in game unit team setup in atelier resleriana

You should prioritize high-tier units. Aim for S-tier and above characters, like Ryza and Sophie.

They offer longevity and power in various game modes.

Remember, duplicates are not favored in Atelier Resleriana. Focus on acquiring a diverse set of strong characters.

Efficient Rerolling

in game 10 pull rolls in atelier resleriana

Rerolling is a quick process, taking about 2 minutes per attempt.

This efficiency allows for multiple tries without significant time loss.

While aiming for top-tier units, having a list of acceptable alternatives can make the process less tedious and more rewarding.

Efficient Rerolling Method

  • Complete the tutorial to understand basic in-game systems and mechanics.
  • Use the in-game gacha pulls to aim for top-tier characters.
  • If unsatisfied with the pull, use the 'Delete Data' option to reroll without the hassle of reinstalling the game.
  • Repeat the process until you secure a solid lineup.

When to Stop Rerolling

If you secure one or two high-tier units, consider beginning your journey.

Perfect rolls are rare, and early progression can outweigh the benefits of prolonged rerolling.

Aim for a balance in your team, covering key roles like Attackers, Breakers, and a Defender or Supporter.

Using Pity Currency

Pity currency accumulates over time and transfers between banners.

Save pity currency for future banners featuring high-value or limited units.

Post-Reroll Advancement

Once you have a strong starting lineup, concentrate on enhancing your team through story progression.

Keep an eye on future banners and plan your resource allocation accordingly.

Understanding Unit Types and Skill Types

in game characters in atelier resleriana

Atelier Resleriana categorizes units into four types: Attackers, Breakers, Defenders, and Supporters.

The effectiveness of a unit largely depends on its role and how it fits into your team composition.

Unit Types

  • Main damage dealers.
  • Focus on either area or single-target damage.
  • Pure attackers, without utility features, are preferred.

  • Essential for stunning enemies.
  • Can be area or single-target focused.
  • Not a top priority for rerolls but crucial in team composition.

  • Attract enemy attacks, protecting other team members.
  • More crucial as the game progresses with harder content.

  • Encompass buffers, debuffers, and healers.
  • Meta supporters usually offer strong generic damage buffs.

Skill Types

Each character possesses three skill types: a fast skill, a normal skill, and a burst skill.

Burst skills, especially for attackers, are significant for their power.

Tier List Breakdown

Here's a breakdown of notable characters and their respective tiers, based on their performance and utility.


in game ryza headshot in atelier resleriana

A standout character in Atelier Resleriana, earns her place in the SS-tier thanks to her remarkable damage-dealing capabilities.

Ideal for players seeking a character who can adapt to both quick skirmishes and extended battles with escalating damage.

in game sophie headshot in atelier resleriana

As one of the best defenders in the game, Sophie excels in mitigating RNG by drawing attacks to herself.

Sophie is a standout SS-tier character and remains a meta-defining unit, despite being an early limited release.

in game corneria headshot in atelier resleriana

Corneria distinguishes herself in the SS-tier with her unmatched offensive and disruptive capabilities, making her a key player in Atelier Resleriana.

Essential for teams that rely on breaking enemy defenses quickly and efficiently.

in game resna headshot in atelier resleriana

Her skills are crucial in maintaining team health and enhancing damage output.

Masters healing and critical boosts, her skills make her an indispensable SS-tier character.

in game logy headshot in atelier resleriana

Best suited for teams that strategize around breaking enemy defenses and capitalizing on vulnerabilities.

Specializes in exploiting enemies in a BREAK state, with significant damage boosts, earning him a solid SS-tier position.


in game firis headshot in atelier resleriana

A versatile character with an impressive balance of offense and control.

Firis excels in exploiting enemy weaknesses and controlling the battlefield with delay tactics.

in game judie headshot in atelier resleriana

Exceptional in both offense and defense.

Judie’s abilities to reduce enemy damage and evade attacks secure her a spot in the S-tier.

in game ayesha headshot in atelier resleriana

A powerhouse in support and utility.

Her self-healing ability, combined with defensive buffs, including a Magic Defense boost, makes her invaluable in various scenarios.

in game marie headshot in atelier resleriana

Marie's ability to consistently apply [Fire Res-10%] makes her a persistent threat in prolonged battles.

Dominant in breaking enemy defenses and dealing heavy damage, Marie stands out as an S-tier alchemist.

in game escha headshot in atelier resleriana

Known for her debuffing and team support, Escha lowers Wind and Slash resistance of enemies while boosting similar attributes for allies, proving her worth in the S-tier.


in game rorona headshot in atelier resleriana

Rorona excels at applying [Received Damage +10%] debuffs, reducing enemy damage output effectively.

A blend of enemy disruption and team support, Rorona's abilities earn her a place in the A-tier.

in game iksel headshot in atelier resleriana

A strategic blend of offense and support.

Iksel can inflict Burn and boost Fire Skill Damage, making him a valuable A-tier specialist.

in game raze headshot in atelier resleriana

An A-tier alchemist with abilities to disrupt enemies and boost team Physical Attack.

in game keithgriff headshot in atelier resleriana

An adept at debuffing and enhancing team defense.

His ability to reduce Fire and Ice resistance and boost Magic Defense places him in the A-tier.

in game totori headshot in atelier resleriana

Combines personal defensive capabilities with support skills, making her a well-rounded character in both offensive and defensive strategies.

Effective in teams needing a balance of offense and defense, providing both support and resilience.

in game ruven headshot in atelier resleriana

Most effective in battles with varying numbers of opponents, where his scaling damage can be maximized.

Adaptable based on the number of enemies, making him a solid A-tier character.

in game oskar headshot in atelier resleriana

Oskar excels in roles that require resilience and survivability.

A resilient character focused on self-healing and team support, making him an A-tier choice.

in game shallistera headshot in atelier resleriana

Known for her BREAK damage and Magic Defense boost, Shallistera is a reliable A-tier choice.

Shallistera is a great addition to teams that face magic-heavy opponents or rely on breaking enemy defenses.

in game marion headshot in atelier resleriana

Known for her debuffing prowess and BREAK damage, Marion's versatility earns her a spot in the A-tier.

Ideal for teams that exploit enemy vulnerabilities, particularly against foes weak to piercing attacks.


in game meruru headshot in atelier resleriana

Suitable for teams needing balanced contributions in both attack and defense.

A balanced mix of offense and defense, Meruru holds her ground in the B-tier.

in game odelia headshot in atelier resleriana

Known for her debuffing and damage amplification, Odelia is a solid B-tier choice.

Best employed in scenarios where weakening the enemy significantly impacts the battle's outcome.

in game mu headshot in atelier resleriana

Perfect for crowd control and engagements involving numerous foes.

Effective in multi-target scenarios, Mu's versatility earns her a B-tier rating.

in game lent headshot in atelier resleriana

Offers a mix of supportive and defensive skills, making him a solid B-tier character.

Ideal for battles requiring enhanced physical defense, Lent can significantly reduce incoming damage for the entire team.

in game linca headshot in atelier resleriana

Ideal in encounters against magic-heavy opponents.

Focuses on defensive support, but her limited offensive impact places her in the B-tier.

in game monika headshot in atelier resleriana

Great for dodging enemy attacks and providing team support in defensive strategies.

Evasion-focused with team support capabilities, Monika is a dependable B-tier character.


in game tess headshot in atelier resleriana

Best suited for magic-heavy encounters where her defensive abilities shine.

Specializes in reducing magic damage, making her suitable for certain challenges.

in game viorate headshot in atelier resleriana

Offers modest damage boosts under specific conditions.

Limited effectiveness in damage output, leading to her C-tier rating.

in game cordelia headshot in atelier resleriana

Her ability to inflict poison can control the battlefield but lacks consistency.

Limited by her specific status condition reliance, Cordelia finds herself in the C-tier.

in game esty headshot in atelier resleriana

Esty's effectiveness is capped and situationally bound.

Falls short in damage potential and situational utility, placing her in the C-tier.

in game vayne headshot in atelier resleriana

His performance varies greatly based on specific battle conditions.

Offers conditional damage boosts, but his overall performance earns him a C-tier rating.

in game tao headshot in atelier resleriana

His effectiveness hinges on inflicting and exploiting abnormal status conditions.

Effective in specific scenarios but limited in overall utility, Tao is a C-tier character.

Final Thoughts

For a successful start in Atelier Resleriana, focus on a balanced team composition and prioritize units that offer the best utility and damage.

Rerolling for high-tier characters like Risa and Sophie can give you a significant advantage.

Happy gaming, and enjoy your journey in Atelier Resleriana!