Must-Pull Modifiers and Tier List in Aether Gazer

Must-Pull Modifiers and Tier List in Aether Gazer
Last updated:
December 14, 2023

In the ever-evolving world of Aether Gazer, staying ahead of the curve is essential.

Version 2.6 introduces a fresh wave of modifiers and a tier list that sheds light on the current meta.

Whether you're a seasoned player or just starting your journey, knowing which modifiers to pull and understanding their rankings is crucial for success.

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Must-Pull Modifiers and Tier List in Aether Gazer

The Journey So Far

in game s hera in game banner in aether gazer

Aether Gazer has been a thrilling and ever-evolving mobile game since its global launch.

The game has seen numerous must-pull modifiers, each significantly impacting the gameplay and meta.

Let's take a closer look at the journey players have experienced thus far:

S Hera and Hades

When Aether Gazer Global was first introduced, players were introduced to two standout modifiers: S Hera and Hades.

These two characters quickly rose to the top of the priority list for players.

S Hera

She became the go-to support character.

Her abilities were essential for team compositions, making her a must-have for any serious player.

Her support skills, including healing and energy generation, were crucial.


On the other hand, Hades took the spotlight as the leading DPS (Damage Per Second) modifier.

Her damage output and combat prowess were unmatched, making her the top choice for players aiming to clear challenging content efficiently.

The launch meta was dominated by these two modifiers, and players saved up their premium currency for their respective banners.


Following the S Hera and Hades banners, Oceanus made his appearance.

While he didn't quite overshadow S Hera and Hades, Oceanus brought a refreshing and unique playstyle to the game.

Oceanus introduced a different combat approach, focusing on controlling water-based attacks and crowd control.

His versatility and engaging gameplay made him a popular choice.

Some players wisely chose to use their standard vouchers on Oceanus, recognizing his potential. He added depth to team composition strategies.

Who's Next in Aether Gazer?

in game anubis banner in aether gazer

The Aether Gazer community is always buzzing with anticipation about the next must-pull modifier.

As the game evolves, new modifiers are introduced, each with unique strengths and playstyles.

Let's go deeper into the potential candidates for the next must-pull in Aether Gazer:


Anubis, a fan-favorite character known for both cool aesthetics and formidable strength, is often considered a strong candidate for standard banner tickets.

He brings a combination of cool factor and gameplay power.

His abilities are strong, and his visual design is captivating.

Choosing to spend standard vouchers on Anubis is a valid option, especially if you're seeking a strong character for your lineup.

However, Anubis may not be considered a game-changing modifier like some limited characters.

S Hera

S Hera is rumored to have a rerun on the global server, and for new players, she's a top priority.

She is undeniably a game-changer.

Her support abilities are crucial for team compositions, making her a must-have for any player aiming for a strong account.

For new players who missed S Hera's initial banner, she should be the go-to choice for limited vouchers.

Her impact on the game cannot be exaggerated.

S Thor

S Thor is an eye-catching and powerful modifier set to grace the game around Christmas time.

She is visually stunning and promises to be a top-tier DPS character.

Her potential to deal strong damage makes her an attractive prospect.

While S Thor is undoubtedly tempting, she might not be the next must-pull for everyone.

Her value depends on your team composition and personal preferences.

Jin Wu

Jin Wu, set to be free in the 2.0 update, poses an interesting proposition.

She's a flame DPS character who could potentially outshine other flame modifiers.

Jin Wu is free, accessible to all players, and her damage output could make her a primary in flame-based teams.

If you're aiming for a strong flame DPS character, Jin Wu might be the perfect choice.

However, this could influence your decisions regarding other flame modifiers.

Geng Chen

Geng Chen, with her intriguing gameplay and unique support-DPS hybrid role, is a strong contender for the title of the next must-pull modifier.

She checks all the boxes. She offers a fresh gameplay experience, has a unique support-DPS role, and her character design is captivating.

She is the ideal next must-pull for those seeking a game-changing modifier. Her versatility and impact on team compositions make her a top choice.

Understanding the Tier List

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Before we delve into the tier list itself, it's essential to understand the criteria used for ranking modifiers.

Unlike a simple "pure strength" list, this tier list considers various factors, including gameplay, fun factor, team synergy, and more.

Here's a quick breakdown:

  • Gameplay: How enjoyable and engaging a modifier is to use in battles.
  • Team Synergy: The modifier's ability to complement other modifiers in a team.
  • Utility: What the modifier brings to the table besides pure damage.
  • Optimal Team Composition: The best team builds for each modifier.

Tier List Breakdown

in game hades banner in aether gazer

S-Tier Modifiers


Strengths: Exceptional damage and highly enjoyable gameplay.

Widely regarded as one of the top picks in the game.

A must-have for players seeking a character that combines high damage with fun gameplay.


Strengths: Powerful and efficient, with a team designed around her.

Gameplay is less engaging compared to other characters.

Best suited for players who prioritize efficiency and power over gameplay enjoyment.

A-Tier Modifiers


Strengths: Tremendous damage potential, unique and enjoyable gameplay style.

Excels in Olympus gen Zone teams, synergizing well with Hera, Artic Abyss, Poseidon, etc.

A solid choice for players looking for a character that combines damage with a distinctive play style.


Strengths: High damage output, engaging gameplay, and a valuable team buff on his ultimate.

Works exceptionally well with Basset, mutually enhancing each other’s abilities.

A top-tier choice, especially when paired with the right team members like Basset.


Strengths: Immortal in battle with significant damage output, especially with upcoming enhancements.

Expected to rise in value with the introduction of Thor and future updates.

A forward-looking investment for players, offering both current utility and future growth potential.

B-Tier Modifiers


Strengths: Best healer in the game, useful for newcomers due to her healing and damage reduction capabilities.

Offers comfort for players struggling with skill issues.

A great support character, especially beneficial for new players.


Strengths: Decent damage and utility with her freezing abilities.

Awaiting a significant improvement in future updates.

A solid choice for players looking for a character with good damage and crowd control abilities.

S Shu

Strengths: Strong damage output, though her gameplay can be challenging due to clunky mechanics.

Unique but requires adapting to her stance-switching mechanic.

Suitable for players who enjoy a more complex and challenging gameplay experience.


Utility: Versatile with abilities like stunning, CC, and damage increase.

Good at many things but doesn’t excel in any specific area.

Ideal for players who prefer a well-rounded character with diverse abilities.

Special Mentions


High damage but less enjoyable gameplay.

A topic of debate in the community.


The best support in the game, fitting in almost any team composition.

Arguably deserves a tier of her own for her unique utility.

Team Recommendations

in game team comp modifiers in aether gazer

Team Recommendations provide valuable insights into which modifiers work well together.

These recommendations are based on synergy, effectiveness, and the current meta.

Here are some noteworthy team compositions:

Team 1: Izanami, Mitsuha, and Ling Guang

Izanami brings exceptional strength to the team.

Her unique abilities and animations make her stand out.

Look for her to shine in both damage and utility.

Mitsuha complements Izanami's power with her support abilities.

Her synergy with Skadi is evident, and together they can create a formidable duo.

Mitsuha's design and gameplay make her an attractive addition to the team.

Ling Guang's presence in this team solidifies her status as a must-pull modifier.

Her versatile support capabilities benefit Izanami and Mitzuha, amplifying their performance.

This team offers a balance of damage and support, making it a top-tier choice.

Team 2: Skadi, Mitsuha, and Ling Guang

Skadi's tier placement depends on specific conditions, such as having a double S signature functor and support from Mitsuha.

When these requirements are met, she ascends to T0.5.

Skadi's role is critical in this team as she offers unique support and damage amplification.

Mitsuha's partnership with Skadi is key to their success.

Together, they can create a synergy that elevates Skadi's tier ranking.

Mitsuha's abilities complement Skadi's kit, making her a valuable addition to this team.

Ling Guang's presence in this team provides essential support.

Her versatility shines, enhancing the team's overall performance.

This trio focuses on maximizing Skadi's potential and delivering substantial damage output.

Team 3: Jin Wu, Geng Chen, and Ling Guang

Jin Wu's position in T0 is a boon for free-to-play players.

Her high damage output and engaging animations make her an exciting pick.

She stands out as a reliable DPS choice in this team.

Geng Chen's role complements Jin Wu's strengths.

Together, they create a formidable damage duo.

Geng Chen's gameplay and animations contribute to the team's overall success.

Ling Guang's presence is consistent across recommended teams, emphasizing her importance.

Her support capabilities benefit both Jin Wu and Geng Chen, ensuring the team's stability and effectiveness.

Best Teams for Gen Zone Simulation

in game gen zone simulation in aether gazer

Gen Zones are distinct areas in Aether Gazer where specific modifiers excel.

Each Gen Zone presents unique challenges and opportunities, influencing your team composition and strategy.

Here's a closer look at the key Gen Zones:

Olympus Gen Zone

Olympus is known for its formidable DPS-focused battles. Modifiers in this Gen Zone often prioritize damage-dealing abilities.

Ling Guang and Jin Wu are top picks in Olympus, thanks to their exceptional damage output and versatility.

Build teams with high DPS potential and consider support modifiers that can amplify damage further.

Olympus rewards players who can deal damage efficiently while managing incoming threats. Combining top-tier DPS with solid support is crucial here.

Shinou Gen Zone

Shinou Gen Zone is characterized by fast-paced battles that require strategic thinking. Survivability and control are essential.

Izanami shines in Shinou with her unique combat mechanics, providing both damage and control.

Prioritize modifiers with crowd control abilities and survival tools. A balanced team composition is key.

Shinou Gen Zone tests your ability to adapt to various challenges. Combining control and survivability is crucial for success.

Yggdrasill Gen Zone

Yggdrasill Gen Zone features battles with unique mechanics and challenges. Modifiers here often require specific strategies.

Thor, Flame Tyr, and Hell perform well in Yggdrasill due to their adaptability and diverse toolkits.

Flexibility is key in Yggdrasill. Modifiers who can adapt to changing conditions thrive here.

Yggdrasill Gen Zone encourages experimentation and creative team compositions. Be ready to adjust your strategy on the fly.

Nile Gen Zone

Nile is a Gen Zone where modifiers focus on controlling the battlefield and supporting allies.

Poseidon and Hades excel in Nile, thanks to their crowd control and support abilities.

Prioritize modifiers that can control enemy movements and support your team's survival.

Nile Gen Zone emphasizes the importance of teamwork and coordination. Effective crowd control can turn the tide of battle.

Final Thoughts about the Tier List

in game geng chen banner in aether gazer

In the ever-evolving world of Aether Gazer, choosing the next must-pull modifier is crucial.

While Anubis, S Hera, and S Thor all have their merits, Geng Chen stands out as the true next must-pull.

The tier list guides you in understanding where modifiers stand in the meta.

Whether you aim to conquer Olympus, navigate Shinou's challenges, or explore other Gen Zones, your team's composition matters.

Your choice ultimately depends on your playstyle and goals in the game.

Whether you prioritize the meta or personal favorites, make your decision wisely and enjoy your Aether Gazer journey.